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Elizabeth was in the second biggest battle she had ever expirienced. It was in a huge Land and Sea war that included Davy Jones and the Flying dutchman, Captain Hector Barbosa, and newfound enemy Sao Feng. They had saved Jack Sparrow from World's End and She would've been happy to leave with Will and go back to Port Royal. Until Jack pointed out that Cutler Beckett was the new ruler of that area. She almost said oh well and went anyway but, Sao Feng showed up.

He was one of the most annoying pirates she had ever met, almost as bad as Jack, She thought and thats saying something. Will had been giving her the cold shoulder lately. Which is understandable he did see me kissing Jack. If only he had seen what she did after that kiss. That kiss. She had loved every minute of it ,more like second, it really didn't last very long. After she had finished chaining him and actually looked at him she saw the hurt in his eyes very briefly before he quickly covered it with his mask. She was shocked and slightly unnerved by it.

She twirled and hit the barnacle encrusted man ,whom she was fighting, with the hilt of her sword. She spun around her eyes seeking out Will. She saw him, to her left, fighting with Davy Jones he seemed to be holding his own. She was about to turn around when her eyes caught Jack, to her right, fighting Barbosa. He was backing Jack up towards the mast. She quickly turned around and took down a few more encrusted men one of which put up a pretty good fight and cut her arm. Then ,when she realized she had defeated everyone in her area, decided she would help her fiance with Davy Jones but, froze in place when she saw that Barbosa had disarmed Jack and had his sword aimed to stab Jack through the heart she glanced at Will and was horrified to find him in the same situation.

And so came the number one battle in her life freedom or security? Time seemed to freeze for her she only had enough time to save one of them. what do I do? she thought inwardly and had a burst of shame because the answer should come easy to her. She should save Will she loved him She was engaged to him.. But, Jack she couldn't betray him, not again, she was positive she felt something for him too. When She was around Jack she felt cherished, free, and loved. But, When Will held her she felt secure, prized, and loved.

She looked up at them Will had his back to her but, Jack did not. Jack was staring at her with pleading eyes. She glanced at them both back and forth time is running out you have to choose or loose them both forever her conscience was screaming at her. Jack noticed the tortured look on her face and looked over and saw Will the same predicament he was. Oh, he thought she has to choose.

All of a sudden Elizabeth lifted her head and took a step toward the man she chose and whom she loved this step would change her life forever.

No regrets

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