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Chapter 1.

Southampton, England, april 10th 1912.

The seagulls were shrieking above the crowd that was standing on the docks. There was a big commotion and a festive time. The biggest and safest ship in the world was about to turn its bow to sea.

On the docks there were people of all classes, women, men and children. There were cars and there were horsedrawn carriages. Three people were a little late, a redheaded woman, a darkhaired man and a blondeish man. The redhead and the blondeish man posed as a married couple while the darkhaired man was posing as brother to the woman. The reason why they were posing as wife, husband and brother was that the two men were gay. The woman and the darkhaired man had been friends for a long, long time and had been living together for a long time.

Now they were running through the crowd with their only suitcase by hand. They didn't own much, but what they owned they shared. On the gangway for third class, they were stopped by a healthinspector.

"You have to go through the health inspection before you board" he said.

The three people sighed but didn't object. It only took about five minutes for all three of them, since they didn't even have any lice. The two men were cleanshaved and had short hair. What took a long time was to go through the red hair, searching for lice but finally they were all cleared to enter the ship and walked up the gangway once again and were let on the ship this time. They hurried to search for their cabin which they were going to share. They found it and left their baggage there and hurried up on deck to wave goodbye to England forever. All three were Americans who had gone to Europe to try to support themselves as designers and actors, but there were no success and they decided to go back home and maybe try another profession.

Up on deck there was a huge crowd and they had to push other people out of the way to be able to get a place by the railing. Together they waved goodbye to England as the ship was being towed out to sea by six towingboats.

"Bye, I'm not gonna miss you" they shouted as a chorus.

In first class a darkhaired, petite woman was searching for her cabin together with her wealthy and heavy husband. They found it and got settled in before they walked out on their private deck to be able to see when they left England forever. The two people were Americans and had been in England on business.

"Oh Stanley" the woman said "finally we are on our way home again."

"Yes Karen, we are" the man said and looked out over the sea.

He was clearly not particularly impressed with the ship at all. She however was very impressed. Stanley Walker was a rich mans son and had built on the riches and wealth very successfully himself and was now one of the richest people in the world.
Karen Delaney was not from a wealthy family, but rather from a con family. Her mother had been using her since she was big enough and now she was successfully married to a wealthy man. Stanley had no idea though, he had always thought that she was a richmans daughter.

She had been able to keep a straight face for so long now, and she was planning on continuing doing so. Anything to keep away from her mother. She was never going to forgive her for using her like she had.

At 12.15 pm the ship set out to sea, being towed by six towingboats. It set course towards Cherbourg, France and later Queenstown, Ireland. Ireland was the last bit of land that they saw before heading out to sea.

April 12th 1912, somewhere on the Atlantic ocean

The three friends was in their cabin, unpacking some clothes and get dressed for dinner.

"Will, where are you going?" Grace asked her friend.

"Just out on deck, to get some fresh air. You guys can go and get dinner, I'm gonna wait for a while. I'm not that hungry right now."

It was night and pitchblack outside, no other light than the ones from the ship and the stars. He made his way all the way back to the stern. Back there it was darker, but still enough lights to see where he was going. The stars shone brightly from the black sky. He found a bench and laid down on it. He pulled his jacket closer to him, it was cold and he could see his breath. He laid there and thought about how lucky he was to be on this grand ship. It had been such a big deal all over England and Europe, the biggest ship in the world was going on its maiden voyage to America.

Suddenly he heard a noise. He looked around but saw nothing so he laid back down again and relaxed. A few seconds later he heard it again, it sounded like someone was beating someone. Screams and sobbings were mixing with the dull thuds of flesh meeting flesh. He got up from the bench and walked towards the sound. There behind the corner of some boxes, Will found the reason for the sounds. A heavy man was slapping and hitting a petite, darkhaired woman. "Please, Stanley, stop" the petite woman pleaded.

Stanley did not answer, but he grabbed her wrists and started to drag her back to their cabin. They moved towards where Will was standing. They had not seen him yet. The darkhaired woman was dragging her feet along, trying to slow down the pace. She knew what he was going to do, the one thing that he always did. He was going to beat her half to death inside their cabin and then rape her. This was not the first time. He was always careful though, not to hit her to much in the face but on her body. He had several times broken her ribs, a couple of times she had even been hospitalized because of the beatings, but she didn't want to leave him. If she did, she would loose everything she thought and she would end up with her mother again. She knew she wouldn't find true love so she settled for wealth.

"Excuse me sir, but if I were you I would let go of her" Will said with a low, threatening voice and stepped out from the shadows where he had been standing witnessing everything.

"Who are you? And what right have you to tell me to let go of my own wife?" Stanley said with a voice just as threatening.

"Someone who can't stand men abusing women" Will answered.

"Well then you go and find yourself someone who does and tell him what you just said."

"I just found someone" Will said and positioned himself in Stanleys way to hinder him from walking past him.

"Get out of my way, I'm taking my wife to dinner."

"I don't think so mister" Will said.

Stanley let go of his wife with one hand and took a shot at Will who ducked and managed to hit Stanley in the stomach causing him to bend over, loosing his breath. While he was out of breath he had to let go of his wife and Will took a hold of her hand and pulled her to him and walked away from Stanley, back to his cabin to get her cleaned up. This time Stanley had hit her in the face and she was bleeding from her nose and she had a few cuts in her face.

"Hi, I'm Will" he presented himself to her while on the way to his cabin.

"Karen" she answered before everything went black and she fainted.

Will was fast and caught her. He lifted her up in his arms and carried her to his cabin. She was as light as a feather.


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