Images of the Past

Arwen walked after her father and Legolas as they took Aragorn into the houses of the healing, her brothers walked behind her. Elladan remembered when Estel was younger, he was hurt and they were all alone.


Elladan squeezed his legs in against Eowdan's sides; he looked down at Estel stroking the horse's coarse hair. He smiled at the child innocently playing with his horse. Then Eowdan took scare; she stormed forward, Elladan held on with ease but Estel slipped uneasily and under the horse's heavy hooves. All he could hear was his little brother screaming in pain; he jumped down dangerously and ran to his crying sibling; leaving Elrohir to see to Eowdan. He held the child's small body into his arms and kissed his cheek softly. His twin handed him his horse and he lifted Estel into the saddle. The child released endless sobs, "Shh!" Elladan cooed, "Lets go to Ada!" he prepared to mount but Estel sobbed even harder. It began to tip with rain and the three brothers sheltered under a huge tree and tied the horses to the stronger branches. They all fell asleep!


Elladan sighed; he knew Estel would need more than a couple of easy days to cure him. He felt sorry for his sister; wondering what she was going through. The day came to a close and Arwen finally allowed Legolas to watch the King that night.


Legolas woke to see his friend lying still on the bed, his eyes were wide open and he looked dreadful. He found Elrond walking in the dark and asked him to check Aragorn. They both decided not to tell Arwen for she needed the sleep.


Eowyn happened to be too hot to sleep and also she was worried about the King, she may no longer love him but still he was a friend and a ruler. She decided to go down and see how Aragorn was since there was nothing better to do. She kissed Faramir softly on the cheek and left her room. She walked silently down the stone pavement and to the fair building she had first met Faramir in. she slipped into the stone house and to where Aragorn was.


Legolas saw movement at the entrance of the room. He smiled as Eowyn entered. "How is he?" she asked as she entered the room.

"Not too good!" the prince of Mirkwood answered. He grimaced and turned to her, Lord Elrond smiled and left the dark room. The son of Thrandil decided to fetch Queen Evenstar.

The King woke to find Arwen and Legolas at his side. The first thing he noticed was the fever had left him. He looked up at the Queen and the prince of Mirkwood. "How are you feeling?" asked the Queen, gently.

"Great!" he answered, kissing her on the cheek. Arwen started to laugh and they knew a great shadow had lifted.

That evening was celebrated with feasting and drinking and all Gondor was happy. The King and Queen were ready to get on with their lives.

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