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It was raining when I met them. The Saints. The infamous fuckin' Saints of south Boston. I'd been following Joe Pinsciotti for five days, waiting to make my hit. He finally gave me the break I'd been looking for. Dragged a girl to a back alley to do God only knows what when I interrupted. Poor girl fainted at the sight of my gun. He knew what I was there for. My vengeance. Didn't even ask me not to, he knew I would. I was cleaning my gun off when I heard them at the mouth of the alley. I spun around and had my gun cocked and aimed at them before I knew what I was doing.

"Who are you?" I asked harshly, silently berating myself for allowing myself to be discovered with the body. The three of them just stood there and looked at me.

"Well, we had come ta do the job ye just did but looks like ye took care of it for us", said the accented voice of the man on the far left. I slowly lowered my gun but kept a wary eye on them as they stepped farther into the alley and I got the first good look at their faces. The man in the center was older and had greying hair and looked more the type for dandling grandchildren on his knees than making a hit like mine. He smiled at me but I could see his eyes quickly taking in the situation and assessing me as if to see what worth I could be to them. The one to the right of him had dark blond hair with piercing blue eyes. He had a crazy grin slapped on his face as if he couldn't believe me, a girl, had actually had the balls to kill a Mafia member. But it was the one that had spoken, the one on the left, that caught my attention and held it. His blond hair was tousled from the strong wind of the storm blowing in and he looked at me with mingled respect and amusement. I narrowed my eyes because I don't like to be laughed at by anyone, especially men.

"Why were you after him?" I said, gesturing to the body lying on the ground.

"He was an evil man. And we kill evil men," the older man said.

"And who do you think you are? The almighty Saints?", I said, scoffing at them for even thinking to try to impersonate the three men who had given me hope for society again.

"Actually we are," said the light blond. And the clouds chose at that moment to open up and drench us with all their glory.

I made to move to the end of the alley but the older man moved in front of me.

"Excuse me, I'd like to leave and get out of the storm not to mention getting out of this alley before someone spots us."

"Well we'd be liking to do the same ourselves but seeing as we've got a little problem here, we can't."

My brow creased in momentary confusion but then smoothed out as I realized their dilemma. Blondy over there had just told me they were the Saints. I could go to the police if I was so inclined and blame the murder on them. As if I would be...

"I don't give credit for my kills to anyone else. Nor do I go around spilling secrets that aren't meant to be spilled, "I said, with an edge to my voice.

The old man just smiled at me in an almost fatherly way. "I'm sure ye don't dear but ye see we just can't take any chances. I'm afraid ye'll have to be comin' with us for now."

My eyes narrowed. "I don't think so."

I should've been paying attention to the others instead of arguing with him because before I knew it, everything was going black.

The last thing I heard was that lovely voice that had first spoken to me saying, "I'm sorry."

I woke up in a bare room on a bed with no gun and no phone. Needless to say I was less than thrilled. I heard voices coming from behind the door that was the only point of entry to the room. I got up to walk out only to find myself locked in. I jiggled the handle a few times to see if it would pop open like my grandma's used to at her old apartment. It didn't so I went back over and sat down on the bed trying to think of a course of action. I had no idea how long I'd been out but judging by the sounds coming from my stomach at least 5 hours. Then I realized the talking had stopped and footsteps were approaching the room where I was. I steeled myself and slid the composed mask I always wear when I'm cornered on. I heard the key turn in the lock and the door opened to reveal the dark blond man carrying some food, a glass of water and some Advil. He set it on the table next to the bed and glanced up at me.

"Have a bite and then come out. We need to talk to ye."

"Wait just a minute! You can't just knock me out and bring me here and expect complete obedience. I want to know why I'm here and when I can go!", I demanded, frustrated that I had allowed myself to be caught in such a precarious predicament.

"Well by the rumblin's comin' from your stomach there, I'd say the food would do ye good and as for your questions, I'm sure they can wait until after ye eat", he said with a slight smile and disappeared out the open door.

I stood there, fuming silently for a few seconds before going over and sitting down to eat. There was a haphazardly made sandwich that I took for turkey and cheese and some potato chips on the side. I quickly ate it all and swallowed the Advil with the last of the water. Taking a deep breath I ran a hand through my dark brown hair and walked out of the room to face them.

The living room I walked into was fairly large and looked like the quintessential bachelor pad. Old, patched up couches next to a couple beat up coffee tables with an old tv on one and beer bottles everywhere. There were two battered recliners and it was in one of those that the older man was sitting. The other two were standing next to him arms crossed.

"Have a seat lass", the greying man said, gesturing to one of the couches. I looked at him warily but did as he said.

"Now wha-", I began, but stopped as he raised his hand.

"I'd like to start with your name, if ye don't mind."

"Aviana. And what's yours since we're playing the name game?" I spat at him angry that once again my need for answers to my questions was stalled.

"My name's Pat but you can call me Da. I'll let me boys introduce themselves as they'd like."

The dark haired one gave me a slight smile and tipped his head in my direction. "I'm Murphy and this is Connor," he said jerking his head towards the lighter blond.

Connor just gave a slight smile and his eyes locked onto mine for just a fraction of a second too long. What I saw there lurking in the depths scared me and it takes a lot to scare me. I turned my attention back to Pat, er..Da.

"Now will you answer my questions?", I asked, wanting to get this over with so I could go home and be rid of these three as soon as possible.

"Alright if ye agree to answer ours," Pat acknowledged with nod.

"Okay, question for a question. Sounds fair." Feeling slightly more at ease, I leaned back onto the couch just a bit to ease the discomfort of my lower back. "I'll go first. Why did you bring me here? Why take me when I wasn't going to turn you in?"

Connor and Murphy moved to another couch and sat down. They both sat down and pulled out cigarettes in the exact same manner and lighted them at the same moment. 'Interesting, I thought, wonder if they're twins.'

"We took ye because when you're in a position like us, ye don't trust anybody. Leastways some girl we just met in an alley after doing our job for us," Murphy said with a wry grin.

"Now it's our turn, Aviana." Connor said. "Why did ye kill Joe Pinsciotti?"

I gave him a glare for bringing my hit up so soon but I knew it had been coming. They would obviously want to know why I had done what I'd done and why I'd still keep on doing it. I cleared my throat. "Perhaps I should start out at the beginning."

"Yes, perhaps ye should," said Pat,er Da, leaning forward and lighting his own cigarette.

"It all started about 4 years ago, when the Pinsciotti family murdered my fiancè, Dan. He'd been working undercover in the Mafia, working his way up trying to get information to give to the Feds. You see, they'd killed his brother when he was only ten. I never understood his need for vengeance and on more than one occasion I told him how crazy I thought he was. We were just getting ready to get married when his cover was blown. Some acquaintance of his happened to see him on the street and called him by his real name. It was over from there. The police found his body floating in the Hudson. I thought that was the worst I'd have to deal with but it wasn't. Two weeks later, I came home to find our apartment torn apart and in shambles. I went out that night and bought a gun. My oldest brother used to love to hunt and go to shooting ranges. He taught me to shoot as soon as I was old enough to hold a gun." I paused and drew a shaky breath.

"I was sleeping when they came in. Silently but not quite silent enough. They tripped over a few things and I woke up. I grabbed the gun from underneath my pillow and had it cocked and ready when they finally opened my door. I was sitting up pointing the gun at them. There were four of them. Sent to shut me up, just in case Dan had told me anything during our time together. You know, pillow talk. They were right to want to shut me up, Dan had told me most everything. If I had wanted to I could've turned them all in but I was afraid to. You see... I was pregnant. They moved towards me and I told them to step back or I'd shoot. Classic line, huh? Well anyways, I'd forgotten to switch the safety off and when I pulled the trigger nothing happened. They realized that and swarmed me.I...I'd rather not tell you what happened next. Let's just say they used me and then left me for dead, hoping I'd bleed out during the night..." There I trailed off as I saw Connor and Murphy both tense up and look to their father. Pat had, Da had extinguished his cigarette and was now staring at me intently.

"Lass, if this is gettin' too hard for ye, ye can stop ye know?" he said, a note of concern threading into his voice.

"No, I started this, I might as well finish it. My friend Cyris found me that morning, he always stops by and we go for a run together. He took me to a hospital and I was admitted under a false name. They... they gave me the worst news I've ever received. They told me...they told me that those bastards had killed my child within me. Not only had they killed the only man I'd ever loved, but they had killed our child too. It was almost more than I could bear. I healed of course but for weeks I just lay around crying and grieving for what I'd lost. The icing on the cake was that the DA's didn't have sufficient evidence to suggest that these men committed any crime. Cyris almost thought he'd lose me to my grief. But then, one day the news covered a grisly scene in Boston, where 3 men had executed the Italian Mafia boss, "Papa" Joe Yakavetta. It was you. What I saw and heard on that news broadcast gave me hope again and reminded me that there are people like me who think it's wrong that they be allowed to get away with things like this. You gave me back my life. A week after that, I began using the information Dan had given me all those years ago, to track down and kill as many mafia members as I could. I'd been trailing Joe for almost a week when I finally got him. But I won't be satisfied until I get the other three bastards that killed my baby. Once their killed I can move on. I never understood Dan's need for vengeance until those bastards killed my baby but now I do. Now I do."

I stopped and took a ragged breath. "Okay now that you know why I killed the goon, why don't you tell me what you're going to do with me."

Da leaned back and studied me for a moment. "Well that's still up in the air but fer now, ye'll stay here with us. Do ye need anything? One o' the boys can take ye home to get some things."

I glanced at the "boys" and back to Da considering. "Alright," I said, nodding feeling more relaxed since I'd finally shared the burden of my task with someone other than Cyris. I smiled. "But call me Avi."