The new Naturally Sadie episode got me thinking so this it what I think should happen in "A Very Sadie Christmas"

Don't own don't sue

Takes place a week before Christmas in school


Sadie point of view

"Hey"-I said to Margaret walking up her locker

"Hey, how was your weekend" Margaret said very excited.

"Fine" I said wondering what Margaret was so happy about "what's up with you"

"Nothing" Margaret said with a big grin on her face from cheek to cheek

"Come on tell me" I said to Margaret

Margaret-"Fine, let's just say you are going to get an awesome Christmas present" with that said she walked away leaving me confused.


Ben and rain walking to class Bens point of view

Rain- "Ben what are you going to get Sadie for Christmas?"

Ben- "ok I already told Margaret so I guess I can tell you. But you CANNOT tell Sadie ok?"

Rain- "ok I promise" then he was silent and then he said "wait, you told Margaret before me?"

Ben- "yea so?"

Rain- "We are guys you are supposed to tell me and besides Margaret can't keep a secret she might tell Sadie or hint to her."

Ben- "oh I forgot about that damn Rain I got to go find Margaret."

Rain- "wait you still did not tell me"

But Ben was already gone

OK cliff hanger where is he going and will sadie already know...