Chosen Destiny 2
The Guardian.
Chapter Four

Kim met Ron a few steps from her house on the way to school. It had been a week since they had met Wade face to face and not much had happened. After the usual "Hey's" she asked him; 'So how did last night go?' That was Barken's Mother's birthday.

They kept on walking and Ron answered 'Don't know. I didn't actually get a chance to taste the first one we made together, Barken "tasted" all of it before I got a chance.' Kim laughed at his trademark goofy grin. 'So how's the tweebs?'

Kim shuddered, last night her parents had one of their "evenings". Both of them told her they were working late, but she had overheard them making the restaurant reservation and the hotel room. Why they didn't just tell the young Slayer what they were doing she didn't know. Then again what usually happens after those sorts of evenings, and quite why they needed an hotel room, was something she really didn't want to think about.

The result was she had to baby-sit the terrible tweebs. Before that would mean contemplating shooting them both as they blew up various points in the house. That was until they had the idea to be come techno-mages. 'They're okay. They spent the night practicing magic, pulling fire out of ice and then ice out of fire.'

'Ohh I've seen that. Looks cool.'

'It's ice Ron that's supposed to be cool.' She wasn't happy about it and told him why. 'They didn't tell me what they were doing of course. The two of them just threw a big block of ice on the living room floor and made it catch fire.'

'Living room floor or the ice?'

'Both. They did it when I was in the middle of my Latin homework.'

Ron frowned at her; 'You didn't lose any of it did you?'

'No' she gave him another black look. 'I still can't believe you were that devious.'

His deep brown eyes shined with dumb innocence. He was a terrible over-actor 'Devious?'

'Yes, you and devious. I read the Slayer handbook remember; "It is a Slayers duty to learn the old tongue." That's Latin Ron.'

'I know. At least you could understand what the tweebs were doing.'

'Oh yeah, summoning magic to call on elemental change. That's covered in high school Latin. Right next to cursing yourself, for dummies.'

Ron stopped; 'Alright, what's wrong?'

That brought her up short. 'It's all this stuff. We're never turning off. It's like this Slayer thing is everywhere, closing in on me. Even Wade's a demon! I mean last night I was making sandwiches and I started twirling knives. I was whittling wooden stakes while watching the TV. Where's it all end?'

'When you say so Kim. Before there was only one Slayer, now that there is an army of them you can chose. I can turn my back if you can.' He answered simply.

Kim couldn't do that, even if she wanted to. 'You know me too well.' she started walking again

'I know, same for me with you.' They were almost to school before he said anything that pulled her out of the funk. 'I hope the cake went well. I'm meeting someone tonight.'

'Really, I didn't know Yori was coming over.' Kim guessed, a little dagger cut of pain that he didn't tell her flared up.

'What?' Ron blinked for a moment. 'No KP, nothing like that.' He looked almost horrified 'Remember that person I told you about, Dorigon?'

'Think so. Can't remember more than the name... Oh wait now I do. The weapons guy, oh he's coming to town.'

'N... Not really a guy they're more sort of both.' Ron looked uncomfortable. 'They're going to be here tonight and I had ordered something special.'

Both, thought Kim, life was weird. 'I'll come too' she decided. 'I'd like to meet this... them.'

'I think the right pronoun is "It" Kim'

Yep she decided. Weird.

Draken watched his synthodrones get thrown across the room with frightening ease. They were still only the first batch, upgraded naturally but still a disappointment. 'Come on Dr D. These things couldn't stop a girl scout picnic!' Shego shouted from the arena after pummelling one drone into a puddle. Yes very disappointing.

'Damn it Draken!' Monkey Fist growled after ripping his opponents head off. 'These upgraded drones are worse than useless. You must have fouled something up in the training program.'

'I fouled nothing up, your training program was useless!' Draken shouted back down. 'Because you two don't know the first thing about recursive learning. Of course you can defeat six mindless synthodrones But now I know what they were lacking; Intelligence! Stop laughing! Not mine, their own.' Draken slammed down on the console. Behind him a dozen computer banks started up, their radio inter link activated the second wave. 'Behold, the next generation of synthodrones fully trained intelligent ninja killers!'

The roof hatch opened and it rained forty heavily armed syntho-forms. All controlled by the artificial intelligence he had programmed by some of the finest kidnapped scientific minds.

His army battered down Shego and his erstwhile ally through numbers and their pre-programmed skills easily. Yes, final victory was near, soon the whole world would fear him and know his genius.

Kim sat on the Middleton park bench. Opposite her Ron was scribbling his homework. You'd have to be able to read his handwriting to call it worked on. 'Ever heard of subtle?'

'Its that when there's little words at the bottom of the screen on a foreign film?'

'Those are subtitles Ron.' she looked at him but Kim couldn't tell. 'Are you kidding?'

There was a long pause before he answered honestly; 'No'

Kim bounced her head of the table. 'Is this the only way meet with this guy?'

'What do you want? Midnight meetings behind the bar? A secret handshake with the man behind the comic book counter?'

She brought her head up. 'No, but weapons trade in the middle of the park, at midnight. Who'd think of that? Oh!' That was the point. No one thought of it.

A few moments later a battered van pulled up to the pair of them. Something got out. A light green the demon had a crown of purple horns and a beard made of short downy feathers. They wore a faded brown leather vest and tattered jeans. 'Ahh Mr Stoppable. I have your order.' It stopped and looked to Kim nervously.

'Dorigon, you're early. This is Kim Possible, the Slayer.'

'B...But... But I've done nothing wrong.' The demon cowered, a hand fumbling behind them for the van door.

Kim flashed a friendly smile. 'Don't worry, I just came to see if there was anything Ron missed I might like. And I thought we should meet, so you know I know your doing nothing wrong.' she let her smile slide off with the last sentence. From what she felt the demon wasn't "good" like Wade and his farther or "evil" like a vampire. More like a human, neutral was the word she thought fit best.

It's face brightened. 'You want something? Like for Mr Stoppable if there's anything I don't have now I can order. It might cost a bit but Mr Stoppable knows I make the best deal I can.' Going around to the back it opened the van's backdoors.

They were lined with securely fastened swords and knives. Inside the van sides were the same. Weapons of all shapes and sizes. 'Ohh shiny' The Slayer admired before jumping in.

Everything was there, she could have spent the whole night playing with them but she restrained herself and poked around. Half hidden at the back, dull and caked in dust, was a pair of wooden sticks.

Three foot each with a sharp metal point at the top of both. Pulling them out she felt out the weight, shifting her grip the thought they were perfect. She twirled one around her fingers and examined the other. Just where her thumb had rested there was a small silver band that looked loser than the others up and down the shaft. Rocking it she felt something deep inside click into place, there was a sullen thud and the top point ejected. A foot long blade had been hidden inside, same with its twin. She let a savage smile creep across her face and pushed the point of one against the bottom of the other. There was a little nook where the blade fit and then slid back into the stave. She didn't notice.

Kim was far too busy with the other thing she saw. As well as the little nook there was another lose ring, flicking that one unleashed four tough looking hooks. The same with the other. In a flash of inspiration the young Slayer slotted the two together. They locked tightly becoming a single quarter-staff. 'I like.' she whispered.

Outside Ron was buying a big black sports bag. Probably the sort of stuff Ron used like; shotguns, flame-throwers and that nasty little box of explosives he thought she didn't know about. 'Ron,' she said in a voice that dripped sugar.

He missed the tone entirely. 'KP?'

'You know how long my birthday is?' At this point her voice could have rotted teeth

'Five months.' he answered warily. Snap he was on to her trick.

Blushing she held up the twin weapons she had found. 'Can we call them a half birthday present? I didn't bring much with me and...'

'MrDrP wouldn't pay for them. He'll probably shoot me off to the moon if he ever found out to.' Ron looked at the soon to be her new weapons and then back to the Arms Merchant. 'Let's deal.'

For the next five minutes Kim watched the two of them barter over every dime. First they offered rather vague and outrageous amounts. Then they started edging closer to each others amounts Kim realised they had already agreed on an amount somewhere between and now it was a battle for every last dollar, like fighting for inches on some ancient battle ground.

Finally they agreed a price and Ron pulled out a bagful of cash that made Kim's eyes bulge out. The two of them counted out the money in hundred dollar bills and she finally put two and three together.

As the demon merchant drove off she turned on him. 'The Naco?'

'Do you really think I could blow that much money in a handful of weeks?' Ron grinned. 'You know what everyone was like, Bonnie "borrowing" some. Everyone else wanting a piece of the "Ron-man". With this job we can't afford the fame so I blew it.'

'Bonds and investments?' Kim wasn't a complete slouch when it came to money so she knew what she was talking about.

'I think you call it diversifying your portfolio KP and no one really knows how much I've got.'

'So just how much do you have?' She had to ask. It wasn't going to his head like before but if his grip did slip again...

'I don't really know? I own, what, four companies not including Bueno Nacho.' Kim felt her jaw drop 'Also a few shares in Club Banana, Smarty Mart and this and that. Think the Senior's, only no giant island.'

Kim tried to wrap her mind around the fact Ron was still rich and was using his private funds to float their fight against the demons. Ron had decided to give up everything for this mission of theirs. She was chosen by destiny and all those other things but how many people were like Ron. Fighting demons and monsters who didn't have to?

She was so lost in her own thoughts she didn't notice they had left the park, or that she was still carrying two very obvious weapons in plain sight. She didn't even notice the car pull up next to them.

'KP!' Ron said urgently, it was too late. A man in a simple, and almost lived in suit got out and pulled a badge.

'Ms, sir. I'm Detective Jones, Middleton police. What are you doing out so late,' he glanced at her hand. 'With those weapons?'

'Just enjoying the night Sir.' Ron tried to explain. 'We... we were just coming back from a mission you see. I'm Ron and this is Kim Possible...' Something was off with this guy. Kim's weird-radar was bleeping on and off.

'I recognised her.' The detective said. 'That isn't a very good reason for the weapons though. They are very dangerous if you don't know what your doing with them.' he eyed them up and Kim knew that lying wasn't going to get them out of this. It would be better if she told the truth. It would be easier on them that way.

The young Slayer opened her mouth before snapping it shut. That last thought wasn't her own. It was a strange feeling, like an invisible spider had woven something around her head. No, it was more like an octopus lashing out with tentacles at odd angles. Kim could feel something there, in the back of her mind niggling at her to tell the truth. To think about what was really going on here and tell this stranger everything.

Closing her eyes Kim shut out the thoughts, remembering how Willow got into her mind those few months before Kim reversed it. Retreating behind mental doors and slamming them shut. Snapping her eyes open she saw the detective rock back on his heels, like the mental doors had closed in his face. Not one to miss an opportunity Kim juggled one of her new fighting sticks to her other hand.

With a quick shoulder barge she had pushed Ron out of the way, then moved in for a leg sweep. The "detective" jumped in time, like she thought he would. Moving with all her Slayer speed Kim backhanded him with the butt of her left stick, catching him across the jaw. He folded around her right fist as it plunged into his gut.

He landed on his backside, his face taking on a shade of green far too unearthly for her to be wrong. Reversing her grip on the right hand stick she deliberately flicked the switch that launched the foot long blade. A side-kick with her left and the so called Detective Jones was spread on his back.

Before he could try anything Kim her self flipped onto his stomach, right blade pressed to his windpipe. The Slayer raised her left high and flipped the other switch. 'Mind telling me what you were doing in my head?'

'What are you?' he gasped before trying the mind trick again, only this time it was stronger. A hundred times stonger. The only way Kim could describe it was that someone had taken a battering ram to the doors she had closed off. A huge, green, mass pushed it's way in. A single over riding thought dominated. "drop the staves". As the alien thought formed the twinned weapons became so heavy, they were being pulled to the Earth. Sliding from her grip and away from whatever he was. Her fingers weren't strong enough to hold against that dreadful pull.

To her right Ron cocked an oversized machine gun. 'Hey Obi-wan, don't.' The green in her head faltered and Kim was able to break it. Once again the staves were the right weight and she set her shoulders again. Only to drop a few inches.

Whoever it was just blinked and slid into the ground like it was quicksand.

'Okay.' Kim said, rolling forward and onto her feet. 'That's cheating.' The Slayer and her Watcher looked around.

'Where'd he go?' Ron asked the empty air.

End Chapter Four