Sinking Terror

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The footsteps became louder and louder as the time passed, and within the blink of an eye, a person seemed just to appear out of thin air.

I gasped in shock, I then realized Edward was not behind me anymore, instead in front of me with a guarding expression.

I did not understand. Who was this man? I stared over Edward shoulder to catch a glimpse of him.

He seemed not out of the ordinary. Brown hair, slightly thin frame. The only thing that disturbed me was his eyes. They were the more wilder out of his normal features. They were sharp, and restless, shifting between me and Edward.

A growl emitted from Edwards throat. A friendly, and harmless smile came upon the mans normal face.

"Very interesting…" He said in a menacing tone. I forgot all normalcy of him now. He slowly began to walk curving around Edward and me.

Edward glared at him. His golden eyes turned dark onyx. I feared him, and I feared for him.

This man seemed ordinary, but something about him was…. Out of place.

"Is this your food?" He asked Edward casually. "Or can I have her?"

I felt myself go rigid, my mouth run dry. I understood now. He was what got Edward so defensive, and he was the complication.

I swallowed hard, as I felt my heart weigh down. My stomach seemed to go up to my throat.

As if I wasn't frightened enough, a loud roar rippled through the night

"Leave." Edward said in a restrained voice, he looked as if he was ready to pounce and rip him from limb to limb.

"What a shame. She smells absolutely mouthwatering…." There was lust in his eyes…. Blood lust…

"It would be such a waste. Tsk tsk tsk.." he went on.

I was petrified out of my mind. This person, man, thing, was playing at some kind of game.

"What are your names?" He asked if we had a conversation. He was the one talking while we glared at him.

"EDWARD, BELLA!" Alice screamed. Great timing, absolutely joyous.

"Edward and Bella eh?" and then he turned to Alice who had appeared right beside us.

"And you are?" He asked Alice.

"Alice." She said with a grim line on her face. He smiled back at her.
"I am James, and I seem to have met your…. Friends"
"Family." she said sternly.

He seemed shocked at first, a slightly was too. I was family? I took this to heart.

"But she is human"
"yes, and?"

He snorted.

Suddenly he disappeared, and a faint echo was all that left.

"till we meet again…" His hauntingly voice, uttered faintly.

I let out a breath I hadn't realized I had held.

"We have to go." And suddenly we were back in the Cullen's suite.

I blinked multiple times, taking in my surrounding. I was not going to get used to this.

"He came Alice! He smelled her! He even asked me if she was food!" Edward suddenly roared. He began to clench his fists and pace.

I saw her cringe. I don't think I've ever seen her so vulnerable before, but she didn't seem like she was weak. She still looked like the strong cheery girl I know.

"Relax Edward." she said calmly.

She suddenly forced him down on a chair pushing him down by his shoulders. It was a reflex to get up and see if he was okay.

Suddenly I heard flesh connect with flesh. Alice had slapped Edward.

"He's fine Bella." she turned to me with her frozen eyes.

"hah." I let out a small breath, my eyes wider then dinner plates.

"It didn't help." Edward said bluntly.

Alice slapped her forehead. Suddenly, she blanked out.

Edwards lanky body went rigid again.

"Calm down my ass." he muttered he got up, and came towards me. I don't know what I was doing. I think I was just thinking about how everything was going to happen.

What was going to happen? I felt the weight lift off from my feet and air brush against my face within a flash.

"What's happening"
"Jasper?" Edward said, ignoring me. What is with him?

"yeah?" They seemed to be talking in some kind of different language now or they were telepathic but I saw Edward lips move I knew he was talking.

He asked jasper something. And I was going to find out.

"What di-" I was suddenly feeling extremely tired, and before I knew it darkness had enveloped me.


1:32 pm

"ughhhh…" I woke to the force of someone gently shaking me awake from my slumber.

I swatted my hand aimlessly in the air as I heard a familiar chuckle. Then things began to come back to me.

"Oh my god!" I screamed, jumping up. I was covered in silk blankets, and laying on a bed.

I began to hyperventilate, slightly.

"Breathe Bella." Edward hugged me and rubbed my back. I felt myself wheeze and cough vigorously.

"What do we do?" my voice cracked. This question seemed to repeat in my head over and over again, in a routine.

"Just as Carlisle said."

"Is it fool proof?" "I believe so."

I nodded my head. I felt something was wrong. I knew there was wrong. There was that odd look in his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." he said immediately. I gave him a skeptical look. I heard footsteps, which I knew belonged to Carlisle.

"We're leaving right now. Jasper and Rose and leaving right now, next is Esme and Emmet. Are you prepared?"

He shook his head, looking over to me. I had confusion all over my face.

"I did everything for you. No need to worry."

What's not to worry! I screamed in my mind, thankful he couldn't hear it.

I was going to leave everyone I knew. And oddly I didn't think of any of them. My parents, my friends, or enemy's.
All my thoughts all centered around the Cullen's. my life had been surrounded by them.

I nodded numbly at Edward as he let out a forceful smile. I smiled back, meekly.

Alice suddenly barged into the room. Her face wild, and exasperated.

"People are going mad outside!" she ushered us outside to see thousand of people running around, screaming, and crying.

I guess they no now….

Edward swore loudly beside me as we made our way toward our suit again. I didn't have time to say good bye to my parents. In my heart I felt horrible, a ungrateful child. But when life hands you something far beyond your expectations there is no reason to dreadful.

I felt myself breaking, slowly. My life was falling apart, as was everyone else's.

"Bella!" I felt myself being pushed by something, forcefully, that I knew wasn't human. I wasn't in the safe confines of the ships hallways. I was in the chaos.

I screamed as loud as I could, but it was lost though all the screeching of other people. They did not help at all.

I saw the familiar glint of dark red eyes. James's eyes. I swore, what was I to him? There was no use to me for him.

I felt a sudden pain in my wrist as I saw blood gushing profusely out of it.

"Oh my god!" I screamed. I looked up to meet the eyes of James.

"What do you want with me!" I wailed. I was no use to him, I felt a sudden burn run through my hand, and wrists.

I screamed out in pain. He chuckled dryly as I supported myself by the tip of the boat. I turned around to meet the fierce dark waters, and then spun around to look at James, who seemed to have had a revelation.

"Good bye, Bella." He said, as if I wasn't going to die already. I practically snorted.

I felt myself thrown off solid ground. What?! I screamed. My common sense yelled at me to scream, but I no heart to.

And then finally…"EDWARD!" I screamed, louder than anyone else. Louder than I have ever screamed. Right before I hit the water.

I felt nothing, just numbness and the feeling of ice creep upon my skin. Freezing me.

So this is the end? I knew we were going to end soon.

I felt something rippled through the water, but the distance was much greater than where I was right now.

I let out a breath, stupidly. Water filled my lungs, I couldn't breathe, and I was a step closer to death then I already was.

The feeling of fire coursed through me numbly, the ice cold water helped a bit, but could not hide the pain.

I screamed out in instinct. I chocked out a sob in the water. The taste of salt hitting my taste bud repeatedly.

I felt something grasp onto my arm, shaking me. But it was too late. Darkness had enveloped me. I was dead, and I was sure as hell.

Because I did not see the light. But I did see Edward, and that was because I was in some sort of heaven. If it existed.

But it was only for merely a few seconds, I was stuck in a frozen, pit of hell.

"Bella!" A familiar voice screamed at me, muffled by the oceans water.

"Bella…" The beautiful voice said, despair and pain in its voice evident. I wanted to comfort it but I knew I was dead.

I wanted to speak, to move, to do anything!!!! I was desperate, but my mind and body could not react.

I was dead.

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