This is an epilouge basically... Heh, people wanted me to continue, but that was the last chapter -.-' soooo, yeah... I guess I wrote this... I can't guarantee it'll be too long, but yeah... Here it is

A Hersheys Rocks Production

Irony Dies Hard Epilogue

Serving Death

She laid spread across the bed, her dark hair spread around her. Really, she wasn't even sure why they had a bed. The others may have reasons, like certain activities, but she could barely let Edward hold her now. Even after all this time, five... ten years? She wasn't sure, after all, she lost track of time long ago.

Still, she was scared. Scared and mad. If she gave in, would he leave her again? Would he dare cause her the same pain?

He had told her it was a mistake, a complete mistake.

Yet, she couldn't trust him completely. It was just her scared side speaking out, but it ruled her decisions.

His arms trailed down her waist, pulling her slowly to his bigger body. It, strangely enough, felt slightly warm to her. Edward's head buried itself in the crook of neck. His breathing was slow, almost like he was asleep.

Bella shifted slightly from the close proximity, but his hold only tightened. Sighing, she gave in and just let him hold her. This was the closet he had gotten so far. Every night he would hold her and it would slowly get to be a tighter hold. Frankly, it was driving her crazy.

His lips moved across her neck, forming words in a soft buzzing sound. "I love you"

"Mmhmm..." she murmured back. She only acknowledged, never replied.

"I'm sorry... for everything"

Her body stiffened. This one was new. He never said he was sorry, even though it was written all over his face. Turning in his hold, she buried her head in his chest. "I forgive you"


Alice's feet swayed above her as she stared up at them in boredom. "Jasper... I'm bored..."

He turned to look at her, a weary look on his face. "Put your legs down, you're wearing a skirt" She consented; staying sprawled out on her back. "Bella is bored too..." he murmured, knowing from her emotions.

"As is Rosalie" he continued.

Alice perked up, a smirk coming across her face. "ROSALIE!!!" Her voice echoed loudly throughout the somewhat quiet house. Rosalie appeared in the doorway instantly.

The little pixie jumped up from her spot beside Jasper on their bed and ran to Rosalie, grabbing her. Rosalie blinked and the smirk spread on Alice's face. "It's play time" she giggled.

A smile also appeared on Rosalie's face.


Bella wrote down the answers to her math assignment slowly, it wasn't anything too new. She obviously didn't get it as well as the others, but that was a given, having this be her third run through high school. Not to mention the first time through high school she basically missed her whole last year.

She scribbled her name up at the top in her ever messy handwriting. Isabella Hale.

Yes, Isabella Hale, the notoriously quiet and distant girlfriend of Edward Cullen, the perfect Romeo. She snorted quietly at the thought of him being Romeo, she used to have a crush on Romeo, he was cute and sweet and all that junk... but Edward... Edward was more.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by the slamming open of the door behind her. 'Oh god' she thought to herself. 'Why now?'

Alice was bouncing on the edge of the bed in moments. "Guess what Bells!"

She could hear Rosalie walk over, swaying her hips in that overdramatic self conscious manner of hers. The weight shifted again as Alice continued to jump and Rosalie sat down.

"EDWARD!!!!!" she screeched, but it was too late, the door was locked.

Alice and Rosalie dragged her into what she oh so fondly called Hell.


Edward's eyebrows furrowed when he found the door locked. Sighing, he plopped down to wait. They wouldn't let him see her for a while, not till she was all dressed up.

A velvet box twirled in his fingers anxiously. The door flew open and Alice danced out happily. Rosalie followed, smiling at her brother. Momentarily, she stopped to wink at him and give him a peck on the cheek, before she too danced down the hallway, almost silently calling to Emmett.

Standing, he raised an eyebrow at the empty room. He walked into his room, closing the door behind him. "Are you going to come out of the bathroom?"

"NO!" her voice seemed to quiver slightly. Great, she was horrified of the idea.

"Come on, it can't be that bad..."

Her head peaked out and she slowly inched out from behind the door. Oh, they dressed her in some random Victoria's Secrets lingerie.

'At least they didn't dress her as a hooker or a stripper,' he thought to himself, sighing. 'Even though I'd like that, it'd be degrading for her...'

He smiled softly, a crooked smile she loved. It drew her closer until she was hugging him. "I like it"

He could practically feel the embarrassment radiating off of her. Slowly, he disconnected himself from her. "Bells, I have to ask you something..."

She blinked, wide golden orbs staring up at him questionably.

The velvet box slid out from his sleeve, opening in his hand. Within it was a small, simplistic engagement ring. It was perfect for her, just how she wanted it. The band was silver and on top was pink sapphire ovals put together to form a flower...

A cherry blossom.

Bella smiled at his unspoken question. Her response was just as silent as she kissed his cheek and buried her face back in his chest.

The words were silent.

"Will you marry me?"

She couldn't truly reject him if she wanted to. It wasn't her choice.

"Why wouldn't I?"