He should have seen it coming. Eventually someone would find him; looking or not. Sasuke just wished it hadn't been Naruto, this made things complicated. He would insist on taking him out of here. Doing some would cause more trouble then in solved, these brothels where vary careful to make sure nothing left. At least not for long.

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke finally asked when it was clear that Naruto wasn't going to say anything.

"What am I doing here? That's what I should be asking you!" Naruto shouted, shifting from his formal sitting position into a stance that made him look like a cat about to pounce.

"You know Naruto; I would have never though of you being a person who would visit a brothel. No matter how little you got." Sasuke sneered.

"I'm the one with no morals? And tell me Sasuke who here is selling their body?" Naruto then lunged at him, grabbing the pelts of the lose kimono. "Tell me Sasuke, how many people have been inside you? How many people have you had sex with for money?"

"How many?" He took a monument for thought. "It's hard to say, the days are just blending together. It's hard to remember anything as trivial as that." Sasuke replied with a smirk.

"You slut!" Naruto then slammed Sasuke down on his back flat on the floor. Not lifting his face form the crook of Sasuke's neck, he slid his hands down to Sasuke's hips. With the poorly excuse of a knot that had been tied to keep Sasuke's kimono…on him, the end had easily opened reveling Sasuke's legs.

"So now what? You have me, so are you going to make love to this 'dirty slut'?" Sasuke asked spending his legs till Naruto fell between them.

"I didn't call you dirty," Naruto whispered. Naruto pulled himself up until he was now his hands and knees over Sasuke. "Why are you doing this Sasuke? If you just wanted sex I would have given it to you. I'd have given you all you wanted- and more." Naruto fought to keep back a sob, clunking his fists, and some of Sasuke's kimono sleeve that had been under his hand.

"Naruto, you have to give up on this fantasy of us having a life together. It could never happen."

Naruto didn't reply, he just returned to laying on top of him, and pulled Sasuke's legs up to rest on his hip. He then made a grab for the bottle of oil. "Save your breath. That's the last thing I need, I am a slut after all."

"No your not, god Sasuke. You prefect." Naruto explained and pulled Sasuke into a deep kiss. And took his oil lased fingers and placed them at Sasuke's entrance.

"Naruto-Baka, I'm not some virgin, that's not needed." Sasuke explained.

"Shh, just let me pretend, Sasuke." Naruto whisper as he pushed a finger past the first ring. The hole held no resistance for and the first or second, and little for the third. Sasuke just laid their silent and let Naruto do as he will. They taught him that during this time he should be moaning and begging to be taken. But since when did he ever listen to anyone else.

Everything that involves Naruto can never be simple. He was too stubborn to back down or know when to quit… or relies that his feeling where meanings less. Now that he knew Sasuke was here, he's not going to stop coming. To prove to Sasuke his love and to help him get away. As if that's what Sasuke wanted. In had become like home for him, and he enjoyed when men called him beautiful. It was too late to go home.

Once Naruto deemed him ready; thought Sasuke was ready from the beginning, Naruto slid out his fingers. He placed his head against Sasuke's entrance. "Sasuke, are you ready?"

"Baka, I'd thing you'd have given up on your stupid fantasy by now." Sasuke snapped back. Maybe if he was lucky the time would run out if he stalled him long enough. Naruto just lower him head to hind his eyes and continued. He slid in slowly and with little resistance, it was getting harder and harder to pretend he was Sasuke's first. Naruto stopped once he was fully inside Sasuke and stopped.

After a few minutes had passed Sasuke though of a plan to make sure Naruto didn't come back. While Naruto was still in his daze he rolled them over, and sat up proudly on Naruto erection. "Sa-"

"You thought you where special enough to be my first?" Sasuke asked cruelly as he began to move up. "You want to know who my first was?" Sasuke questioned as he slammed down, Naruto could hardly hold back his moan. "Some nameless man who had the most money." Sasuke started up again in a rougher pace. "I've sleep with countless men; just an hour ago there was someone else where you are right now. I can still feel his semen inside of me." One particularly hard drop connected Naruto's member with his prostate.

Sasuke went up till only the tip remained inside and slammed down again, sending a hard hit to his prostate. Sasuke lost himself, forgetting he was with Naruto he began to whimper and moan. Sasuke continued the rough pace and Naruto continued to say nothing. Sasuke's body tighten as his orgasm fast approached, he lifted up and slammed down again. He tighten almost unbearably as he came, pushing Naruto over with him, in him.

Sasuke rolled off and lay next to him, enjoying the feeling of new semen in him and sliding out of his entrance. "Sasuke," Naruto started and grabbed Sasuke's hand. "God Sasuke, I- I love you." Sasuke said nothing in return.

Someone knocked on the door. "Sir your time is up." Naruto paused only for and moment them let go of Sasuke's hand and got dressed.

Sasuke sat in silence of a while after Naruto had left. "I love you too- Naruto"


A/N: well that was fun, what I'm planning on doing is making several "endings" with different people who Sasuke might love….. Or just people who I thing I can write for…I'm still a newb at this….ok so yeah.