I can show you the world

She leaned down from her broom,

Held her pearly green hand down to me.

Shining, shimmering, splendid

I let her lift me onto the broom,

And then I settled in front of her,

Smoothed my dress.

Placing her hands over mine,

She let her arms settle around my waist.

"Hold on, Glinda. We're going to fly.

Tell me, princess, now when did

You last let your heart decide?"

I can open your eyes

The broom carried us up.

The world of Oz spun away.

Take you wonder by wonder

She showed me the great Gillikin forests,

The Emerald city as a tiny green speck.

Over, sideways and under

Then she took me up and away,

Spinning us through the clouds

On a magic carpet ride.

A whole new world

Even when we had been alone together,

The world had gotten in our way.

A new fantastic point of view

As we flew breathlessly over the landscape,

I realized that this was just the two of us.

No one to tell us no

Nobody told us who to be.

Or where to go

The wind whipped her hat off of her head,

But she wasn't required to be a witch

So it didn't matter.

Or say we're only dreaming.

A whole new world

She leaned forward, pressing against my back.

Her cheek touched mine.

A dazzling place I never knew

It was just us, flying away.

But when I'm way up here

It's crystal clear

She murmured into my ear, "I love you."

Because there was nobody to tell her she couldn't love.

That now I'm in a whole new world with you

And I told her I loved her, too.

Because there was nobody to tell me who to love.

Now I'm in a whole new world with you.

Unbelievable sights

The world seemed so small,

Its problems so insignificant.

Indescribable feeling

She leaned forward and kissed me.

She would've kissed me more,

But she had forgotten to steer and we twirled downward.

Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling

We soared back upwards.

I wasn't afraid as we flew

Through an endless diamond sky.

A whole new world

She landed the broom and we were somewhere I'd never been.

She kissed me again, this time for longer.

I closed my eyes and let myself just feel.

She pulled back.

"Don't you dare close your eyes."

And kissed me again.

I kept my eyes open.

A hundred thousand things to see

A million lights shone in her eyes.

Hold your breath - it gets better

We both lay down,

And it was just us, and the soft mossy ground.

I'm like a shooting star

I was still soaring through the air,

But it was her love that carried me.

I've come so far

"I'm going to love you forever and ever.

I can't go back to where I used to be."

A whole new world

We climbed back onto the broom

She wrapped her arms around my waist

And we took off again.

Every turn a surprise

The sky seemed different than before,

With new horizons to pursue.

I didn't care, I just wanted to be with Elphie.

Every moment red-letter

She flew us back to the window of my chambers

Of my home with Chuffrey.

I'll chase them anywhere

She turned to leave and I called,

"Don't go!

There's time to spare."

She flew back and we kissed goodbye.

"Don't go, Elphie.

Let me share this whole new world with you."

But this time she did fly away.

A whole new world

This never happened.

That's where we'll be

But it could've.

A thrilling chase

A single decision

Could change the world.

A wondrous place

I wonder if Elphie ever thinks

About changing the past.

Sometimes, I think to myself,

"What could I have done?

How could I have made the world different

For you and me?"