Spy Guy: Hi all! Ok...now. This is a one-shot sorta thingy I've started. I start a lot of one-shots, but I can rarely ever getv them past drabble. So I decided, I'll post them and make them adoptable!


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(Danny's point P.O.V. in ghost mode.)

The eyes I see with are no longer my own. I see through the eyes of the machine, and only what he wishes me to see. I can feel my arm moving, but once again, I have no control, and the world is dark.

I can feel the wires reattaching themselves to the base of my neck as my arms and legs are seized slowly by thick black cables, and I am raised up.

With my arms stuck firmly to my sides I wait in the darkness, as I gradually become one with the machine once more. I can feel it stealing my thoughts, but I gave no power over it. If I was stronger than the machine, I wouldn't be here right now, allowing it to feed off my life force to keep it alive.

It needed the essence of a human to stay working, as its former fuel source had finally been depleted after thirty years.

Sometimes I wish I had never gone after Technus that day. That day where he found an abandoned lab hidden in the ghost zone. At first, it had just been a battle between the two of us; he had stolen one of my father's inventions, but then we stumbled upon a room, where the walls were covered in thick black cables, and a metal machine sat in the center. Technus had looked around in horror, before taking off through the halls. I moved to follow him, but a wire wrapped around my ankle, pulling back, and sending me to the floor. Unable to get up, I soon found myself held fast to the wall, the cables slithering around me. Holding me tighter.

Then the wires dug into my neck…

From then on, there was no escape.

The machine always refers to me as the host. Not only does he use me for power, I am also his human puppet. He uses my body to do what he can't: Repair what was destroyed in a horrible explosion.

There are cables everywhere here. They act like snakes, following me around. They watch me. Occasionally, when the machine is in control, I will feel my hand stroking them, like someone would a puppy.

Now I am being lowered. All the cables return to their spots, except for the ones at the back of my neck. I wait for the signal to leave.

But something seems different today. The wires stay for much longer than usual. I feel uneasiness creep into my mind. Usually the machine has sent me away by now. Usually he has returned some of my control to my body, allowing me to wander aimlessly around, unable to see. Unable to escape while the machine processes the power he took.

But today, he wasn't letting go.

I waited in silence, listening to the faint hum of his fan.

Then, without warning, he takes hold over me, this time pushing my mind into the very far corner of my conscious.

I can feel the wires detach from my neck, but instead of allowing to move once more, the machine keeps his hold.

I can feel my arms raise, and my fingers flex experimentally. I know the machine is looking at them, feeling true control for the first time. He runs them over my face, pulling at my hair. I want to force him out, just like I would if a ghost was overshadowing me, but it's not the same. The machine is different. He can't simply be forced out.

I can feel my legs moving, walking somewhere. There is the great creak of a door, and cold air across my face. This is a feeling I hadn't experienced in a long time. The machine takes another step forward, causing me to fall into the darkness of the ghost zone, before activating my powers.

Where he is going, I don't know. What I do know, is that he has my face. And even though I can still think, how long will that last? How long will I be able to stay strong when a creature is inside of me?

Deep down, I know I'm exactly what he calls me.

I am the host…he is the parasite, and I'm powerless to stop him.

He's probably looking for others he can take back to his hold. Others who he can feed off of and control.

I hate to think of what will happen when he's finally repaired. I hate to think of what damage he could do.

But what will it matter to me?

I'm just the host.

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