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(Chapter 4 Begins here)

It was nearing the evening in the Akatsuki base. Itachi was sitting on a leather recliner, stolen from a rich victim, and listening to music on his computer. Zetsu was consuming the body of yet another mail carrier right in the middle of the living room. Tobi sat to Zetsu's right side and babbled on and on about what a good boy Tobi was. Kakuzu sat on the floor with a table next to him and was calculating finances for the eighth time that hour. Hidan was in the kitchen enjoying a smores pop-tart. Leader-sama was also in the kitchen and was enjoying some actual smores. Kisame came downstairs appearing anxious and nervous. Deidara was traveling back with Sasori and sitting on Hiroku chatting non-stop. Sasori was sitting inside Hiroku and undressing Deidara using the power of his mind. And screwing him. Again. But this time it was kinky. All while using his imagination.

As Kisame descended down the stairs he paused to look at himself in a mirror that Itachi spent quite a bit of time looking at. Tobi, who had gotten bored watching Zetsu eat on the nice living room rug, decided to go bother Kisame and find out what was wrong with him. The orange-swirly masked apprentice skipped happily over to Kisame.

"Kisame-san? Why are you acting funny?"

"I have a date Tobi. Now go off before you find out what that is and decide to bother me again"

This statement aroused the interest of a few members. Itachi paused to look at him and raised his eyebrow in confusion. He seemed agitated and annoyed. Kakuzu muttered something about Kisame's date being strange for being interested in a shark-man. Leader-sama took it upon himself to inform Kisame the proper way to treat a date.

"I hope you intend on treating this person well Kisame. It would be nice if you people had half decent social lives"

"Sir?" Kisame was taken aback

"Now," the shadowy figure began, "Do you know what the rules are for dating?"

"uhmmm, you want me to say no, right sir?"

"Rule number one: be polite. Rule number two: no Samehada. Rule number three: of course you love kids."

While Kisame pulled out a small notebook and began writing this down, Sasori-in-Hiroku and Deidara showed up. The latter had jumped off of Hiroku at arriving into the base and enthusiastically ran up the stairs.

"Next rule: be the life of the party. Rule number blah: Girls in hats tend to be proper and rarely give it up. Rule um, whatever: Always remember your fake name. Another rule: Dance with the old people and the little kids. The ladies think that's sweet. Rule: Stay clear of the wedding planner. They may start to recognize you and wonder"

By now Kisame had stopped writing down and was staring at the leader very confused. Sasori was also confused but that was also because he had missed the earlier conversation. Kakuzu was scratching his head in confusion, Zetsu was laughing, and Tobi was still trying to figure out what a date was. Poor Tobi.

"Those are the rule for Wedding Crasher!" shouted Hidan from the kitchen.

"Eh, crashed wedding, date, what's the difference?" Leader-sama responded

"At weddings, you get laid more" Itachi crossly responded

After a few moments of some awkward silence, Sasori began to shuffle past Leader and Kisame. He handed some package to the Leader, who nodded in response. The mission had gone well. And Hidan was hungry.

"HEY, Shadowy person who pays us, I'm eating your marshmallows, ok?"

"You will address me as Leader-sama or sir like everyone else does Hidan."

Fortunately for Hidan, the Leader couldn't see his lone middle finger, waving in his general direction. Kisame started to walk to the door and Sasori sent Hiroku back into the summoning scroll. Before he could start up the stairs after Deidara, Tobi rushed straight into Sasori's face.

"Sasori-san! Will you come watch a movie with us?"


"But its--"

"No. Tobi I'm going to be very busy tonight."

"Do you have a date too?"

"In a sense, I do"

Kisame had just gotten to the door and wondered who in the right mind would date the puppet master. Itachi shifted in his seat, for the other member's trivial affairs were fun to destroy. Leader looked at Sasori with interest. Hidan stole Leader's marshmallows (and would be punished for it later) and then came into the kitchen doorway. Kakuzu, well, he didn't give a damn. Zetsu was looking in the general direction that everyone else was.

Tobi beamed with delight. Two people on these so-called dates? "What are you going to be doing Sasori-san?"

Sasori turned to face Tobi, and then slowly looked around to meet everyone's eyes. He thought for a moment on what to say. Suddenly he turned abruptly to Tobi.

"I'm going to have the hottest and most passionate sex with Deidara by fucking him so hard in the ass, that he will scream loud enough so that every village will hear him cry out my name in pleasure. Why do you wish to know?"

Awkward pause number two.

"Since when did you two--" Kisame sputtered

"What the hell?" quipped Kakuzu

"I guess I win the pot then," came Zetsu's nonchalant reply

"Lucky. Bastard" Itachi uttered slowly and in a state of shock.

Awkward pause number three.

"Do you mean Zetsu's lucky for winning a seven hundred dollar pot or Deidara's lucky because you want Sasori, or you're jealous that Sasori has Deidara and not you," interjected Hidan, leaning against the doorway.

Itachi stood up and looked at him coldly. His eyes suddenly turned red with black inside. Hidan, not wanting to deal with the Magnyeko again, retreated to the kitchen. Kisame bolted out the door. Kakuzu decided that the kitchen would be a nice place to hide. Zetsu flipped on the television and Tobi sat nearby, still trying to figure out what a date was. Leader did not feel threatened by Itachi and went upstairs to his office to process the mission report.

Sasori? Well, he went upstairs to where Deidara was. He found him in their bedroom and dragged him onto his (Sasori's) bed. Within seconds mouths interlocked, kissing in passionate embrace. Not long after that Sasori fulfilled his perverted fantasy that he had earlier in the chapter.

(End Chapter 4)

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