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Chapter 1

Four days of traveling had made Sasori want to murder his partner. Deidara talked non-stop about absolutely anything. He really hated it when Deidara felt that his "art" was pathetic because it didn't explode. No, true art is something that lasts forever. Deidara was also human and therefore needed to eat, sleep, drink, and breathe. See, this is why Sasori made himself into a puppet…well, those were some of the reasons. His partner, when tired of walking or flying on his gigantic clay chocobo thing, insisted on riding on top of Hiroku's back. And that pissed Sasori off to no end. But beyond all of that what really made Sasori want to kill Deidara wasn't the talking, the not knowing of what fine art was, being human, or sending clay birds into the gap where Sasori fitted inside Hiroku when Deidara was sitting on the puppet. It was something that he hated yet could never bring himself to correct.

Sasori, you see, had feelings for his partner as…more than a partner. You could even go as far to say that Sasori loved Deidara.

Deidara didn't care that Sasori was non-human and treated him as if he were "normal" or at least had flesh and blood. He at knew artists from all periods and all styles and could debate with him intellectually on that subject. He found Hiroku interesting. But most of all, he was so damn hot. When Deidara turned to smile at him with those deep blue eyes, Sasori felt things a puppet shouldn't normally. As he spoke to him his voice enchanted Sasori. Yes, as much as we wanted to kill him, he wanted to make love to him as well. Deidara was true art: something, or someone that would last forever annoying, yet beautiful.

And his ever-growing love for Deidara was tested often, especially when they traveled on missions. Unlike his former pedophilic partner, Deidara talked to no end and mesmerized Sasori at the same time. There were times when Sasori hoped Deidara would be wounded in battle, not so that Deidara would stop being a pain for a few days, but so he could touch him. When Deidara was injured, it was Sasori who touched, wrapped, and mended his beautiful skin. Even though he was a puppet, he had so much chakra string running through him that he could feel Deidara's skin. And there were times that Sasori did not want to see his partner's attractive body damaged in battle, even though he would talk to him until he fell asleep.

"Sa-so-ri! SAAAASORIII!"

Sasori snapped out of his semi-perverted thoughts and shifted Hiroku in the direction of his hyperactive blond teammate. He grunted in response to his teammate, wondering if he was hungry, tired, bored, or some combination of the three.

"How much longer until we get to the village un? I'm hungry and a little weary from traveling un. And how come you won't talk to me danna? It makes missions so boring un!"

All three.

"We will arrive shortly Deidara," he answered, seemingly irate, "But perhaps we would get there faster if you were silent?" Why must he be so cruel to him?

"Un! Danna is mean! Aren't you all lonely cooped up in your puppet?" Deidara hummed for a moment considering, "I know danna, you need someone to talk with in there un!"

While Deidara meant that he was going to send another exploding bird down in the crevice, Sasori's twisted mind came to a more perverse conclusion. Before Sasori was required to answer, his partner found something else to occupy his mind. It was getting dark so Deidara would not be interested in talking as much as whining. Thankfully, the village they were going to stay at was finally in front of them. The village was not one ruled by ninjas so they didn't have to worry about an ANBU squad ambushing them or giving them problems. They were returning from a mission in Waterfall country and were eager to get back to base. Whenever they returned from a mission they were always careful to spend nights in different villages and not spend too much time in one, so as not to arouse suspicion.

When they arrived into the village, Sasori handed Deidara some money so he could buy himself some food somewhere while Sasori looked for an available inn. As they entered they noticed paper lanterns hanging everywhere and people setting up booths and…rides? It seemed that the village they had just entered was holding a festival the next day, and Sasori knew that Deidara was going to want to be a part of it. This also meant that most inns were probably going to be booked and the chances of them sleeping outside were as likely as Deidara being hungry. As he approached one of the inns, he noticed a sign bearing the phrase "No Vacancy." Looking around, it seemed that every inn had no vacancy. Time to look for a cave to sleep in.

Deidara returned to Sasori with a bag filled with sweets in one hand and an open box of Pocky in the other. In his mouth (on his face) was some half-eaten Pocky.

"Can we stay for the party danna un? Please-please-please-please-please-please…"

"Maybe if you'd settle do--"

"PLEASE!!!!!!!" This last one rang through the hollow cavity inside Hiroku and nearly made Sasori deaf.

"Fine, brat. But all of the inns are full so we're sleeping outside again."

Deidara moaned in annoyance but got over it when he saw a man carrying a large box that read "FIREWORKS! WARNING: EXPLOSIVE." His eyes widened into large blue shimmering oceans when he saw many more people carrying identical boxes. Sasori knew from experience that at least three of those boxes were going to end up in Deidara's possession. He led Deidara away from the boxes into another edge of town. After doing some quick searching, he found a cave up in the forest that would shelter them for the night. And possibly a few boxes of fireworks.

They set down their small amount of possessions and Sasori began to slowly creep out of Hiroku. Deidara began munching on various sugar-laced products and was most likely going to be up all night. Sasori moved Hiroku into a deep corner of the cave and set up a genjutsu illusion that would fool outsiders into thinking that the cave didn't exist. He continued to stare at the night sky for a few hours, as Deidara finished all of his sugary goodies.

Now Deidara may have been blond and a bit foolish at times, but he knew what Sasori was hiding. He could tell be the way he acted when he had to take care of his injuries. He noticed his danna observing him when he thought Deidara was asleep. Deidara enjoyed Sasori's presence and hoped that he could tell him so one day. For you see, Deidara felt the same way but was as clueless on how to say anything. He did like to make odd comments in which he knew his danna would take perverted (see earlier question.) He did it in hopes that one day, Sasori would slip out and say the "right" thing. And everything would be right in the world.

Deidara loved Sasori. Sasori loved Deidara. Why couldn't they express their feelings? Why must Sasori hide behind Hiroku and Deidara hide behind his blond behavior? This is what Deidara pondered as he observed his danna stare at the sky, wishing he would stare at him instead.

Maybe this festival thing would prove to be more useful that either S-ranked criminal could imagine.

End Chapter 1

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