Sinking Terror

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Lights flashed before my eyes as I screached and yelled for help.

The only thoughts I had were...'It was sinking...'

Screams of terror filled the air and short gasp's were heard. Scrambling toward the tip of the boat, I looked out into the dark sea.

I held tightly on to the railing as I let out a blood curdling scream. Darkness engulfed me as I knew I was going to die.


April 12.1912.

"Isabella!!" Mother yelled. It was almost time to board the boat! Excitment rushed through my veins. I quickly started down the stairs.

"Yes, Mother?" I asked ever so sweetly to hide the ting of annoyance.
"Michael is here. He is also coming with us." Michael Newton the arrogant man that was to be my so called 'fiance'.

"damn.." I muttered low enough for my mother not to hear...Michael and I are unfortuantly betrothed. This agrement was ridiculous. He envys my wealth and intends to have it when I finish saying the words "I do". Mother has always told me to act lady like but being proper was so...Dull.. There is no life, no anticipation in being lady-like. Just doing the same thing over and over again.

I called for Lissiana, my maid which I have become very fond of. She was the only freind I had, her strong spirit kept me from flee-ing this life.

"Lissiana!" I called. Her blonde hair whiped to my door.

"Yes, Miss.Isabella"
"Please! How many times have I insissted you to call me Bella? Now, can you help me pack my belongings for the trip"
"Yes, Miss. Bella." She smiled brightly and sat down by my side. We sat down and talked for hours while packing.

"Do you believe in love"
She looked up to the ceiling and turned her head to me,her eyes shining with glee.
"If you dont believe in love, there is no hope. I have hope, which means I truly believe in love."

I tilted my head the other way. She sensed my saddness, her words were so strong.She was fearless unlike me I would cry. I certainly believed in love but I am betrothed and the thought of it would make it sound like an affair.

"Oh Bella! Do not worry! You will meet some man one day and he will sweep you off your feet! For now you must try and call off the wedding. I know how you dislike Michael, I must say you are indeed correct to call him an arrogant man." She said jokingly.

"Do you think i will ever meet him?"

"Bella. Fate chooses for you. when it finally comes to you, follow your heart, and you will know what to do." She smiled, as we continued to pack.

I smiled thankfully and turned back to my thoughts thinking about the man that I hopefully will fall in love with...

April 10 1912. Noon

It was almost 1 o' clock as my mother,father and Michaels family boarded the ship. I absolutly loathed my family completly. I was to be married to an buffon.

My face was cold. My mother knew that I did not like the Newton family and now she is trying to change it.

We boarded the ship and and headed to our rooms. My bed room had an elegant four post bed and much furniture. I took out my paintings that were replica's of Van Gogh's famous drawings.

"Why do you keep that crap?" Michael, He was bothering me during my time of quarantine.

"Why do you care?" I asked harshly.
"Well I am your fiance.Why should'nt I care?" He asked, His blonde hair falling into his eyes.

He left without another word. I sighed with relief as my new maid came in.

"Ello. My name is Anna." She smiled brightly, Her british accent quite amusing.

"Hi, my name is Bella." I smiled and she went over to my bags to unpack my belongings. I put up my pictures and grabbed a notebook and pen stepping outside for a walk.

The dark sky glistened upon the deck as I approached the edge. I twirled around laughing at myself. I have never felt so free. I looked up to the shining moon grinning wildly, wishing everyday that my life would feel this way.

I flipped my notebook open and sat down on the floor in a very unlady like manner. Breaking the rules was fun.

I began to write a journal entry.

April 10,1912 10:23 pm

I have boarded the ship. FINALLY! The Newtons have apparently joined us... Michael has been being an ass like usual. I wish I was in a world where I can be free to be whom I want to be, Not what my mother wants. I am out on the deck and the moon is shining ever so brightly. The sea is dark and the air cool.

I stopped writing an fiddled with my dress looking out into the sea. The night seemed to be interminable. I stepped up to the railing gazing out into the wide ocean. The soft waves pushing against each other.

I sighed and turned around locking eyes with a pair of topaz. I gasped and jumped back hitting the railing almost falling out of the ship when someone was holding me up against the railing.

I blinked vigorously, and tilted my head to my rescuer. He was 6 ft 2 tall,muscular yet lean,and had untidy bronze hair. He was very attractive, our eyes were still locked. I began to feel uncomfortable with him holding me. He was a complete stranger. He seemed to be fighting with him self, his body stiff.

I realized I was clutching his shirt for dear life so I let go of him and straightened out my dress utterly embarrassed.

He was still staring at me.I looked down and blushed.

"Ummm...Thank you..My name is Bella Swan." I said smiling and gathering my belongings. My pen was about to fall off the edge as I tried to save it, but he snatched it up before I could bend down.

"Edward Cullen." He said returning the pen and smiled. It dazzeled me instantly making my heart do flips.

I looked out to the sea again, the brisk air relaxing. I turned my head to Edwards direction but he was gone.

I looked around, still no sight of him. He was absolutly faccinating. I walked back to my room still in daze.

"Miss. Bella?" Anna asked. My trance was broken.

"Yes, Anna?" I asked, She was just like Lissiana. I wish she were here with me right now.

"Your mother wants me to inform you that there will be a gala this evening and she would like you to come by 11:00." Her cheery voice full of excitment, who could turn that down?

I nodded as she helped me with my corset, picking out a lilac colored, sleevless dress. After that was done, I picked up my note book again and started writing.

April 10,1912 10:23 pm

I have boarded the ship. FINALLY! The Newtons have apparently joined us... Michael has been being an ass like usual. I wish I was in a world where I can be free to be whom I want to be, Not what my mother wants. I am out on the deck and the moon is shining ever so brightly. The sea is dark and the air cool.

How do you describe Edward Cullen? Faccinating... While on the deck I was gazing out into the sea when I locked eyes with him. I yelped and jumped back causing me to almost to fall overboard. Luckily he was there to save me. Words can not describe how I feel. Mysterious perhaps?

Mother wants me to go to the gala tonight. I have no choice or she would throw a fit. The corset I am wearing is unbearable, I can barely breath! How can people in England think this as a fashion statment?

"Miss bella, It is time for the gala." Anna said sweetly. I nodded okay as she escorted me to the ballroom.

Thousands of people were here dressed in beautiful gowns and tuxiedo's. I wonder If he was here. I greeted my mother and father unpleasantly leaving them to their mingling.

The grand piano in the center of the room was being played beautifully, I was in awe listening to the wonderous melody.

There in the bench was Edward Cullen. He was surronded by a swarm of women. I sighed. He must dazzle every female on this ship!

I turned around and walked over to the refreshment table. The ice sculpture in the middle of the table was gorgeous.

Grabbing a cup of champagn as I walked around the room. People we're waltzing and getting aquainted with each other.

I bumped into some one as they spilled their juice on my dress as I cried aloud.

"eeecckkk!!!" I was horrified.This was my favorite dress, and now it was ruined.

"Oh My Goodness!I am so very sorry! I must buy you a new one! Please forgive me. It was an actccident!"The pixie like girl said. She was beautiful and beyond. Her petite figure graceful.

" 'sigh'...Yes.." I looked down and saw the stain, the color of dark burgundy red sustained my dress... It didnt smell like wine, or rum.

I dabbed my finger on the stain and pointed to my nose. The scent of rust and salt hit me instantly. It was blood.

I fainted as darkness took over. My name was being called over and over again as I was lifted up and carried.

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April 11, 1912 - morning-
Abroad the Titanic

I opened my eyes grogily as I jumped out of bed panting. This room was not mine. My dress was discarded and I was only wearing a white sleeping gown.

I rubbed my eyes feircely, wondering where I was. surreptiously walking toward the next room.

I entered the room facing five beautiful people. I gasped and fell to the floor. My hair a mess.

"Wh...who" I asked confused.

"Hello Miss.Swan I am Carlisle Cullen. I am a doctor. You fainted yesterday at the Gala." He said smiling. He must to be related to Edward, The smile he had seemed to have the same effect on me.

My memory came back as I remembered the blood. I screached holding tightly on to my dress.

"C...Can I see my d...dress?" I asked suspiciously. The pixie like girl came up to me.

"Im very sorry about your dress Isabella. The stain would'nt come out so I bought you a new one. " She said taking out the new and gorgeous dress, an exact replica.

The word blood flooded into my mind.

I bit on my lip nervously as my mother entered the room crying.

"Oh Isabella!!!You had me worried sick!Never ever do such a thing again!"

She said sobbing into my shirt. I bit my lip as I looked back up to his family.

They all stepped up one by one saying there name's. Alice,and Emmet Cullen. And Rosalie and Jasper Hale.

My mother wanted me to stay a little while as Mr.Cullen checked my pulse and such.

I was still busy thinking about what happened yesterday.

"Blood..." I muttered quietly. All five heads snapped to my direction.There eye's dark onyx.I bit my bottom lip in fear.

"Pardon?" Mr.Cullen asked.

"Uuummm...Can I go outside for some air?" I asked hopefully. This room felt uncomfortable as I waited for his response.

"Yes you may." He said as I got up and walked over to the door.

Outside, the sun was covered by clouds as little rays of sunlight beamed. I sat down on the wicker chair and began to hum...

The tune I sang was foreign. I did not know where I had gotten it from, It was just there.

I rocked back and forth as I noticed some on was on the other side of the deck.

Edward Cullen was staring out into the sea looking like a total God.

His pale figure shifted and whipped around to my direction. He approached me slowly, The wind played against my hair blowing it in every where.

He instantly sitffened.

I sat up and pulled my hair to the side stopping it from moving.

Edward's teeth were clenched and fist's rolled up grabbing his sides, looking as if he was going to kill.


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