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" Well, well if it isn't potty. I heard you like taking it up the ass, especially when it is a thick cock and the exployto curse is used. " Came Draco's mocking voice.


With a wave of Draco's wand Harry was on the blood and cum covered floor on his hands and knees with his legs spread and head down. By now Harry knew it was useless to fight it but he did any way.

It was with great relish that thirteen-year-old Draco looked upon his rival. Harry was tortured so badly he could not stand and was spread out for Draco to take at his pleasure. After he cast a spell to immobilize Harry he pulled a bottle of lube out of his robes, took them of and walked over to where Harry was bound. Draco leaned over Harry to prepare his entrance. He knew it would humiliate Harry. After casting the exployto curse Draco coated two of his fingers in a generous amount of lube and gently teased Harry's hole with his ring finger before he slide it in up to the second knuckle. He greatly enjoyed Harry's hiss of mixed pain, pleasure from the curse and humiliation.

He was amazed at how tight Harry was. Harry felt like a virgin, not like someone every male death eater had used at least twice. And he would know. Draco had been fucking muggle boys between the ages of two and five since he was ten. He started thrusting the finger in and out. As soon as it started to slide easily he added a second finger and pushed both of them all the way in.

Harry let out a gasp as his sweet spot was hit sending a wave of pleasure through his body. He did his best to fight down the humiliated flush that spread through his face and neck as his member hardened because of the stimulation to his prostate.

Draco crowed with delight when he noticed Harry's hard cock. " I always knew you were a fag Potter but I never thought you would be into bondage. I guess I didn't know you as well as I thought I did. " Draco pulled the two fingers he had in Harry's ass out and then leaned over him and put his cock to Harry's now lubed entrance. "Enjoy," Draco whispered maliciously as he pushed his cock into the tight hole before it. He groaned in pleasure as he felt Harry's body try to push him out. He pulled out and slammed back in with a brutal thrust, aiming for Harry's sweet spot, and within a few minutes Draco was ready to come, but he refused to come alone. Draco cast the exployto curse on Harry again and it forced him into an explosive orgasm. When Draco felt Harry's walls pulsing around him and saw the thick white ropes of seed shooting from Harry's cock and landing on his stomach and chest the stimulation was too much and he came. His cum hit Harry's prostate giving Harry another jolt of humiliating pleasure and it washed back bathing the over-sensitive head of Draco's cock in painfully pleasurable heat.


Draco pulled his cock out of Harry's bleeding hole and walked back to where he had pulled of his robes. He put them on and canceled the full body bind he had on Harry. It was with a contemptuous flick of his wand that he had Harry back in the position he was before Draco came in the room. He stepped back to admire his work and almost became hard again when he saw Harry's blood and his cum dripping from Harry's hole.

"I need to get down to business Harry. I was sent down here to torture you and I have to do so for my initiation. I hope you heal fast; I want another chance to fuck you soon. Your hole is so tight I felt like I was fucking a virgin."

With that Draco put a silencing spell on Harry and began the torture with a round of crucio and a couple of cutting curses. After that came several bludgeoning spells and three well-aimed bone breakers. Both of Harry's legs and his wand arm were broken. It was then that Draco started getting creative. He used a whip on Harry's back so hard that it was tearing strips of flesh off. He conjured some salt, covered the lacerations with it then ground it in. He melted a candle and dripped the near boiling wax on Harry's chest. He personally broke every finger in both of Harry's hands. Draco conjured a thin whip of fire and burned the word whore into the flesh behind Harry's right knee and the word slave into the flesh of the left. He put three slashes going from eye to chin in both of Harry's cheeks and carved pentagrams on the insides of Harry's arms. For the final touch he had gotten hard from torturing Harry so he lowered the blood crusted manacles holding Harry up to the floor. Harry was so weak from the injures he had that he could not stand and collapsed. Draco just used a spell to position Harry as he wanted him and then opened the front of his robe to expose his swollen cock and its flared, dark purple head. Draco raped Harry for a second time that day. Once he was finished torturing Harry he left him lying unconscious in a pool of his blood and both his and Harry's cum.

It was with a start that Harry realized that he was back on the moon paths and in no pain. The goddess appeared before him. " Harry Potter, have you made you choice." She asked in formal tones.

" I have. " Harry replied in unconscious response to the ritual being carried out

" Then voice your response for all the gods and goddesses of both your world and mine to hear."

" I have chosen of my own will and with no use of force on your part to accept your offer of a safe haven to heal both body and mind as well as training for my eventual confrontation with Voldemort. " Harry was still answering in the formal words required to complete the ritual.

" So it has been said, so let it be done. " Cried the goddess.

It was with a blinding flash of light and a crack so loud it might as well have been thunder Harry Potter and his faithful owl Hedwig disappeared from their birth universe not to bee seen again for many years.