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---------------------------------BADIE flashback-------------------------------------


At school

Sadie and Mallory are talking and she leaves to go talk to Ben

Sadie-"hey Mallory, can I talk to you later."

Mallory-"Talk to you later."

Sadie-"Wait up Ben!"

She said while running up to him and hugging him.

Ben-"what's that for red.?"

Sadie-"Thanks, For the present's."

Ben- "your welcome, see you at 7:30pm, I will be waiting Red."

Sadie-"Ok see you later."

Ben-"where are you going?"

Sadie-"home, to try on my dress"

Ben-"I will walk you home."

Sadie-"ok" walks her home and she goes up and does her

He homework.

----------------------BADIE-End of flashback-------------------

Ok its around 5:00pm on Friday night

Ben and Rain are talking on the phone with Margaret

Ben-"OK, so right now she is probably eating dinner."

Margaret-"yea, and then she will go on the computer, and then around 6:30pm she will do get done."

Ben-"good so we can know our time limit."


Margaret-"Ben, you still haven't told him?"

Ben-"No not really."

Margaret-"ha ha…but you will find out later."

Rain-(like crying)"I want to know now."

Ben and Margaret-"later Rain"


Margaret-"ok, me and rain are going to get done and go set up The Wow."

Rain-"we are?"

Margaret-"yes we are."


Ben-"and I will get done and go pick up Sadie…oh and Rain its formal so dress up."


Ben-"ok time for me to get done…chimo."

Margaret and Rain-"bye."


Margaret-"ok Rain meet me at The Wow in like 20minutes."

Rain-"since when does it take you 20 minutes to get ready?"

Margaret-"ok just meet me there in 20minutes…oh and bring tape."




BEN'S POV around 5:20pm

Ben-"I have to get done."

Ben's dad comes in. His name is BOB. I own BOB.

BOB- "what's up….whoa you look to dressed up to be going to hang out.

Ben-" I am not going out, I am…."(Ben was thinking wheter to tell his dad, because he was not sure if he would make a big deal out of it.)

BOB-"you are what?"

Ben-"going to…..a… party, yea that's right a party."

BOB-"uh huh and I am going river dancing in the street."

(Ben looked at the clock and it was already 6pm he had 1 1/2hours until he had to go get Sadie, so he went to go help Rain and Margaret, so he could escape his dad.)

Ben-"cool well I'll be back late don't wait up, ok?"

BOB-"yea ok."


Sadie POV

She is in her room

Hal comes in…

Sadie looking in the mirror…putting on makeup and earrings talking to herself

Hal is outside her door

Sadie-"I wonder what Ben wants to ask me?, whatever I have to finish getting ready."

Hal walks in

Sadie-"Hal, get out!"

Hal-"Fine, but I guess you don't want to know what Ben is planning."

Sadie-"Hal I said get….wait what?"

Hal-"I…Know…What…AV…nerd…is….planning, bye."


Hal-"sorry cant tell you."

Sadie-"Come on please!"

Hal-"no I promised."

Sadie-"so you always break promises."

Hal-"that hurt Sadie, it hurt right here(tapping where his heart is)."


Hal-"all I can tell you is that you will love it and for once in your life I bet you wont even analyze it or think about that science junk."

Sadie-"ok Hal bye and thanks."

Hal-"no problem bye."


Hal and Ben on the phone

Hal-"Ben hey its 7:10pm and Sadie is basically done come on."

Ben-"ok I am on my way."


Ben-"ok I am at your house…………………NOW OPEN THE DOOR!!!"

Hal opened the door and Ben came running in just in time because Sadie came down the stairs in the Black dress, jewelry, and her hair was up with curls. Ben's eyes and mouth were practically about to fall off.

Sadie-"I look bad…ok hold on I will go change."

Ben ran after her…he grabbed her arm and said "No way you look…WOW and WOW I can't describe how good you look, Red."

Sadie-"what about you Ben…you look so handsome and you actually own a tux?"

Ben-" yes I do own a tux, hard to believe isn't it."

Hal-"ok let me finish you look nice no you, no you, no you, are we done, good Ben aren't you taking my sister away from me now please!"

Hal was trying to keep a straight while saying that.

Ben-"yea ready to go Sadie?"

Sadie-"yea…oh wait I forgot my purse wait a minute."

Ben-"yea…go get it."

Sadie left the room.

Ben-"nice now remember we will be there around 7:30 hurry go get dressed."

Hal-" I already am, and yes I know what to do."

Ben-"you are?"

Hal opened his bathrobe to show Ben what he was wearing(and yes to all you perverts he Is wearing a formal tux also).

Sadie came back

Sadie-"ok lets go bye Hal."


He watched them leave then he went to The Wow.


Ben and Sadie walking to The Wow.

Sadie-"ok where are we going?"

Ben-"The Wow."

Sadie-"we dressed up nice to go to The Wow, why?"

Ben-"I don't now I just felt like it.?

Sadie-"What do you mean YOU FELL LIKE IT?"

Ben-"I don't know I just wanted to."

He saw that Sadie was getting angry. So they did not talk the rest of the way there.


At The Wow

They stop outside the door

Ben-"what's wrong?"

Sadie-"Read the sign, can I go home now?"

Ben-"no, close your eyes."

Sadie-"what, no way."

Ben-"trust me red."

Sadie-"fine" she closed her eyes and they walked inside "can I open my eyes yet Ben?"

Ben-"not yet ok…one more minute….ok…Now."

Sadie opened her eyes and saw her friend and Ben's dad BOB and her parents(yes they all came) and even Hal she could not believe it.

Sadie-"what's the occasion?"

Ben-"um you and me…are sort of."

Sadie-"why we did not do anything?"

Ben-"not yet."


Just then Ben gave her a present

Sadie-"Ben please, no more presents jut tell me. Whets going on?"

Ben-"want to be my girlfriend?"

Sadie there she was in front of her family and friends and in The Wow that was beautifully decorated by Rain and Margaret smiling and about to cry. Just then her favorite singer Mario Venezuela came on stage and NOW she was crying and shaking her head yes and kept saying "yes, yes, yes I would love to."

And Ben kissed her and they danced to the song he was singing "Gallery".

They were so happy.

Sadie and Margaret POV

Sade-"I know understand what you ment about an awesome Christmas present.

Margaret-"you glad you waited?"

Sadie-"do you even have to ask?"

Margaret and Sadie-"NOPE."

Then there parents went to meet and told stories embarrassing stories about Ben and Sadie to each other. That was there night and Now there are together.


Ok so I am done with the story sorry for the wait but I had no ideas tell me if you like.