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Chapter 4.

April 13th 1912, somewhere on the Atlantic
Third class

It was night and Will was feeling a little down. He already missed Karen even though he just was with her for a few hours. She had really made an impact on him. He still could see those scared hazelcolored eyes in front of him. He didn't understand why because he was gay. He was sleeping with men and liking it, but if he would sleep with a woman it would be with Karen.

"Will, are you coming for dinner?" Grace asked him while she changed.

He looked up at her and nodded silently.

"Yeah, I am" he said, sounding a little blue.

Jack watched his best friend as he straightened his clothes.

"Will, you have to forget her. You will never have her. She's married. She's first class passenger" Jack tried to reason with Will.

Will looked at Jack with sorrow in his eyes.

"Don't you think I know all of that?" he said. "Don't you think I know she's married? I was there when her husband hit her and beat her until she almost passed out, which she eventually did in my arms."

"Will, you have to try, you know that" Grace said and walked up to him, giving him a hug.

He hugged back, wishing so hard that it was the petite, darkhaired woman instead of Grace that were in his arms.

"Yes I do know that Grace" he whispered into her hair. "But I don't know if I can."

In first class

"Karen, wear this" Stanley said and gave her a beautiful, greenish dress that really drew out the color of her hazel eyes.

She was tired, but she did as he said. He had once again beaten her, this time not in her face but he had given her a couple of punches right in her stomach, causing her to loose her breath for several seconds. He had thrown her on the bed and raped her again. When he was done and had fallen asleep she had snuck out of the bedroom and out on their private deck and sat in a chair and just cried. She wished that she had done as Will had said and stayed where she had been. She had felt safe and protected with Will there. Now she didn't know what to do. She knew that one of these days Stanley was going to kill her, she could feel it in his punches and beatings, for they had become harder and more distinct.

"Wear that necklace I gave you" Stanley continued once she had gotten dressed, fixed her make-up and hair.

He helped her put it on, kissed her bare shoulder and took her arm under his and together they walked out of their private suite and headed to the restaurant for a nice dinner together with some of the richest people on board.

Karen put on a fake smile and acted like the perfect trophy wife but inside she was screaming for help.

A couple of hours later

When dinner was done, Stanley withdrew with the other men to the smokingroom for some fine cigars and brandy.

"Do you want me to take you back to our suite?" he politely asked Karen as any gentleman would do.

She shook her head and smiled a fake smile at him.

"No thank you Stanley, I think I will stay here for a little while."

"Very well" he said and withdrew to the smokingroom.

He was followed by men such as Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor, Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon and Bruce Ismay.

As soon as the men were out of sight, Karen stood up and excused herself from the table and began walking out. She had planned to walk for a while on deck.

Suddenly she sees Stanley staring at her and she knew instinctively what was going to happen now, she could see it in his eyes. She quietly walked back to their suite, getting ready for him having his way with her again.

A few minutes later, he surely came. He shut the door and closed in on her just standing and waiting in the middle of the room.

He tore off the dress with a ripping sound and pushed her towards the bed. He slapped her in the face and began raping her again. While raping her he slapped her several times in her face, causing her lip to bleed again as well as her nose.
She just laid there and let it happen. She refused to make a sound. Inside she was still screaming for help, but she refused to let him have the pleasure of hearing her scream.

When he was done, he disappeared back to the smokingroom again, ready to start bragging about his wife.

She however laid still in the bed, almost naked only wearing her corset. She waited until she heard the door close before she got out of bed. She looked herself in the mirror and her eyes welled up with tears. Her make-up was as far as flawless as it had been, her hair was a mess and her face was bruised again and her cut lip was bleeding. She got rid of her corset, putting on a simple dress and a simple coat on. She had packed it for some reason, and she had packed it underneath everything else in her suitcase, in a secret compartment even. She didn't want anyone to know that she once had been poor.

Now she put them on and rushed out of her suite, and out of her part of the ship and down on poopdeck. It was black out, the night was still young but it was pitchblack, the only visible lights came from the stars and the ship itself.

She rushed over the entire ship, back to the stern to look for the one person that she had trusted to make her feel safe and protected, even if she just had been him for a few hours. Her tears were falling down her cheeks like waterfall and smeared her mascara even more.

Titanic's stern

Will was laying on his bench as he had taken custom to do after dinner. He enjoyed laying outside on a bench in the cold and looking up at the stars beaming down from the black nightsky. He pulled his coat tighter around his body and looked up at the constellations, recognizing some of them but far from all. Suddenly he hears running feet against the boatdeck and he looks up. First he doesn't see anyone and is about to lay down again, but then he sees her and at the same time, she sees him. He gets up and walks toward her, not even noticing her simple clothings. He has only eyes for her face.

She rushes into his arms, crying almost hysterically. She clungs to him like a frightened child.

"Don't let him get to me anymore, don't let me go" she cries into his shoulder.

He softly runs his hands over her back and hair, trying to comfort her.

"Shh, I will never let him get to you again. What happened?" he asks and when he sees her face he understands what she means.

Her cut lip is bleeding again, her mascara and make-up is all smeared from crying. Her hair a mess.

"Oh Karen" he sighs and embraces her again.

She wraps her arms around his waist and leans her head against his chest. She feels safer already, knowing that he will keep his promise.

He lifts her up in his arms and carries her with ease to his cabin. Grace and Jack was at the party down below.

He enters the cabin, sets her down on his bed once more and gets a washcloth and tries to wash her face clean from blood and make-up. She whimpers slightly when he brushes over her upper lip with the cloth. It stung like a thousand bees this time.

"I'm sorry" he whispered looking into her frightened eyes and lowered the washcloth.

Their faces was close, just inches away now and suddenly she kissed him. Her lip stung but she didn't care right now. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss very carefully not to make her lip hurt more. He sucked gently on her bottom lip before leaving her mouth and looking into her eyes.

"Karen, I'm not sure this is the way to handle it" he said softly, brushing a strain of her hair back behind her ear.

"I don't care. I can't go back to him ever" she answered him and kissed him again.


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