Asfaloth, The beginning

I opened my eyes, I saw my mother standing at my side and she whinnied at the elves standing at the door of the stable. She nudged my soft, grey coat and I stood up.

After the first few weeks, we were allowed outside where brooks trickled water and the grass was sweet and young. We galloped side-by-side enjoying the morning sunlight and neighing in the gentle moonlight.

Then my mother left to return to her work and I was left in a paddock with two, extremely defiant colts. I was taken; they shod me and fitted shiny tack on me. I was broken in and taught how to behave when being ridden.

One night after I was practicing cantering, a young elf came to look in my paddock, I was standing at the top near the fence, and the jet-black colts were fighting towards the bottom.

I trotted quietly to where she was standing; she rubbed her hand over nose but the colts came over jealously and pushed me out the way. I snorted and nipped the back of one of them, he reared and we galloped away, fighting.

I thought I would never see her again, but I was wrong. A couple of days later she returned with another elf and brought me. Her name is Arwen.

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