"you damn basssss" says Foamy in disgust.

"what, you told me to do that." says Dagget in question.

"you know very well what, im angry because you used my song, you abused it and replaced squirelly wrath, with beaverly wrath, and what else I would like to know is why the hell my song didnt get the crowd crazy in my "Squirely Songs" video huh huh huh!!?" said Foamy in so much anger.

"ah I dont know why, I think they like beavers more than squirells"

"what!, what the hell did you just say".

(A/N)Oh they are in the dressing room.

"I said-"

Dag was cut off by Foamy, ready to takkle Dagget, until the talent person ran into the room hearing all the noises.

"boys boys what going on, I thought this would be a good partnership?" said the talent guy.

"hm I wonder whaere Norbert is?" Dagget wonders.

"well i'm just doing this for the money" says Foamy.

"what your not even getting paid"

"what!! not getting paid what up with that?"

"oh no no im...just...kidding" said the talent guy.

"what about me where is my pay check" says Dagget eager.

"um I lost the paycheck"

"you lost the paycheck, you lost ,my paycheck!!" Dag was so annoyed."where the heck is it?!"

The talent guy pulled out some money otu of his pocket,1 dollar. Dag was outraged and said that he needs this money for no good reason whatsoever.

"where is my money, WHERE IS IT." says Dag jumping on his shirt.

"youll have to find it"

Dag runs out of the room.

"well im glad you have my paycheck"says Foamy."you do have my paycheck right?'

"ah"said the talent guy.

"wait up Dagget!"

They went out in search for their money looking behind every tree and bush and some other places.They found their money but they found it in a loogie hawk's nest.

"what the-"

The loogie hawk picks up Foamy with his tallons.

"don't worry little buddy i'll save you!"

Dag picks up a rock and accidently hits Foamy in the head. With Foamy as usuall cursing his head off. Dagget is surprised of what can come out of a sqirells mouth. Meanwhile...

"youi go the goods ?"

"yeah I go the goods" said two dark voices.

okay im gonna leave it off here.