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Chapter one

The Experiment

Hermione sat in her bedroom crying. You see she had just gotten a letter from Harry; he said, that he had fallen in love with Ginny and had been dating her all summer and that he thought it would be best that they didn't see each other anymore.

Hermione just sat there reading the letter over and over again, she didn't understand why after three years of being together. Harry would just decide that he loved Ginny and not her. He had the nerve to tell her that he loved someone else in a letter and not to her face.

She ripped the letter up and threw it in the trash. Then she went to bed crying. She awoke the next morning to hear tapping at her window. She turned over in her bed to see one of the Hogwarts barn owls sitting on her window ledge.

She got up and opened the window and took the envelope from the owl. Then she sat down on her bed to read the letter, 'The envelope is thicker this year' she thought. She opened it and inside was the list of books she would need for her seventh year at Hogwarts.

There was something else in the envelope as well; it was heavy and silver. It was then that Hermione realized that it was the Head Girl's badge. There was a note attached to it. The note read:

Dear Ms. Granger,

We are proud to inform you that you have been

Selected for Head Girl this year, you are to meet me in the head compartment on the train, there

You will wait for further instructions.


Albus Dumbledore

Head Master of Hogwarts

Hermione just stared at the note. She forgot all about the night before and did a silly dance in her room.

Hermione needed to get her new text books, so that day her parents drove her to the Leaky Caldron and said they would pick her up there in two hours to drive her to Kings Cross Station. Hermione first went and got all the books she needed. Afterwards she decided to go to the new pub that was in town to have a butter beer and wait for her parents.

While she waited she sat and thought about Harry and how he had hurt her, which seemed to irritate her more. She loved him so much and he didn't return the feelings. From that moment on she decided she would never love again, it wasn't worth the effort.

She paid the bartender and went outside to find her parent's car.

The drive seemed to take for ever this time. They pulled into the train station and got out of the car. Hermione got her trunk kissed her parents goodbye; along with the promise to write. Kissed them again and ran to jump on the train; she would be going to the head compartment this time.

She stepped on to platform 9 ¾ and for the first time in her life she hated the scarlet train in front of her. She knew at one point she would have to see Harry on it. She figured she would have to face him at school anyway, so she might as well get it over with.

She headed toward the head compartment. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Harry and Ron coming right at her; Hermione bumped into Ron and fell down. Ron helped her up.

"Are you ok?" Ron asked.

"I'm fine…" said Hermione

Hermione looked up and saw Harry standing behind Ron. She started to walk away when she heard him say,

"Herms wait I want to talk to you…" Harry said.

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks and turned around; she went right up to his face and started to yell, "You do not call me Herms! My name is Her-Mi-O-Nee NOT Herms! I only let people care about me call me Herms and you are not one of those people MR. POTTER!" with that said, she stormed off crying.

By the time she reached the head compartment two people were already inside, Hermione opened the door and stepped inside.

"Hello Ms. Granger," said Dumbledore.

"Sorry I was late professor," said Hermione, wiping the tears from her eyes and sitting down next to the head boy. Not even noticing who it was.

Looking over to see who the head boy was, she was hit with a surge of anger 'Draco Malfoy! Oh, that's just great. Can this day get any worse?' she thought.

Her question was soon answered by Dumbledore.

"As you both can see you are the Head boy and Head girl this year, and I would like to conduct an experiment. Now may I remind you this is only an experiment and none of it is real. As you know the Slytherins and Gryffindors don't get along. I want you two to get married. To everyone else it will be real, but to the two of you it will be simply an act. I need for the two of you to try and get friendships to form between the two houses. Two months after you marry, I will perform a spell on Miss Granger which will make her pregnant with a child that will look like you both, Miss Granger will carry the child for three weeks before giving birth. The child is only a spell and will disappear one week before graduation. Any questions?" asked Dumbledore.

"Sir, how can I carry a child for only three weeks and then give birth? Wouldn't people notice?" asked Hermione.

"Obvious questions Miss Granger," Dumbledore said with a smile. "I plan on having all the students minds modified so they will think you were seven months pregnant when you two got married. To them you will be nine months pregnant, when I perform the spell. This spell will make it so the baby develops within three weeks and you will be giving birth as if you were actually pregnant; we can give you a sedative…" Dumbledore didn't get to finish what he was saying.

"Now, now wait just a Minute! I have to give birth the old fashion muggle way? T-t-to Malfoy's…ewww… and you expect me…? I refuse! I refuse to have his baby. I will do the marriage thing, but even that's pushing it!" said Hermione.

"I don't know Granger it might be fun, imagine your boyfriend Potter's face when he finds out your pregnant with my baby and marrying Me." said Draco with a devilish smirk.

"Imagine your reputation once people find out you slept with a muggleborn." said Hermione with an equally good smirk.

Draco turned even paler then his usual shade of white. "I second what Granger said, I refuse to get married as well!" said Draco.

"If you two do not agree to this experiment, then I will have to take your badges away and then I will find someone else. You two I think would have been the best for this experiment. I'll give you a minute to decide before you make your final answer." said Dumbledore, with a mischievous twinkle in his ice blue eyes.

Draco's thoughts

'What should I do? I can't marry a mudblood; think of my reputation. If I get my badge taken away I will get the beating of a lifetime; I have to do it! I have to sacrifice my reputation.'

Hermione's thoughts

'I have no choice; I've worked for this badge for seven years I can't just give it up. The baby and being married to Malfoy won't be real, it's not like I'll be stuck with him for the rest of my life. I guess I'll do it.'

"I'll do it…" said Hermione and Draco in a solemn union.

"Excellent, here is the list of your duties and the password to your new dormitories. Oh, and I put a spell on your dorms so it seems that you two sleep in the same room, but you will have your own rooms, don't worry." said Dumbledore who chuckled at the look of horror on the head boy and girl's faces when they thought they would have to share a room.

With his speech done Dumbledore stood up to leave the compartment to modify the student's memories.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley will be here soon to talk to you; their memories will already be modified. I suggest you two start acting and thinking up a story for you two to tell everyone." said Dumbledore leaving the compartment.

"That's just great. Harry will forget all about the letter he sent me yesterday and think I was the one cheating on him…" said Hermione exasperatedly out loud.

"What letter?" asked Draco.

Hermione sighs, "I might as well tell you since we are going to be married for a year. Yesterday Harry sent me a letter, basically saying he didn't love me anymore. That he was in love with Ginny who he had been with all summer. Anyway, now that memory of him sending the letter has been erased he will accuse me of cheating on him." said Hermione.

"That asshole; no one should treat their girlfriend like that, you deserve better Hermione." said Draco with anger in his eyes, but wasn't directed towards her.

"You called me Hermione." said a very shocked Hermione.

"That is your name isn't it? Maybe I should go change into my robes now…" said Draco standing up to leave the compartment.

"Malfoy wait! Please don't go I can't face them alone." said Hermione, tears once again coming to her eyes.

Before Draco could answer the door was slammed open. There stood a very angry Harry and a Ron who seemed to be in a calm state.

"What the hell Hermione! First I find out your pregnant then I find out your marrying Malfoy! Whose kid is it mine or Malfoy's?" yelled Harry, whose face was red.

"Well seeing that I never had sex with you it is Draco's baby, but your one to talk. You were cheating on me with Ginny you love her. Go marry her! That is what you want isn't it? Harry please leave; I can't stand to look at you. Ron I would like to speak to you." said Hermione, with tears streaming down her face.

"How did you know about that?" stuttered Harry.

"She said leave Potter and you better respect her wishes." said Draco getting into Harry's face.

"Come on Ron lets go." said Harry leaving the compartment.

"No." said Ron.

"Excuse me? What did you say?" said Harry in a menacing tone.

"I said no. Hermione asked me to stay, so I'm staying." said Ron.

Harry left without saying a word, slamming the door behind him.

"Thank you Ron." said Hermione wiping away the tears and then sitting down.

"I'm sorry Hermione I wanted to tell you what was going on, but each time I sent a letter Harry intercepted it." said Ron.

"Its ok Ron, don't worry about it." said Hermione.

"Hermione what's going on? I know you wouldn't get married to Malfoy, his father wouldn't let him." questioned Ron.

"My father is in Azkaban Weasley. it is my mother who is making us get married, but I don't care I love Hermione and I would do anything for her." said Draco smiling and taking Hermione's hand in his.

"You better Malfoy, Hermione is like a sister to me. If you hurt her; I'll break you. Do you understand me." said Ron standing up and leaving the compartment.

"Wow that was close. You know I didn't mean what I said right? You know about the love part?" said Draco getting up to leave.

"Hey Malfoy thanks for the help; I couldn't have done that on my own." said Hermione.

"Any time, but this doesn't change anything between us; when people aren't around I still hate you." said Draco then leaving the compartment to change.

Hermione sat there staring at the spot Draco had been standing; she sighs, "This is going to be a long year." She said out loud to no one.

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