And Sasuke bent over then spread his firm ass checks presenting him with his puckered pink hole. And he knew in that instant what he wanted. He grabbed his engorged length, fully intent on entering that budding flower.

"Sasuke, stretch yourself. I want to see you do it." Sasuke said nothing, just went on to his task. He quickly stuck two fingers into him mouth. Once he was sure they were wet enough that they could at least side in. Sasuke brought his fingers to his entrance. He knows what he wanted, a show and he planed on giving it to him.

Sasuke circled his ring and every once in-a-while he would tease the puckered entrance, but never putting enough force in the penetrate it. "Stop teasing me, just put them in already." Thought Sasuke had originally been doing it only to tease his voyeur he couldn't help but want them inside as well. So he did as he was told and pressed his pointer finger inside. It burned and made it painfully clear that he hadn't lubricated it well enough. But he didn't care; his only goal was to please him. And he would endure any pain that he needed to.

"That's not enough use your other fingers to." Sasuke know that one finger wasn't enough, but at times like this he let himself be controlled, and would only do what he was told to. So Sasuke pressed in his second finger, it hurt more now, but Sasuke bearded thought it. He stayed like that for a while. On his knees spread for him and only him, his fingers penetrating his flower. But there was something else he wanted inside even more, so he went back to work on prepping himself. He sifted his fingers then scissored them apart getting himself nice and loose for what he really wanted.

He knew that he wanted him to use as many figures as he could even a whole fist if it could fit. So Sasuke set to work on entering his third finger to join the others. It was though fitting it in; it had been a while since he could put anything inside of himself. He had been so swamped him missions there was no time, and his hole had gotten a chance to tighten back up. "Now don't get to excited; remember you're not alone today, you have to take care of me as well." Of course Sasuke knew, he enjoyed time with others so much more then all alone. To have a hot, hard, heat inside of him; instead of a cold, empty, beer bottle. He than just pulled his fingers out, he knew he wanted a show but he couldn't take it anymore. He wanted him inside, he wanted him to tell him to put it inside.

"Don't tell me you're already done. I wanted more." Sasuke simply crawled over to him like an over paid slut, but then again that may just but want he is. But Sasuke didn't care; he do anything for the feeling of another body inside of himself, not just his own fingers or the dildos he had at home. "I see, well just don't start crying because I warned you." Sasuke said nothing to that, after all he wasn't told too. And even if he was to rip and bleed he wouldn't cry, because he was told not to.

He just straddled his hips and graded the base of his desire. He hovered his hole over to dripping head and waited, he wanted him too tell him what he wanted. "What's up with you? You're usually not this timid. But alright- go ahead put it in- ride me." And that's what Sasuke did he slammed down on to the length. His hole burned and his inside felt stretched to the max, but he was gasping and moaning. And Sasuke was only here to make him happy, and if this was the only way he'd take any pain given to him.

Sasuke started lifting himself letting the length slip almost all of the way out. Till only that tip remanded inside and slammed back down. It hurt to be hit so roughly from the inside. But his gasping became more frantic, he loved it rough. So Sasuke would take it rough, as rough as he had to. He lifted himself up once again and tried a different angle. "Oh god, Sasuke!" Sasuke didn't care that he had once again missed his prostate, he was happy and that's all that mattered. So Sasuke lifted himself and again, continuing the rough pace few more times. In till he started shuddering, Sasuke knew he would come soon, virgins never lasted very long. So he lifted himself one more time, till he was just barely still inside and Sasuke dropped down one last time getting him as deep as he could. He was then racked with orgasm, the feeling of his hot white fluids filling his every spot brought Sasuke to a close finish soon after.

"That-that was amazing. That was so worth the money." He said pulling his pants up and quickly redressing. "You were really good: wroth every penny." The man said as he left.

It was always the same, no matter how long he'll work at thins whore house Sasuke will never get to be with his special person. And he will continue the turn a blind eye to him. So for as long as he lives and for as long as he lives with out him, Sasuke will continue to live here and at least pretending that the men who entered him will one day fall in love with him. So he could at least pretend to forget.

Heh…heh…don't ask me where this came from: I don't know also sorry for the horrible spelling- it's not all just typos

And who is Sasuke in love with? That's what I want to know.