One Year on the Throne

When Aragorn had said a grand feast Arwen had expected to spend it in his company. Instead he had left her talking to various lords and ladies moaning about other various lords and ladies on the council. The feast was of course to celebrate the fact that Aragorn had been on the throne for a whole year, speaking of which their one-year anniversary was in a few weeks. Arwen took a sip of wine from the goblet she was holding in her hand. After draining all the wine from the chalice, she took her leave and went to find Aragorn.

Her husband was walking round the hall and talking to assorted guests. She walked up to him and caught his arm in hers. The king smiled and turned to give her a gentle kiss on the lips. The king was talking to two elves Lord Eldarion; a half-elven man with dark hair and a hansome face; and Lady Ninniachwen, his beautiful wife.

"We are sorry to keep your husband from you, my lady!" Ninniachwen said, tucking a loose blond strand of hair behind her ear.

"Absolutely not! A king must do his duties!" Arwen approved. Aragorn gave a slight smile and turned to kiss the point of the Queen's over-sensitive ear.

They left Eldarion and his wife and went to stand upon the nearby balcony that surrounded the large feast-hall's interior. The palace had been built with two feasting halls for entertaining guests and one for the Queen and King to eat in when they were alone. They were in the largest hall that backed onto the guest chambers and the fountain and white tree.

Arwen sighed and let her husband encircle her in his arms from around the back. "It feels strange to think we've been married for nearly a year!" The Queen pondered.

"Hm" the King replied, chuckling, "And your beauty hasn't faded at all!"

"I love you," was Arwen's only drowsy reply.

"I would say the same to you but I was under the impression you already knew," Aragorn whispered into her pointed ear.

"I feel you are right, Melamin (my love)" Arwen muttered contently, running her slender fingers along the King's beard.

"As is often the case, Undomiel," the King replied. He bent to place a tender kiss upon her pink lips. Arwen fell into a relaxed doze at the simple gesture and Aragorn carried his slumbering Queen back to their table.

About an hour later Aragorn realised how long his wife had been had been asleep. He kissed her lips and whispered her name into her elegant ear. When his wife did not wake an evil plan formed in his mind. Wondering if he should complete the plan, the King thought of all the evil things Arwen had done to him since they'd met.

The King stood up with his elven-princess and carried her out into courtyard and sat down on a bench by the fountain.

For a moment Aragorn sat watching the fountain rising and falling in attractive cascades and graceful arches of water. Aragorn watched the rhythmic rising of water and compared it with the deep breathing of his wife.

Then the King put his cunning plan in motion. Standing up, he walked over to the fountain and suspended his wife over the swirling water. He slid his fingers under the icy cold spray to feel the temperature; it was freezing. Lowering himself towards the water he let his wife slide out of his arms.

A deafening screech filled the yard as Arwen's feet hit the icy water. The Queen gently slipped under the water before surfacing, cursing. Arwen flung her arms around Aragorn's neck and allowed him to pull her out. With that Aragorn took his soaking wife into the palace to dry and go to bed.

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