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I Need You!

Chapter 1

Padmé woke up early that morning. It was a Saturday so the Senate was not in session. Normally she would have slept much later but for the past few days she felt ill in the mornings and now her lack of sleep and the difficultly she found eating was driving her up the wall.

However, today she had a doctor's appointment, by the insistence of her handmaiden Sabé and was now determined to end this spell of bad health.

Groaning and pulling herself out of bed, Padmé called for Sabe to get out her clothes. The young handmaiden gave her a light, flowing, rainbow coloured dress, she remembered when Anakin had secretly kissed her she had been wearing this dress. She left her hair fairly simply in a loose plait over her back.

Sabe sighed, "I hear Master Kenobi and Padawan Skywalker are back on Corusant!"

"Really!" Padmé gasped, " I'm so glad to hear they're safe. Sabe, invite Master Kenobi and his Apprentice to lunch," Sabe looked at her doubtfully, "to thank them for protecting me, of course!" Padme's eye of course betrayed her.

Sabe shook her head amusedly and replied, "Yes Padmé," letting a small giggle form at the back of her throat. She moved into the other room to contact the Jedi Master while Padmé sat on the sofa to work on a report due that Monday.

Anakin moaned as the alarm on his Master's comlink went off from somewhere in the apartment they shared in the Jedi Temple. He heard Obi Wan's voice coming from the living room "Morning Sabe, How can I help you?"

"Senator Amidala would like to invite you and your Padawan to eat lunch with her to thank you for protecting her during the assassination attempts against her life." The lady's voice replied.

"I'm dreadfully sorry M'lady, I'm busy…" Obi's voice answered. Anakin threw his Jedi robes on the floor from where he had been putting them on, "…. but there's no reason why Anakin cannot join you!"

Sabe nodded in consent, knowing this would suite Padmé perfectly no matter how much she would hate to admit it.

"I'll go and check that's okay with him." He heard his Master reply, followed by the soft step along the corridor. Sitting on his bed, Anakin pretended to be meditating.

Obi Wan looked surprised to find his apprentice meditating, "what did you do now?" he joked as Anakin opened his eyes.

"What?" Anakin objected his eyes wide and innocent. Obi shook his head half expecting a practical joke to unleash itself upon him.

"Senator Amidala has invited you for lunch is that okay with you?" his padawan nodded enthusiastically. Obi Wan left the room to finish the call with Sabe. Lunch with Padmé, what a wonderful day Anakin thought.

Padme left the doctors bewildered; Senator Amidala was pregnant! Pregnant!!! How had that happened? Well she knew perfectly well! How stupid of her! She wasn't just pregnant with anybody's baby. It was Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker's child. She shook her head it was done now!

Letting herself into her apartment she went to prepare herself to meet the Jedi.