Chapter I

His eyes carefully traced the slender body frame as he watched her sleep peacefully in the comfort of her own bed. He continuously watched her silently and his vision landed on the soft curves of her face; still she made no movement, showed no sign that she knew he was in the room with her. Her face looked so calm and her silky hair sprawled against the pillow. When did she decide to grow out her hair? He didn't know. How long had it been since he had seen her? Touched her? Felt her soft skin under his fingertips?

Too long, he contemplated.

He leaned over the smaller girl and his silhouette engulfed the moonlight around her, leaving her in the darkness; in his shadow. His brought up his pale hand and brushed it lightly against her velvety cheek. He watched as her head moved to the left in a slight motion as she mumbled something in her sleep. He once again stroked her soft cheek; he couldn't bear the thought of not being able to touch her any longer. She once more shifted slightly and moved on her side for a more comfortable sleep. In her lethargic state, her hand unconsciously moved to grab the blanket, however, instead of getting a hold of the warm cloth she intended to find, she got a hold of something else. Her mind tried to register what the foreign object could possibly be, but she couldn't figure it out.

It was so cold and hard.

She quickly opened her eyes and noticed that her vision was blocked by a dark figure and that she was holding onto an arm. Hinata gasped and panicked with the discovery of an unknown figure in her room and tried to move away from it as fast as possible, but before she could move away, the figure grabbed her arm and put a hand across her mouth, preventing her from screaming. Hinata squeezed her eyes shut as heart started to race rapidly and her breathing pattern increased.

She could feel hot tears emerging in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. Why was this happening to her? How did this person even make it through the mansion without getting caught? Although she was afraid to open her eyes, she was even more frightened if she kept them shut. She slowly re-opened her eyes and was surprised when she saw red eyes staring back at her. Red, Sharingan eyes looking right at her. Why did those eyes seem so familiar? The figure moved in more closer and into the moonlight and slightly leaned his body against hers. Hinata's eyes widened.

It was him! After all those years, he finally came back.

He smirked as he watched her sudden reaction. He could tell by the way her eyes widened, that she knew exactly who he was. "Glad to see you still remember me," he said hoarsely as he lifted the hand from her mouth, "Hinata."

She sat dumbstruck for a moment before she realized what kind of trouble she was in. She needed to get away from him and fast.

"No, n-no," she whispered as shook her head continuously and squirmed away from his grasp, "you can't be back."

She quickly pushed his body away from hers and jumped off the other side of the bed. She ran rapidly towards the door, trying to make an escape, but even she knew that it was impossible; just as she was about the place her hand on the door knob, Sasuke grabbed her arm, turned her around and pushed her back against the door. She could feel the cold, hard surface of the door against her back through her clothes.

What did he want with her? Why did he come back after all those years? She didn't want him hereā€¦

His head leaned in close as he pressed his body firmly against hers. Hinata's body quivered in fear, but before she could voice her panic, he whispered in her ear, "This isn't the welcoming I was expecting."

She put all her strength in pushing him away, but he was too strong for her; she was an idiot for even trying, but she couldn't just let him take advantage of her. His placed his hands on both sides of her head, trapping her in between them. She moved her head to the side, avoiding the pain of looking at him, but he wouldn't grant her that. He lifted his hand and placed it on her chin so that he could force her to look at him. His thumb brushed against her lower lip.

Hinata once again jerked her head to the side, away from his touch. "Let g-go of me."

"What's wrong? You never complained about my touch before," he whispered hotly in her ear and then bit the bottom of her ear lobe lightly. "I've missed being able to touch you all these years."

Her eyes started to water as she recalled all the memories of them being together a long time ago. How long was it? Five or six years? She lost count after she abandoned all faith in him ever returning. He was different back then, he wasn't like this, nothing like what he has become. He's turned into a monster that people fear and hate, including Hinata. What was she going to do? Why did he have to come back?

"Wh-why are you back," she asked, trembling from his closeness and the heat that both bodies were generating. Her hands balled into fists from fear and anxiety.

He smirked confidently and pressed his forehead against hers before he spoke evenly, "to come get what's mine."

"I-I can scream and my family will c-come save me," she breathed out as she continued to struggle against his embrace. Her eyes focused on anything other then Sasuke's blazing eyes. She didn't want to see the hatred and anger that consumed his soul. He was nothing but an empty vessel.

"Scream if you like, I'll kill them one by one in front of you."

Hinata squeezed her eyes in a tight wring and allowed the tears to roll down her cheeks. She was more frightened for him then she was for herself. What happened to the Sasuke that she knew in the past? Who was this person that was keeping her captive? She couldn't get herself to stop trembling.

"You-you've changed so much," she spoke in a small voice.

"I've become more powerful."

Hinata opened her eyes, but refused to look at him in the eyes. "But at what price?"

Sasuke stared hard at her, his face showing no emotions or remorse; it was stoic. "What do you mean?"

Hinata didn't know how she could explain it to him. She had heard the numerous stories about him over the years and had seen the proof that went along with them. "You've become a monster."

He lightly chuckled as he played with hair, brushing it away from her neck. "So, you've heard the rumors?"

Without consent, he rested his head against her collarbone and she could feel the contours of his face against her neck. Hinata flinched at this action and continued to struggle against his hold, saddened by the fact that she was unable to push him away.

She turned her head the other way and whispered, "Is that all they are? Rumors?"

"No," he spoke against her skin, "most of the stories are true." She could feel his hot breath rolling along on her skin. He was accepting everything so openly and calmly. He had no regret or felt any guilt for any of his actions.

"So-so you are a c-criminal? There are so many people's blood are on your hands."

"It was destined to be that way."

His hand tangled itself in her hair as he held onto it tightly and pulled it to lift her head. His other hand slowly made his way from her shoulder down to her waist and he gripped onto to it tightly as he hoarsely replied in her ear, "Just like you're destined to be with me."

Hinata panicked, feeling threatened even more so then before. She didn't want to be with him. She hated the person, the criminal, the animal that he had become. He was a killing machine, powerful enough to kill everyone is Konoha, but she couldn't scream or tell anyone because she was sure that he would kill them. She didn't know what to do. She was trapped and alone.

Hinata shuddered at the thought of being with him, and struggled harder against his hold. Sasuke leaned in close and bit the bottom of her lip.

Hinata gasped and more tears fell down her face. "Stop, S-Sasuke," she croaked out, "please stop."

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