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First off: For the people who are up with the recent chapters (Not so recent anymore?) Deidara got into that fight with Sasuke, this is .. you can say what happens afterwards, in this fanfiction he decides to go and live with Sakura and his son. That's all.

Opening her eyes, Sakura felt a large warm body glued to hers, it's arm thrown around her side. A sigh left her lips. Turning around she soon realized they were both naked. Sitting up, the sheets that covered her fell down in her lap, but she didn't care, all her eyes were on was the blonde man sleeping next to her.

The sleeping man soon realized that something was wrong, the heat was gone. Opening his eyes he sat up, ready to fight. His eyes darted around the room and soon landed on the woman next to him who was about to turn around.

"Sakura," he said as he grabbed her arm, tugging her towards him. Sakura said nothing, she stared towards the window, awaiting his words.

Instead of speaking he kissed his way to her ear before whispering how he had missed her.

Pushing herself away from him she stood up and grabbed towards her underwear as she dressed herself and made her way to the kitchen, not caring whether Deidara awoke or not. Closing the door towards her room she looked in the direction of Deijans room, walking towards the door she listened or he was awake or not.

Hearing nothing she made her way towards the kitchen and got herself breakfast ready for the three of them.

It wasn't an hour later or Deidara was awake and had joined her in the kitchen, watching her walk around, preparing some stuff. "Are you planning to ignore me the rest of the day?" he asked and smirked when he heard something drop out of her hands.

Before she had time to answer, the sound of someone running down the stairs was heard. "Daddy!" Deijan yelled and ran towards his father who had both arms open to embrace him. When Deijan was in his arms he hauled him up on his lap and sat him down, making choking sounds as Deijan was hugging him a bit too tight.

"You're back!" he laughed as he tried to wave his arms around.

After ten minutes of hysterically laughing, Deijan finally calmed down and sat on the opposite of his father waiting for his breakfast – which took forever yet son nor father dared not to comment on it –

Finally, after a five minutes Sakura served breakfast for them. Without a second glance she left the kitchen, up the stairs towards her room. She didn't feel his chakra when he appeared behind her.

He watched as she pushed open the window and walked towards the adjoined bathroom. "No shouting? No 'Deidara you bastard' hm?" he finally asked as she continued to ignore him. Finally she looked up and made eye contact for the first time "I can scream all I want, but will it change anything?"

Deidara finally realised what the problem was, she was tired. Tired of it all. Tired of the secrets, tired of lying to Deijan, tired of fooling herself.

He chuckled lowly, noticing the annoyance appear in her eyes. "I came with good news, hmm…"

Rolling her eyes, Sakura sighed before turning around again to watch her and him in the mirror.

"I'm dead." He watched her expression in the mirror "Akatsuki thinks I'm dead." This time she turned around and walked towards him. "What does this mean" she hissed in a low-tone, at the verge of screaming.

He looked down at her, seeing the hope, love, and desperation in her eyes. He chuckled again, circling his arms around her and pulling her tightly against him. Leaning down he nuzzled her neck and felt her shiver against him.

She tightened her hold in his arms as he continued to nuzzle her neck.

"I'm home."

I hope you liked it - really really sappy - stupid ending, but I raped my mind over and over to get something out of it, and .. well I got this ... I hope you liked it!