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Author's Note:

For those of you who are reading my story "Self Healing," it will be continued. I got a bit thrown off by the events of "The War At Home," as my story has at least a casual relationship with Season 6 episodes, and I couldn't figure out a way to work in those events but remain true to the universe I created.

So I decided to completely ignore that episode for the purposes of "Self Healing (nyah nyah CI writers), but "The War At Home" was so effecting, it needed its own post-ep, completely standalone.

The following story is the result, and I know my take may be controversial (and fanwanked to within an inch of its life, by the way), but that's the fun of writing and watching fiction – it's so subjective.

The story is rated M for language and adult situation, so if you have delicate sensibilities, turn back now. And it's complete; this is the whole thing.

Sorry for such a long note, but I felt the need to explain. Anyway, if you've made it this far and decide to read this story, I'd like to know your opinions, good or bad, so please review.

Thanks for bearing with me.