Epilogue: Yue

'I want details,' Tomoyo said, leaning across the table to give me her best puppy eyes. The camera blinked redly beside her.

I glared. It didn't come off quite as menacing when coupled with shaggy grey hair and amber eyes, but I gave it my best shot. 'No.'

Why, oh why, had I decided to make my other form cute? Cute didn't help in this situation. Handsome, radiant, eerie, otherworldly, I could have gone for anything, but no, I had to make it cute.

Wait, that was Clow's idea……


I'd told her enough. Besides, everything I said was on that blasted camera of hers, and I was fairly certain that copies would shortly be making their way to Touya, Keroberos, the Cards, the Li and Eriol as well, which meant Akizuki would…… not pretty. I also wasn't going to discuss……those things……when the audience was the Cardmistress I was bound and determined to serve. Also, if Touya discovered that I had been divulging 'details' to his little sister, I would never hear the end of it. Ever.

'This is for posterity,' Tomoyo said. 'Your chance to immortalise yourself on tape.'

'I can find better things to be immortalised for than my–'

'Yes?' said Sakura hopefully.

'Never mind. You've got the rest of the story. Be happy.'

'Details. Hints. Broad picture. Technique. Summary. ……anything?'

'No,' I said even more firmly.

The End.

A/N: the end for real. Actually, it should have ended with chapter 9, but they never got together in the anime and I felt a need to do it. And since the whole series is supposed to be taken from Tomoyo's footage of the captures, I felt winding it up like this was appropriate.

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