Chapter six

It was not uncommon for Ten'oh Haruka to have to stay in hotels due to business, however that night she was sitting in a hotel room completely of her own accord. Her manager was getting on her nerves, as was the media, so she had just wanted to get away from everyone – and everything that was going on.

It was all that damn Aino Minako's fault, Haruka decided as she stared out of the window. What was with that girl's attitude, seriously? One second she was the happiest person on the planet, the next she was crying as though she'd found out she was going to die. Haruka really couldn't figure out with face was her real personality, if indeed either of the two were. And she had the guts to say that she wasn't acting. Like Haruka was going to believe that: all Minako knew how to do was act; idols like Minako didn't know what reality was: in fact they didn't even know what real acting or real music were.

Then there was the dramatics she'd pulled the other day. What a load of rubbsh! She 'loved' her, apparently. Forget music and acting, Minako had no idea what real love was, no idea at all. It wasn't at all like the storylines in mangas or dramas, though Minako seemed to have convinced herself that that's exactly what it was like. Gods if that wasn't acting then she didn't know what was.

Then again, a small voice at the back of her mind mused, there was just something about the whole situation that screamed that Minako was telling the truth, that this really wasn't entirely acting. There was something strange about the girl, something that said that she could be trusted.

It was then that Haruka remembered that Minako had a press-confrence due for later that day with regards to her new album being released. If nothing else then she'd be able to catch her there and tell her what she thought of this whole affair. Yes, she had to tell Minako exactly what she thought about the entire situation.

Haruka stood up, her mind made up; she was going to go and see Minako.

Minako sighed and stared at the clock on the wall in front of her, deliberately avoiding the gazes of all the journalists that had packed into the room in order to listen to her speak. This meeting had been going on for about ten minutes longer than planned and she was driving her insane. Almost all the questions so far had been about her recent 'affair' with Haruka, nearly nothing regarding her latest release like it should have been. As soon as this meeting was over, Minako decided, she was going to get herself moved to work under someone that wasn't Chiba Mamoru.

Minako almost jumped as the clapping started, signifying that the torture was finally over. She stood up and left, putting on yet another false smile and blowing kisses at the cameras that were flashing as she did so.

As soon as she was out of sight of the media, Minako breathed a sigh of pure relief. At least that was finally over; now she had the rest of the day to relax a bit… and lament about the entire disaster with Haruka once again.

She had messed up, she had really messed up, and it was no one's fault but her own. She sighed as she pushed open the door to her dressing room, flopping straight down into a chair as soon as she'd closed the door behind her.

"Not very observent, are we?" someone quipped, making Minako start and jump to her feet. Her eyes went wide with shock and she felt like she was going to sink to the floor as soon as she realised who was there. None other than Ten'oh Haruka was resting against the wall behind her with a smirk on her face.

"Haruka!" Minako gasped.

"Me," Haruka nodded, smirking even more.

"How did you get in here?" Minako asked, remembering how many security guards had been gathered outside her room.

"Just played on the rumours that had been going around for a while," Haruka winked at Minako, causing the girl to blush.

"Look, I don't know why you're even here, but while you are I just want to say that I'm really sorry for everything I did. They've been giving me shit about it too, okay, so I understand how frustrating it must be. I'm really, really sorry."

Haruka sighed as the girl continued apologising. She'd heard it all before and by now had decided that Minako really was telling the truth about the whole situation. Mamoru was an astonishingly manipulative git after all. Of course now all she had to do was shut Minako up and make her stop apologising needlessly.

"Minako, I believe you," Haruka said, but she quickly saw that the other girl hadn't noticed and was still apologising over and over again like a broken record. Well desparate times called for desparate measures, Haruka told herself, and so it was that she decided to give in to her impulsive streak, which, admittedly, was about a kilometre wide. Said impulsiveness took the form of leaning over and kissing the small blonde, who by this time had worked herself to the verge of tears once again.

When they broke apart, Haruka noticed that Minako looked as though one of her favourite daydreams had finally come true – little did she know how right she was. The girl smirked upon thinking about her own impulsiveness, causing Minako to go a deeper shade of red than Haruka had previously thought it was possible for a human to go.

"Why did you…?" Minako gasped, her eyes shining with surprise.

"Well I kind of figured you were telling the truth; Mamoru is a manipulative bastard after all, he could probably convince someone to sell him the planet if he tried," Haruka laughed. "And, well I'll cut a long story short now… let's just say I've decided to give you a chance," Haruka replied, pulling Minako closer to her. "You're my little 'Miss Groupie Supreme' after all, and I intend to keep it that way no matter what the media or that bastard Chiba try to do to break us up."