Chapter 4: The person who was meant for me

Time after time, Reira often calls Shin. Reira slowly realizes her feelings for Takumi was nothing after all. Even after she realizes that Takumi was not meant for her, she still needs Shin. For her, Shin gave her the power to write songs; to be happy; and to live on.

Is he the person who was meant for me? Is he my soul mate?

In the lounge of Cookie Music…

"I'm getting married."

"What!" every member and every crew in Trapnest are surprised from what Takumi said.

"My Nana got pregnant so I decided to marry her." said Takumi. Takumi got surprised from the reaction of the members and crews but he still remained his cool and calm image.

"Huh!?" Ren react the most violent. What might be the reason if he already knew this from Nana? Actually, "Oh, YOUR Nana... I thought my Nana. It was Hachiko." Ren relaxed and sat back to his seat.

Reira got dumbstruck. Takumi is marrying? Takumi… Reira ran out of the room without conscious of her actions. She then noticed that she ran from her recording session but she still continued to go on.

Why am I feeling like this now? I thought I realized it. I thought I forgot about him. Why? The person I love is…

Reira's mind showed images of Takumi. Tears rolled down from her eyes. She kept on asking herself why she is crying.

Takumi has his own life and he does not have feelings for me so he could go with any girl he wants to. He won't accept me so I should give up but why can't I stop this feelings?

There was another image that went out a moment ago; the image of another guy.


"Yasu…" Reira sobbed into Yasu's polo.

Yasu looked puzzled but then picked up new thoughts of what to do. Yasu took in Reira into his room and served a cup of coffee.

Sipping his cup of coffee, Yasu took a moment then started to speak, "Takumi… I told you before that he's not meant for you, right? You still feel like that since you haven't found the person meant for you. Who knows if the person meant for you is just near you."

"I will try to find him… Yasu" Reira paused for a while. Her image changed. "Are you also telling me you're not also the one for me?"

Yasu gave a drop in his shiny head, "…"

"Just as I thought, it's okay…" Reira finished her sentence but she wasn't able to start her new sentence. A sudden door bell rang.

Ding Dong!

Few seconds of silence for adjusting the new happening, Yasu stood up to pick up the phone, "Who is it?"

"I should be going, Yasu" Reira picked up her coat and hat.

Yasu opened the door. The person who is in the door is Reira's manager. She picked up Reira and went back to the recordings.

Later in the night…

Ding Dong!

Reira opened door of her hotel room.

"Good evening, Reira."

"Come in."

After Reira closed the door and locked it, she begins to shed tears. She didn't hide it but even showed it. She knew this person will help her out.


"Shin…" Reira's head fell into Shin's chest. Shin firmly supported her from falling and lead her deeper into the room.

Shin let her sit down in her bed and let himself sit too; started to question. Reira spoke everything. She spoke everything about Takumi then Yasu and her feelings that she though Shin replaced it…

Reira sunk into tears again. Shin patted her head and closed his eyes; he lowered his lips to Reira's ears.

"Reira… I will fill up your heart with my love."

Reira stopped for a while; pausing for few seconds to process Shin's sentence. Then she cried again and sunk herself into Shin's chest. "…If you're the one for me…"

Shin hugged her back. "Reira, I didn't give my heart to any woman I ever slept with except you. The reason is because I love you. I'm serious about it, Reira."

Reira pulled Shin to lie down. Shin wiped Reira's tears then kissed her. After the kiss, Reira didn't shed a tear the whole night. Shin, as promised, filled Reira's heart for the whole night.

In another place…

"That Takumi bastard said that!?" Nana pulled Ren's padlock necklace with great force. Ren doesn't mind Nana pulling it since he got used to it; Nana always pulls it when she gets mad.

Ren and Nana were taking a bath in room 707, talking as they usually do. There are bubbles on Ren's head; most probably Ren was kidding around with bubbles.

Nana released her grip from Ren's necklace. "Yeah, then I got shocked because I though it was you."

"You idiot… Why would I date Takumi if I have full time on you?"

Ren dragged Nana into his chest, "It's just because you and Hachiko has the same name so I got confused. In any way, Nana won't date Takumi since Nana loves men with short hair like me."

"I didn't say that. I said I don't like men with long hair." Nana gave Ren her evil prank look, "There could be a possibility I was dating with Baldie."

Ren got shocked! "I thought we're best friends!" Ren talked to himself. "Come to think of it, I left Nana to Yasu for 2 years… I should have forced Nana to come with me at that time…"

"Ren… it's just a joke." But Ren continued to mumble to himself. "If I was dating with Baldie, I wouldn't be with you now, you idiot."

"Oh yeah…" Ren's chin relaxed on Nana's shoulders and his arms wrapped around Nana's waist. "Baldie won't take my Nana from me…"

There was a silent pause.

"Nee Ren, who else were affected with Hachi's marriage?"

"Reira" Ren answered plainly. "Right after Takumi announced his marriage she ran out."

"Screw that Takumi… He caused lots of trouble!"

In Shirokane…


"What's wrong, Takumi?" the pretty house wife Nana came out with a dish from the kitchen which will be served in the table. "Colds?"

"No, I think somebody's talking about me." Takumi wiped his nose with his handkerchief. "Whoa! Looks delicious! Itadakimas!"

Even how close we are, even how far we are… I couldn't find the person who I truly love. How come? Will I be able to be the starring character in my song "Soul mates"? Ren created this song may be because he and Nana are connected with fate. I simply felt his love for Nana. I envy them. I was so inspired by them. I wanted to be loved and I want to love somebody but I couldn't find the person for me.

The End

Midori-chan: Sorry that the story in here doesn't any story. Nothing really happened. My next fan fic is a bit interesting… "The World Without Takumi" It maybe for some fans to realize how important Takumi is. I'm not really a Takumi hater but lots of fans hate him. I have to make two of these since Nana and Hachi will have separate lives. I will be making Nana's story first. Until next fan fic… see you!