Chapter Twenty-Five--Dance

Because these are my last words and this is
My last breath, I'd give you everything if there
Was something left. I've got nothing left to prove--

It was a sign. Today was going to be interesting to say the least. The first song you heard in the morning set the mood for the rest of the day- it was a fact of life. And when your alarm clock thrusts you into traumatic awareness at 8 am with The City Sleeps in Flames , Fate was telling you that you had better be prepared.

And for the record, Zexion fully believed in silly, suburban superstitions because not two years ago, that exact song had thrust his brother into the land of the living and onto a hellish rollercoaster that had almost destroyed them all. True story.

However, today was different. And Zexion was not his brother. Today was a day for laughs and smiles and thank god for this moment. Because today, Sora had snuck away early to Cloud and Axel's. Sora only ever did that to make pancakes. And any day that Sora went over to Axel's and woke a sleeping Cloud by singing Simple Plan rather obnoxiously just to wake up the blonde with coffee and pancakes, was a good day. Besides, chocolate chip-peanut butter pancakes were Zexion's favorite and once he had them, nothing could ruin his good mood.

For the record, Zexion didn't have good moods often. Not the really good, I just had chocolate-chip peanut butter pancakes with the love of my life, type moods anyways. And those were his favorite moods because they usually were topped by I just had the most amazing after pancake-sex ever good moods. That was the best mood, bar-none.

Stretching lazily, the soon to be un-teenager dressed, threw on his shoes and headed out the door, admiring the bright red and pink of the autumn sky. It was a short walk to Cloud's place and Zexion strolled up to the front door just in time to catch his brother in the act of stealing Cloud's tire, a ritual started by Sora and Axel who fully intended to keep the tradition alive and well, despite Cloud's annoyance. With a smirk, Zexion went inside, greeted by smilings and two small children tackling him about the legs, faces full of peanut butter.

"Hey there munchkins! I see you all started without me." Zexion glared, pretending to be offended by his friends and family starting breakfast without him. Sora gave him that smile -the one that meant I'm so in love with you and set a plate down in front of him.

"I can't believe Riku was right." Leon muttered, taking a sip of coffee. Zexion raised a pierced brow and sat beside the older man, digging into his pancakes.

"Riku wakes up and says, "I have a feeling Axel made panacakes." A one in a million chance he'd be right...and here we are. Eating pancakes." Leon scowled slightly, but Zexion knew he was more amused then angry. Leon was hardly ever angry anymore.

Only when he and Riku got into fights, which only meant he'd be using his I'm not really angry but I'm going to pretend I am so I can have make-up angry sex with your brother on the kitchen table scowl for a day or two.

"There's only one place Sora goes without me...and that's here. Mostly to annoy Cloud but whenever he's here, it means pancakes. And there's no way in hell I'm missing pancakes."Zexion stated as Sora sat beside the slate-haired, self-proclaimed un-teen as Riku strolled in casually. He would have appeared innocent and as nonchlant as he'd hoped had he not missed one thing;

The smudge of grease on his left cheek.

In the end, that smudge was his undoing as Cloud lept from his seat, across the kitchen and out the front door while Riku dashed madly around the house, trying to escape the angry clutches of the blonde while the rest of the house finished their pancakes. It was at this moment that Zexion had his first epiphany---

The music may change but you don't stop dancing. You just change the steps.

And it was in realization of this fact that Zexion looked around him, the happy content faces of his friends and the delightfully terrified face of his brother giving him warm fuzzies he'd never admit to feeling. Their song had changed, but they changed with it.

They found another way to dance.

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