Death, calls the Raven.

It's something that I crave.

Wonder just how much I'll know,

When there's no one left to save…

When Harry died, he wanted to come back as a raven. That's what he'd decided when he was very young.

Harry-child was not afraid of death, even during his Uncle's brutal beatings and the blinding pain, the terrified screams, that accompanied them.

You see, Harry Potter has always known.

He didn't know what to call it, maybe Sight, or visions of the future and his part in it. But he knew, everything. He could barely recall when they started, his visions, and the knowledge.

They washed over his every movement. Voices and images, of a red-haired male teasing him, a smart girl stirring a cauldron in a bathroom. They were as much a part of him as the blood that dripped from his cracked lip onto the ugly yellow linoleum.

A flash of a wooden goblet full to the brim with flame. A bearded old man falling from a tower under the influence of a sickly green light.

A spider crawled across Harry-child's arm, but he didn't twitch.

A snakelike man rose from a large cauldron in his vision.

Harry-child cradled a mangled arm and tried not to move in case he should puncture a lung with his broken ribs.

In his sight was the final battle, him facing against the snake man without hesitation or fear. An uttered spell as he killed him. Another when he turned the wand on himself amidst an uproar, and disposed of the final Horcrux. Sweet peace and darkness washed him away.

Harry-child hummed quietly, drawing a finger back and forth across the wall.

He would let Fate string him along like a marionette. Harry-child could wait a little longer, to be a raven. He had a world to save first.

Harry-child started singing softly as he painted in his blood.


A/N: This is an idea that came to me in one of my frequent bouts of depression. What if Harry knew what was going to happen? Everything? Would he play along, or break off course?

This is one version that could be considered canon, I guess. If anyone was inspired enough to write a fic, please tell me, I'd love to read it. Please review with your opinion, good or bad.