Chosen Destiny 2
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Welcome to episode two of Chosen Destiny. If you haven't read episode one check my bio for it. There's a brief summery of the events from one of the characters in this chapter but if you're not already familiar I suggest you go back and read it for yourselves.

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Kim leaned back, outside the window she could see the miles of water beneath her. From this high up it looked completely calm and she savoured the irony. The world looked calm from high up, even from ground level it didn't seem that bad but she knew better now.

Four months ago she had found out that she was a Slayer. Chosen to save he world from the dangers no one believed and to fight in a war as old as time itself. Next to her Ron was fast asleep with his "pet" in his hand, her Watcher and oldest friend hated flying. The small naked mole rat itself had gotten hold of some headphones and was transfixed by the in flight movie, Toy Story.

Quietly her Kimunicator shook in her pocket. 'What's the sitch Wade?'

'Just checking in, you haven't told me what this trip to England was all about?'

'It's not that we're hiding anything Wade…'

'I just wouldn't believe you if you did tell me. It's okay Kim but one day you will tell me.'

'Tell him.' Said Ron his eyes still closed. Kim wasn't as surprised as she acted.

'You're awake?'


'Oh'. She hid a smile. 'Wade you want the 411?'


'Keep an open mind. For the last… how long have you known Ron?'

'Three years, night KP.' Ron smiled at her, his eyes firmly shut.

'The last three years Ron's been part of a group called the Watchers. Their job is to watch certain girls with potential and one special girl who was chosen. That girl is called a Slayer.'

Wade looked at her; 'This doesn't sound good.'

'Keep listening. Four months ago the then single Slayer found a way to unlock the potential in all the others, including me. Now there's hundreds of Slayers, each one needing training and guidance. As my Watcher Ron helps train and guide me.'

'This makes no sense Kim. What is a Slayer and why are they called that?'

'We're Slayers that's basically our title and job description rolled into one. The full legend is:- "One girl in all the world, chosen to fight the forces of darkness, she is the Slayer." '.

'Forces of darkness?'

'Vampires, Demons and that sort of thing. Wade, I'm a sort of boogieman's boogie woman. Enhanced strength, speed, accuracy and super senses. I can hear your heart beating over the line.'

'You said keep an open mind but this is too much.'

'Look it up. Anyways I was "activated" four months back. Ron waited until he was certain I was a full Slayer before arranging a meeting. You remember Faith right?'


'Well she's a Slayer too. She gave me a little test to see how good I was. After that knock-down drag-out fight I met the others and found out about this whole save the world destiny I had since birth. Killed a few vamps and beheaded a demon and that was that. Middleton's a quiet town and that was a loud week. On the plus side dealing with pumped up henchmen is nothing these days.'

'I was wondering why the Hench-co was dropping it's medical plan. How much damage do you do now.'

'Hey all those bones will heal. And If they don't want to be hurt they can always run away.'

'Something they'll be doing a lot of.' Wade laughed at her. 'Hang on, just got a flash over local police channels… This doesn't look good Kim. A biker gang just blew into Lowerton, literally. They already called Swat and they got… well… swatted.'

Kim remembered one of the stories Dawn had told her at the full Watchers Council meeting (which was why she and Ron were just coming back from England). 'This biker gang anything odd about them.'

'Nothing yet.' The super genius taped on his keyboard. 'No wait, one of the surviving Swat members says he shot one in the head but it kept coming.'

'Hellions. Perfect. Leave town for a day and the whole place goes to hell.' Ron muttered before sitting up, fully awake. 'They're road pirates KP…'

'Prey on defenceless small towns, destroy the place and most of the people and then leave. I've heard of them.'

'You have learnt much young one.'

'Ron I had enough Star Wars quotes with Andrew, stop now.'

'You actually recognised that one.' he almost laughed.

'Oh god you're right. Shoot me now.'

Wade seemed to chose that moment to brake in; 'Guys, road pirates. Gangs tearing Lowerton apart. Police helpless. Any of this ringing any bells.'

'No big Wade. We'll be landing in…' Kim honestly had no idea.

Fortunately someone had paid attention to the hostess at the beginning of the flight. 'Three hours' chirped the hairless mole rat.

'Three hours, thanks Rufus, have a lift ready by the time we get there.'

'Already have Kim.'

'Wade.' Ron turned the Kimunicator to face him. 'Call Jim and Tim. Tell them what's happening and have them get the weapons at my place. We'll stop by and pick them up.'

'Will do.'

'You keep on rocking Wade!' Kim said flicking the Kimmunicator off.

Agent Will Dru hung to the helicopters side along with the rest of Global Justice's top field team. With something like this happening so close to headquarters they had to respond. Dr Director had briefed them to secure a landing site and inform the law enforcement officers to evacuate the town and then themselves. She had also told him that she had to inform a specialist group but she wanted him to have the criminals dealt with before the other team got there. On the way he had outlined his master plan.

It was a great plan with but one, small, draw back. They were currently heading back to the cordon around Lowerton. Strapped down inside the helicopter were the those that were lucky enough to still be alive. Far be it for Will to say his planning was pathetic and that the deformed bikers tore through the team like a tornado. Rather he under estimated the enemy and they failed to conform to standard battle tactics. Yes that sounded better. He looked back to the groaning injured knowing he had left twice as many dead back there.

In a small bar in Lowerton, if there was any other kind in the amazingly small city, Stimm grinned this place was perfect. For the moment anyway. Half drunk he bellowed his thoughts to his gang.

'I dun know Boss. We heard there's a Slayer here.'

'Where isn't there these days. If there was, were is she? Trust me boys, we got this town and when we're finished there won't be a building standing!'

'What if the Slayer comes Boss.'

'What can she do? There's thirty of us and one of her. And now we got guns, Slayer may be fast but these things are faster.' He shot a few bullets into the guy who spoke up and laughed. They only staggered the brutish demon. 'And they can kill her! But not us. Isn't that right lads.'

Outside the gun fire could barely be heard over the roars of approval.

End teaser.

Authors notes:-

This was asked for in a review for the last part, I've posed it; and it really is just a teaser. I plan to continue this on two possibilities:- 1, A staggering amount of reviews or 2, when I finish my Kim Possible/Transformers crossover!