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What is an Angel

As I walk down life's highway not knowing where I will end up

There is always a road block or two to make the journey hard

All I have to do is to close my eyes and say a silent prayer

And I know that you'll always be there to hear my plea

If the path is full of rocks and pitfalls, I know that you'll be there

When I'm having trouble seeing the right way to go

I know that you'll be there to help guide me down the right path

All my life I have had people say that I'd fail at anything I try

But deep down inside I know that I will prevail, and you ask why?

It's because I have an Angel in my corner to tell me that I'm doing right

So when life is trying to beat you down, just remember say a prayer

And I know that you're Angel will hear and help you through

You see my Angel is my mother who promised to always be there for me

And she has always kept her promise, so I close my eyes and smile because

My Angel is right there walking beside me and guiding me through life

I love you Mom and thanks for being there for me.

Your loving son,

Seto Kaiba

A/N: I guess that I thought that even Seto Kaiba had an Angel looking out for him and his brother and that is why I wrote this Poem, hope you like it.