A long time after Estel and the fellowship left, my owner came down to the stables; I was eating the last off the hay and licking my feed manger. She was wearing her huge purple clock and I knew she would not ride me wearing that, so I went back to eating hay. But strangely she came into my stable with my tack and brushes. She tacked me quickly and rode to a large parade of elves.

We rode into a large forest; I could feel Arwen's tears running along my velvety coat. I finally understood what was happening; we headed towards the Grey Havens and the Valinor. I thought she was staying and losing her immortality. I decided to halt and stay stubbornly still; I was not going to allow her to give up on Estel, now. Strangely, I felt no resistance in the reins and I knew it was more than her not bothering to get me going. I looked down to see a small child running at my hooves. He ran to the left and a stone court appeared into the forest. A man picked up the child; I looked at the mortal's face; it was Estel.

The child disappeared and an elf called Arwen, "Lady Evenstar, we cannot delay!" she turned me around and I snorted as we galloped back to Rivendell. I could feel cold fury running through my heart; that child, who was he? The only answer I could give was it was a prince, Estel's heir, and Arwen's son.