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Bulma was avoiding him. He couldn't really blame her for avoiding him but it had surprised him. He had thought the woman was impervious to his insults, threats and such but he had managed to upset her, so much infact she would not meet his gaze, would not talk to him even if he was the one to start the conversation/argument. And it bothered him greatly. Bulma had spirit and he didn't think he could crush it to such an extent. Even that idiot blonde had noticed that Bulma wasn't herself and that woman walked around with her eyes closed. What had Vegeta done you ask?

Flash Back

Vegeta was absolutey furious. It could not be possible that he would ever have considered doing that. No. Well even if it was it would not happen this time around.

Vegeta stormed into Bulma's lab with a menacing glare.

"What the... oh hey Vegeta!"

"Woman, you claim to be a genius. DID YOU THINK I WOULDN'T FIGURE IT OUT?!!!"

"Figure out what?!"

"That BOY!"

"Vegeta what are you talking about?!"

"That boy from the future!!! Did you think I wouldn't figure out his... PARENTAGE!"


"Did you plan on telling me woman? No, you thought I wouldn't realise."

Bulma looked away.

"I... I couldn't tell you."

"Well it was always going to be my son because Kakkarot is screwing the harpy but my son with... ," Vegeta looked like he was unable to describe something so terrible "YOU?!"

Bulma flushed and looked at her shoes.

"It... it's not that bad..."

"It's hidious! I suppose you thought you could get things to play out similar to his time line? Well I will tell you this woman... you must have drugged me or given me one hell of a hit over the head in that time line because there is NO way I would have slept with you if I had half a brain and I WILL NOT sire my child with you in this time line. You have nothing to offer any man. I will never be with such a hidious woman as youself. EVER!"

Bulma looked at Vegeta and Vegeta was surprised to see her with tears forming in her eyes.

"You don't have to..."

"And I won't!"

"That's okay then..."

She walked away. Vegeta was stunned at her lack of anger. She hadn't started yelling at him, nothing. He located her ki and flew off. He stood outside her room and heard the unmistakable sound of sobbing. He had made her cry. He had made the self assured, ever happy Bulma Briefs cry. And what was more surprising was that he didn't feel pleased with himself for finally making her snap. He felt guilty.

End Flash Back

She had so far managed to avoid him for two weeks. He had caught sight of her scrutinizing herself infront of the mirror a few times and sighing with despair. She had really taken his words to heart. Bulma always thought she was good looking but now she wasn't sure.

Was Vegeta right?

Was she really that unattractive?

Not just bodily but personality wise?

Is that why no one ever asked her out?

Was she a horrible person?

Was she going to grow old and be alone forever?

She wouldn't face Vegeta. She couldn't. If he found her that bad then she would not inflict her presence on him. She was reinforcing the GR at night to make sure it never broke so he didn't need to see her and get her to fix it. If she had to make him a meal she made sure it was ready just when he finished training so she wouldn't have to be in the same room as him.

His words had hurt her dearly. She had figured out that the boy from the future was her and Vegeta's son. The boy was a saiyan and couldn't be Goku's with that shade of hair, infact the only person she knew with that coloured hair was her father. She didn't tell Vegeta because she didn't want to change the time line. She was secretly very excited but very anxious. Her and Vegeta? She would have a child which she had always wanted. But how on earth had they ended up together?

Now they would not end up together, Vegeta had made that very clear. He had crushed any hopes she had of having a partner and a child in a few sentences. Not only that but he had brought up all the insecurities Bulma had about herself which she kept hidden under her bubbly personality and confirmed all of her worst fears. Bulma was having a crisis.

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