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I know this is short and a little confusing but my prologues seemed to be.


?Unknown POV?

It wrenched in my gut, hunger so deep and foul it seemed never ending. The hunters had found me before I had found a meal. My cuts, they bled... my burns, they ached... my wounds...the pain. But none so deep, as complete as the hunger. Gulps of air seemed like water to my lungs, setting my parched throat on fire and choking down thickly. I could taste the foul gas oozing from my throat, metallic and rotten. So long since I've eaten. I searched around me for anything suitable. My hunger seeming to intensify all my senses. But nothing had passed where I sat. I could not move, I could not think, to do so seemed to feed the cramping ache. My head felt as if it were to burst.

And I whimper as my own blood reached my lips, seeming to tease my thirst. I had escaped, and was grateful that this death was surly not as painful as the torture the hunters would not hesitate to give me.

Again I whimper, as voices reached through the darkness. The ground shook, and I herd a moan. Mine perhaps? The pressure on my lungs was too much to bear as I forced my breath down, cracking dryly. Swallowing did no good.

I could feel my body burn, but from thirst or my wounds, there seemed no difference.

Again voices, closer, and light spread in through the entrance to the ally. My ears picked up a droning wail, but whether my ears really heard, or my head had made them I could not tell. Wind rushed into the ally, and then a breeze. My eyes shot open as footsteps rang near me, and I struggle to raise my head from between the knees pulled close to my chest, but the hunger...if only she would hear my please to end this agony.

A sob reached out past cracked lips as the foot steps shifted away. But then, they turned back, the sudden light blinding for but a moment. Relief and something akin to joy spread through my chest as they stepped closer. The heady scent of blood wafting at my nose teasing the painful tightening of my stomach.

My ears filled with the white noise of pumping blood, and I could hear its heart thumping loudly in its chest. My mouth watered with giddy anticipation.


No words came to me, only noise blanketed under its heart beating heavy in its chest.

My nostril flared as fear sang in it's... his scent...

So close...

I could not stop myself, I peered down at my prey as I stood suddenly, my pain, however intense, forgotten for another time. He was so very young, early teen's maybe. He wore but jeans and a tee shirt, white and red. Raven hair, long for its shag, framed the perfect porcelain face, the soft chin and cheeks most like likely his mother's. His pert little nose flared and pink tinged lips stood agape. The wide pools of sapphire that were his eyes stood wide with terror. A shudder ran through me as blood dribbled from a cut on his sweet cheek.

A groan, (my own perhaps?) as my eyes made way to the column of white that was his neck. Just below the surface, under a thin layer of skin, I saw blood rush thick in his veins.

He shook himself, as if from a trance before his breathing skyrocketed, his blood rushing to keep with his hearts sudden pace...

He turned to run...

I saw, rather than felt my hands reach out and swoop him close, as they grabbed him, spinning him around towards me, exposing that white skin just below his chin once more, begging for a mark, to just give me one taste.

He stared, mouth working, voice betraying him and making no sound. He jerked frantically in a futile attempt to escape the barrier my arms made about him. The sapphire pools but a ring around the widened blackness of his eyes, pleading to me for a freedom I could no longer give.

Slowly, so slowly, I allowed my tongue to trace the wet ruby line on his cheek. Never had I tasted once so sweet. It filled my mouth, dancing and tingling across my parched tongue, through my mouth, and my teeth ached a little less because of it.

It was beating faster now. A fizzy noise flitting heavy through my head...

I lowered my mouth and rested my lips upon his neck. So soft, I could almost feel the flesh separate against my teeth, taste it well up and pour new life down my throat.

Slowly I opened my mouth, and too much did I want to tear through the flesh, and press my lips against gapping muscle and pools of blood. The small part of me still sane pushed forward, reminding even the baser me not to injure the sweet thing in my arm.

Slowly... Or you could hurt him.

Utter ecstasy rumble deep in my chest and down my spine as my fangs pierced the right side of that perfect column of skin, so soft and giving...

Pure ambrosia, it could be nothing else, ran in my mouth, down my throat. The ache left, my hunger began to abate...

The horror of me subsided, satiated...almost...

Never, never any so sweet. Truly the great goddess has poured me the wine of her divine cup as a blessing, in this earthly form for me only.

My fangs tingled as I felt my venom exit into him, hot and thin, clear could I see it, calming him, thinning the blood in his body, numbing his pain. My arms wrapped firmly around him, holding him in place, though he no longer struggled. I could almost see his eyes heavy lidded and dazed, blood rushing to his head to form pleasant rouge to his cheeks, but I ignored the jolt of desire that ran down my stomach and tightened all it touched.

I must...

I must stop...

Too much...

I'm taking too much.

A choked cry ran out from him; his arms pulled me tight around my waist.

I can not stop...

But I must...



Gradually, my vision cleared, my senses came to me, and I sighed mournfully at the sad sight before me. Blood, my own, smeared his cloths and hands where he had grabbed and pressed against the drenched red in my clothing. Those clear sapphire eyes were clouded with pain unfelt, while thick tears lay unwept within, some escaping to lay pink through the blood on his cheeks. His own blood, what little there was left, pooled thinly around his neck where he lay, and ran in a line from his mouth where he had bitten his lip.

I sighed once more. Breath was still in him, and his heart still beat. But for how much longer? Quietly I mourned the loss of such a magnificent creature, and cursed my own lack of will. We were supposed to avoid kills at all costs...

Judging by his clothing, he had a family, a good one, and he was just a child, he would be missed. I was reluctant to dispose of the small, sweet thing, and winced as a whimper burbled through the blood in his mouth. But as I leaned and took him into my arms, the wound I had made caught my eye.

It glowed, gently with a green light that flickered. There only for a moment, then gone.

I ran my fingers along the mark and brought them to my eyes, resisting the urge to lick them clean. Needless to say, being in this town, I was no stranger to ghosts. And I immediately identified the glowing green substance that laced through the red nectar.


Many emotions ran through me, a few being horror, and curiosity. But amusement reigned supreme. I knew exactly who this delicious child was. He was the youngest of those who walked on the lines of life and afterlife. I had herd tales and knew of their powers. A mighty foe indeed...

I thought for but a moment of why he did not fight back as hard as he should as one might have expected at any case... but as I thought of it, he had seemed quite tired, and if the small blinking full on the round device, which anyone who had seen him fight knew what it was, that he had dropped was any guesses then I say it was the perfect time to feed from such a mighty creature.

Again I was distracted by the soft features and took a moment to lick his blood from my fingers. Such power gone to waste. His blood was so sweet, his skin so pliant against my own. Surely... but was I willing to do what I had avoided for decades, to ruin my pleasant existence of solitude? Would he even survive?

A worn chuckle and I hefted the boy into my lap. I brought his wrist to my lips, and felt my fangs lengthen past them and my mouth water. Venom once more filled my mouth, but this time hotter, thicker, and it stained my mouth black, like congealed ink, sticking to my teeth. I pierce his skin a second time intending to give rather than receive and I counted his slowing heart beats as it filled him, the veins of his arm turning black and crawling up like snakes.

I released, a thick line of bloody black stringing between my mouth and his wrist in a long wire before breaking. I saw the punctures on his body congeal, scabbing over with the black venom, and I knew scares would not remain to haunt him. Slowly I brought my hands under his knees and behind his shoulders, resting his head on my own shoulder.

Glancing down, I smiled...

He will make a fine addition to our family.


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