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Chad nearly shot out of seat when a loud 'bang' rang through out the empty halls.

Him along with his other class mates rushed to the door, in stupidity, to see what it was. They poked their heads out the door, disregarding the teacher yelling at them to get back in the class room. They saw a figure coming towards them dressed in red holding what appeared to be a gun and tried to close the door before any damage could be done, but once again there was a 'bang' and a scream.

Chad's ears were still ringing when someone to hold still.

The ringing was still there when he felt another wrap a sweat shirt around his arm which had began to sting and throb in pain.

The ringing was still there when the teacher told everyone to calm down.

The ringing was still there when he heard pounding on the door.

And when his vision started to grey, the ringing continued.

It continued until he finally gave into the darkness and floated away into the black.


Gabriella and Taylor were in the science lab when they first heard the screams followed by a loud shot and then silence.

They froze, looked at each other, and then desperately shut the door and started pushing tables in front of it. They backed away and sat on the floor behind the teacher's desk and prayed.


Jason and Zeke were passing notes during class when they saw Troy go up to the teacher and ask to be excused. They watched as he left the room, backpack on his shoulder. Before he shut the door he looked at them, his eyes full of sorrow and guilt.

But neither of them saw it.

And it was something that they will regret.


Mr. Bolton was sitting at his desk when his son walked into the room. He had his back pack on and a strange look in his eyes. He sat down in the chair in front of the desk and reached into this backpack.

"Troy, what are you-"

But he never finished his sentence. He would never say another sentence. Because Troy pulled out a gun of his backpack. He pointed it at his father, closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.

A/N:I know, I know it's short, but I was busy and I wanted to get my idea out there. I know it might have seemed a little twisted to have Troy kill his father, but you will understand later. And for those of who didn't catch on, Mr. Bolton's death happened before the first two scenes. The next few chapters are going back to like a week before this happened. Sorry for the cliffie:/