Battle and Injury

The night was clear, the sun shone over Minas Tirith. It was six pm on a warm summer's day in the middle of June. For anyone who was watching the King could be seen riding with his elf friend, Legolas. As the sun began to fade the King and his companion turned back towards Minas Tirith. The horses halted, their ears pricked forward. "What is it, boy?" the King asked his bay steed.

"There are 70 orcs in the bush!" Legolas shouted.

"Fight them!" the King replied, loudly.


Back at Minas Tirith the Queen was leaning over the balcony, while she talked to Steward Faramir. Faramir was talking about the King's new ideas to improve the Pellennor fields that only he had heard. She suppressed a laugh, thinking how ridiculous this was as Aragorn always told her everything first. When he had an idea she was always the first person to know.

Legolas' voice echoed throughout the city, "they are too many! We must call for help!"

"NO! We are strong enough."

"Aragorn!" the Queen breathed. The city sat in anticipation and fear. Would they lose the King so shortly after his arrival? "Send out reinforcements, to help them!" the Queen said, commandingly to the guard. Men rushed to where the King and his friend were fighting. The Queen sighed she was no help here, "oh, Valar, protect him!" she breathed.


"How long can we hold!" the King asked his companion.

"Not much longer!" legolas looked down the hill they were fighting on, "Good lord Valar, we're saved!" he exclaimed.

"What?" Aragorn asked killing a large orc in front of him. He looked down, "Hurry!" he shouted at the soldiers running up the hill, towards them. A huge orc cut a poisoned knife into his shoulder, he turned round and tried to kill it but the orc blocked his attack and he fell to the floor. Legolas killed the orc before it could do any more damage to the King. Then the orcs saw the Gondorian army and fled. Legolas protected his friend from the orcs until they were all gone.

Then Legolas bent down to examine his friend, "he's very badly hurt!" he told the captain of the army. He put Aragorn on Arod and led the horses to Minas Tirith.


The Queen heard the clattering of hooves and rushed to the source. What she saw hurt her eyes. The healers rushed and took the King to the houses of the healing; she followed them and sat by the bed where the King lay. Tears ran gently down her face and she turned round to Legolas joining her. "Legolas?" she said, "Would you fetch Ada, I mean, Lord Elrond For me?"

"Yes!" said Legolas and ran to the stables. He began the journey to Rivendell.

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