Lies of a lover

C/S - read at own risk.

"You told me you loved me Catherine…you can't change that now. You can't take it back because I know its true god damn it. I can see it in your eyes" Sara had officially lost it – after a tough shift and having the blond avoid her for the night she wasn't going to just let this go. She'd got the older CSIs arm tightly in her hand as she pushed the woman against the side of the Denali.

"Sidle back off… God damn it" She growled trying, yet failing, to pull away. Sara just shook her head as she looked into the eyes of Catherine willows, the resident bitch of the crime lab. She could have any guy she wanted – and she knew it, and she played it. "Don't you get it Sara?"

"Get what? Cause you've got me all fucked up – don't you see that?" She explained. Then she did something she hadn't planned on – she let go of her and backed away. Sara was in way over her head here. She was struggling to stay calm and keep her breathing even.

"It could never, and would never happen between us – that's what" Sara was sure she hared regret buried deep somewhere there. Why was she been like this? She just couldn't understand.

"I don't believe that- it did happen – the other night, we happened Catherine."

"I was drunk" Catherine growled.

"That's it… you were drunk" Sara laughed in angered disbelief - she couldn't believe this was happening to her.

"I had a bad shift" Catherine explained – she looked at the brunette and hoped that she would understand. "I was upset"

"So I was you comfort fuck? That it?" Sara growled. "I'm a lot of things god damn it, a bitch, a bordering drunk but I am not an out let for you. You made me love you, want you…god damn it you did this to me!" Sara stepped forward again, "Tell me you used me, I need to hear it – that you don't love me"

Catherine looked from the brunette, who had now stepped forward pushing the blond back against the Denali – to the floor than back up. Sara moved her hand and ran it softly over the blonds face – Catherine just looked up and locked yes pulling, with regret away from the others hand. Slowly, she spoke – "I used you" Sara shook her head in disbelief, her hand moving now from Catherine face - "I don't love you Sara" Sara felt as if she'd been punched in the face – as if she'd taken the weight of the world on her shoulders.

She turned and walked away – into the darkness –

Catherine watched her go – she wanted to call her back. Wanted to make things right – but she couldn't – this was how it had to be.