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Soul mates:

Ummei de tsunagaru ai

Chapter 1: The person with a familiar aura

The snow still keeps on falling…

Tap tap!

Puff puff!

"I'm ganna be late!!!" thoughts in Reira's mind.

Hi, my name is Reira. I'm still living in my hometown then… I'm still known to sing for Trapnest. I'm just a high school signer then…

Sheeks! The bus door opens…

I grabbed a ticket; climbing up the bus stairs and looked for a seat in the bus. The bus was almost space-less; there is this person that carried so much baggage that it also filled almost the whole bus. I had no choice but to have a seat with strangers.

"Excuse me, Could I sit here?" I asked this person… wow, she's kinda pretty. No, it's not pretty... she's cool! Her aura, it's so powerful but I know this aura… where did I felt this aura?

"Sure. Have it." She said her statement in a gloomy fashion. I didn't care if she was like that; as a matter of fact, I liked it that way. She's way so cool! I couldn't forget that day.

It's really impossible for me to copy her style… with a hair like this curly I couldn't make myself really cool!

"Reira, it's not that necessary! You're beautiful enough!" said the band leader Takumi.

"I want to be cool! Just like Yasu and that cool girl!" I exclaimed through the microphone in full blast.

My fellow band members closed their ears to save from my loud childish voice, "Reira, stop that! I don't want to be deaf!" Takumi screamed back me.

He told me I'm better than anyone else; I have the voice that could bring the people in Japan go craze for me with the style I have.

It was encouraging. Maybe it's because it's Takumi who said it. He really thinks I'm his little sister; I love him but my feeling doesn't reach him…

4 years after…

It's been 3 years since Trapnest's first debut. Takumi never loved me back the way I wanted to. I dated Yasu before I left my hometown but Yasu didn't follow me to Tokyo. I'm so lonely. Our new guitarist, Ren, he doesn't give me love interest but I made a good friend for him since he's a new member.

"I want to see Yasuuuu!!!!!" yelled Naoki.

"Me too, it's been ages since we met him." Said Reira just about 2 seconds right after Naoki finished his yelling.

"Reira, Yasu is a lawyer. He must be very busy." Sitting in a corner, the long haired Trapnest bassist spoke care-freely as usual.

"That's not a big problem for me. I've been invited for a Mah Jong contest with Blast." In a very cool tone, Ren spoke with his hand on his cell phone… probably harassing Nana with his e-mails (Ren hasn't declared he has a girlfriend… why?)

"Blast? Is that Yasu's band?" asked Takumi.

"Blast? Oh yeah! The band you came from right, Ren?" Naoki using his extreme loud voice (for Naoki, it's his normal volume) seems to vibrate the whole room.

"Yeah" Ren answered with his Seven Star brand cigar between his lips.

"Naoki, stop using you super loud voice. It's really annoying… I shouldn't have got a drummer like him. I should have taken Yasu instead." said Takumi.

"Ren, invite us too! I want to see him! It's unfair that only Ren could see Yasu!!!" Begging Ren in her childish voice made Ren call Yasu if he could bring his fellow members of Trapnest along.

"-Reira and the others? That's a problem… Room 707 can't hold that much people and Nana-chan couldn't cook that much.-" replied Yasu from a phone call from Ren.

"They really insist going; I will ask Takumi if he could arrange a place" said Ren.

"If you really insist, I will ask Nana and the others."

"Hachi would be happy, you know. She's a fan of Trapnest." said Ren. Is that a hook for Hachi to persuade the rest of the band?

Room 707…

"What? Do we have to do that?" Nana gulped her beer then put in down. The windows in room 707 dinning room was opened as the wind blew in. The room is not that colorful, mostly white.

"The whole Trapnest like to meet my band members. It's not harm to meet new people. Besides, it's also your chance to meet Ren again." Smoking his Black Stone cigar, Yasu begged Nana.

"Yasu's right! It's not bad to meet new people." With emphasis of her words, probably the excitement of meeting the rest of the Trapnest members, Hachi persuaded Nana too.

In Nana's mind, she said, "As if I would make friends with Trapnest if they're ganna be my enemy!" Well, as usual with her grumpy attitude. "And why do I have to see Ren?! I feel so stupid when I'm with him… I hate it." Nana picked up her phone which has a new mail… it was from Ren… 'Hello! I saw the grumpy history teacher from our hometown just a while ago… you know what he said? "Sorry for scolding you for playing too much guitar." Hehe, sounds funny' "Argg! Why is he sending me useless mails!?"

"I want to meet Ren! And besides, the food is free, right?" acting like a child, Shin-chan danced around the room.

"That's nice! We're going to play Mah Jong in a hotel, right? Why not! I also want to see Ren… Why do I always be the last know everything! Yasu has always been meeting with Ren sneakily!" Nobu in his exited tone acting like Hachi but Hachi seems to be more exited than he does.

"Okay, okay! This is enough! Let's have our Mah Jong tournament with the Trapnests." In her bad mood attitude, she broke out her message.

Midori-chan: So, how's the story? This time, I have written this story from Reira's point of view. But it's not that everything is on Reira. In the next chapters, I've added some scenes for RenxNana and TakumixHachi. I request you to write a comment! ONEGAISHIMAS!