I know I am not the greatest with updating stories but this the first story I have done that is more than smut so I will be updating this one when I can, that's a promise. Hope you enjoy it and it is post- choreographed. WARNING: There will be smut in this one and if you aren't into E/O then you won't like this one because its all about them!


"Hey the Nicks are playing tonight, wanna grab a beer and watch it?"

As appealing as that sounds, no fucking thanks.

"I would but I am meeting with Cynthia," Olivia replied with hesitance.

Elliott despised Cynthia and Cynthia couldn't stand Elliott so Olivia tried to avoid bringing their names to each other but it was inevitable.

"What are you and Cruella DeVille up to tonight?" his eyes remained focused on his paper work, not bothering to lift them to see her annoyed reaction to his open dislike for her friend.

"I am not too sure yet, she said she had something planned," Olivia said as she shut down her computer and packed away her belongings for the day.

"She will probably have you doing something fun…" Elliott said, his voice reeking of sarcasm.

"I would have asked you to join along but I don't think where we are going has a dress code of sweats or has spicy wings on the menu," She smiled at him as she stood up to grab her leather jacket.

Two can play this game, Stabler.

"Oh please, I know that deep down inside you would rather be watching the game than sacrificing baby seals for Cynthia's latest coat or whatever it is you two will be doing," he said smiling at her but meaning every word of his banter.

"Goodnight El, see you tomorrow."


Olivia knew that Elliott among other people would never pair her and Cynthia up to be friends but the two differences in personalities and professions worked for them.

Cynthia had thick dark jet black hair always pulled back in a sleek long pony tail, bronzed skin with almond shaped green eyes. A nose that she wasn't born with and lips that were worth every injection, however she was nothing short of drop dead gorgeous. Men were toys, just amusement to Cynthia. She disposed of them when she got bored fully knowing that with the wink of a perfectly lined eye she could find someone new to entertain her. Cynthia had paid for perfection and had a lean thin body with flawless legs that were constantly being shown off in a mini designer dress of her choice.

Cynthia was an editor at large for the style section in The Daily and met Olivia when the detectives were working on a case that involved a dead model in the Upper East Side that was last photographed under the wing of Cynthia Jones.

Even though Cynthia never remained a suspect for more than five minutes, Elliott naturally couldn't stand her but Olivia had enjoyed her wit and honesty. After bumping into her in odd places over the next couple months a strange friendship was born.

Cynthia had a rich life and appeared not to need another soul in her life as long as she was at the top of her game. Olivia admired and could relate to Cynthia's independence and power. In a way Olivia and Cynthia were extremely similar. Both blunt and powerful in their careers which led them to never fully being able to enjoy the simplicity of a relationship that lived past the expiry date of marble cheese. Cynthia vowed to never become a married wife, her schedule and social life would never allowed it as Olivia was very much the same. Cynthia saw a certain strength and kindness in Olivia that she knew didn't exist in the industry and lifestyle she was a major part of.

You are like a superhero honey but even Superwoman got laid every now and then which is something we need to work on for you!

Cynthia constantly joked with Olivia about her naïve outlook on her relationship with Elliott. In Cynthia's mind she could never fathom the idea of being so intensely close to a man for a little under a decade and not have sex involved. Elliott's name was always brought up in conversation and regardless of the immature rivalry between Detective Stabler and his partner's best friend, Cynthia liked Elliott.

He was Olivia's protector and putting aside the fact that Cynthia Jones didn't understand how Elliott could treat a woman as gorgeous as Olivia as one of the boys, she had hope that one day the two detectives would be honest with each other.

"You look fabulous; if I was still in my bi-sexual phase then you would be in major trouble!" Cynthia said as she gave Olivia a kiss on each cheek before taking a seat at the exclusive table they had with a bottle of champagne already on the table before Olivia's arrival.

"You look amazing Cynth, like always," Olivia said as she sat down in her black tube dress thankful that she didn't have to stand in her heels any longer.

"I better look amazing it's costing me enough! I think that trip out to Ohio did you well, you look different, not to say you didn't look amazing before but Liv, your skin is glowing and the new hair is…lets have a toast!" Cynthia said smiling across the table to her best friend. Olivia didn't want to correct her friend by saying that she was in Oregon and that her new look was due to the five pounds she packed on while she was there. Olivia was just happy to be with her one friend that had nothing to do with the SVU.

Cynthia didn't have any other female friends other than Olivia so she was thankful for their friendship. There was no jealousy like the women competing with each other at the Magazine company under Cynthia's wing and she knew Olivia's intentions were nothing but positive.

"To two friends getting reacquainted…" Olivia said, holding up her glass, "Cheers."

"So tell me, how was it like being an undercover spy?" Cynthia said in a whispered tone, she loved hearing about the adventures Olivia's career took her on because it was so different from what she did on a daily basis. Olivia saved lives on a daily basis while she hand picked models for photo layouts, sure she had loved it but it was completely different and intrigued her.

"It wasn't like I was a bond girl, Cyn. I was there to do a job and well…it was actually the hardest thing I have done in my life," Olivia said quietly as she took a long sip of her champagne.

"What were you undercover as?" She asked as she waved a waitress over.

"To make a long story short I was a protestor with an environmental group," Olivia said as she finished just before the waitress walked over to their table.

"I would like a dry martini, make sure its extra dry and for my friend she would like….what would you like my tree hugger?" Cynthia smiled.

"Very funny, I would like a gin and tonic please," She said before the words beer could come out of her mouth.

The waitress hurried back to make their drinks.

"So what was so hard about being a tree loving hippie?" Cynthia asked as she leaned forward.

"I can't say a whole lot but I was arrested, my cover was blown but it was just that I had to live another life and it was so lonely, you have no idea" Olivia said wanting to say that she missed daily interaction with Elliott the most.

"You should have brought your vibrator or at least fucked a cute tree hugger that you were working with; you know the type that wears cargo pants, sandals and socks with long hair, why not!" Cynthia said trying to make her laugh; she knew exactly why she was so lonely.

"You are too much sometimes but I should have brought it along and there was no one there that interested me. I couldn't sleep with someone knowing that they had no real idea who I was," Olivia said smiling at her friends comedic efforts.

"You won't sleep with Elliott because he knows exactly who you are, so don't give me that shit. I think it would be fun to sleep with someone that has no idea who you are; I would love to give that a whirl," Cynthia said winking at her.

"Give it up with Elliott, I wont sleep with Elliott because he wont sleep with me…what am I talking about, we don't even hug let alone fuck each other" Olivia said before the waitress walked up to the exclusive area in the posh bar with their drinks.

"That's the problem with you two. You have the angry frustrated divorced cop that is in love with his gorgeous and single partner and both of you are too chicken shit to do anything about it, that's all."

"You say that's all like all of the issues El and I have are because we haven't laid a finger on each other…I cant even think about that." Olivia said taking a drink of her gin and tonic. The taste exploding on her tongue before it soothed her throat.

"You have been together everyday for the past like ten years, I see the way he looks at you and I know you have thought about fucking him at least once…you may be superwoman but I know you are still human," Cynthia said lifting her glass up.

"I hate it because I…. I…I dreamt of him while I was undercover. I dreamt of him before that but never like this, I wouldn't let myself even think that before," Olivia said feeling a heat spread from her bare shoulders up her neck and across her cheeks.

"Details….spill!" Cynthia said with wide eyes like a child waiting to see Santa at the mall.

Olivia bit her bottom lip; she didn't want to pay anymore mind to her dreams and the fact that Elliott was becoming more and more frequent in her private thoughts. " I dreamt that I wasn't a cop, I don't think Elliott was either, we were just there and… I can't believe I am telling you this…"

"Shut up, continue…" Cynthia said taking a sip of her martini thru a thin black straw thru her pouty glossed lips.

" Well we were walking down a hall and it seemed like we were walking down it forever until… he pushed me into a doorway into an empty room and…god, he pulled my pants off and then…yeah," Olivia said feeling the warmth of a blush hit her cheeks.

"I need a cigarette. So let me get this straight, you and Elliott are walking down a never ending hallway as just man and woman not the emotionless robocops you like to think you both are, and he pulls you into a room and fucks you?"

Olivia bit down on her bottom lip and nodded.

"And……" Cynthia said taking out on of her cigarettes and lighting it immediately, waiting for her friend to continue.

"I can't nor do I want to go into detail but what I will say is that after we were done he took my hand and we continued to walk down this hallway till I woke up. Well a girl that I had been shadowing during my undercover stint woke me up and heard me moaning his name," Olivia said still feeling embarrassed for revealing to someone vocally about the dream that had been played out in her head on repeat.

"She just had to ruin your dream, what a bitch." Cynthia said taking a long drag of her cigarette.

"I am glad she woke me up when she did, I was afraid I was going to reveal more than just his name," Olivia said looking down at her glass in embarrassment.

"Does Elliott know about your wet dreams?" Cynthia asked, "Are you drunk already? Of course not and just to let you know it wasn't a you-know-what dream. But it was probably the most action I have gotten in a year," Olivia admitted with a smile.

" You two really make me sick and I am sure his eight year blue balls and the cash you spend on batteries for your vibrator would really appreciated if you finally grew the fuck up and did something responsible," Cynthia responded as she rested her cigarette on the tip of a silver ash tray while she took a drink.

"So according to you Ms. Jones, growing up means for me to sleep with my best friend and partner correct?" before giving Cynthia a chance to respond Olivia continued, " So even though we are finally getting back to normal after a rough year together I should jeopardize it all for just one night?" Olivia asked as she picked up her friends cigarette and put it to her own mouth.

Olivia rarely smoked, never ever did she engage in her rare dirty habit at work no matter how stressful it got but after a few drinks and some loose words on her behalf a cigarette never hurt.

"You don't look at it the way I look at it. Sure Elliott isn't my cup of tea because I am not into the whole bad cop thing probably because I like having control in bed where with him I could imagine the total opposite being done but with that said you guys have done it all. You have saved each others lives, ruined each others chance at having a healthy relationship with someone outside of your little world that only includes you two AND maybe just maybe a hard fuck is all you need for you to realize how in love you are with him," Cynthia said as Olivia blew smoke out of her mouth and sat back with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Wow, you are really something else," Olivia said feeling annoyed and frustrated. She handed back Cynthia her cigarette and took a long drink until the glass was half full.

"Listen, I know your wonderful little fucked up relationship with him is more than raging hormones and pent up sexual frustration but maybe you should start letting him go if neither one of you isn't going to face what is so obviously going on…" Cynthia said as her eyes wondered over to the left side of the room where the glass bar was to find him.

"I know your right but its complicated…shit my phone, I am sorry Cynth, I'll be right back," She said as she grabbed her black clutch purse and headed to the rest room area. It was Casey on the phone, she probably had the results of an ongoing trial that they were both involved in.

Cynthia didn't want Olivia to know who she saw, she needed to talk to him without her knowing because after all that's what friends were for.

She watched him in a black button-up shirt with the first four buttons un-done in a pair of rather nice black pants and Italian leather shoes. Wow, Mr. Blue jeans and wrinkled rolled up sleeved shirts does clean up nicely, she thought to herself.

He was drinking a glass of scotch at the bar as he waited for someone; maybe this was a work thing, why would Elliott Stabler be at O Lounge an exclusive hot spot in New York when he is everything but the Wall Street types that come in here.

Naturally tanned, piercing blue eyes, receding hair line, handsome face and a nice body, actually a fucking incredible body. Olivia had to have had more than just one dream about him, Cynthia said to herself.

She tried to remain unnoticeable so that she could continue to observe what he was doing and then report back to her best friend but his eyes caught hers. She knew Elliott Stabler thought of her as the wicked witch of the west side of Manhattan but it was only because she knew that Elliott was aware of her bluntness in front of Olivia. Perhaps he was slightly intimidated by her but she knew he wasn't particularly a fan of hers because she posed a threat to his own relationship with Olivia. After years of being best friends, in the last year Olivia had gotten closer to Cynthia as she distanced herself from Elliott. What did Cynthia give her that he couldn't? Maybe just the truth and Cynthia allowed Olivia to be a woman. A woman that could talk about the annoying nuisance of running out of batteries just when she had a spare hour to enjoy some time alone with her man, Mr. Vibrator or how she wished for bigger breasts at times. She couldn't confess to Elliott about her fears of aging or aging alone like she did with Cynthia and that alone bugged Elliott the most.

He didn't want to be rude so he walked up to her table with his drink in hand. Remain cool, don't let the ice queen get to you, she probably won't even ask why you are here because she doesn't care enough to know, where is Olivia? Fuck out of all the bars in the city it just has to be this one… Elliott said in his head.

"If it isn't Detective Unstabler, don't we clean up nicely," She said smiling at him but still making him feel uncomfortable none the less.

"Cynthia, you look very lovely as well but I have a question, if you are here who is running hell? He smiled while taking her hand in a polite yet awkward hand shake.

"Cute try, Stabler. So what brings you here and out of your jeans?" She asked looking him up and down knowing that it made him uncomfortable.

She liked to press his buttons not because she honestly had disliked him but because she liked Olivia too much to see her friend wasting anymore time not being with this man that was Olivia's perfect match. She knew they were going to be together, it was only a matter of time and bugging him seemed to help time go by quicker.

"I am waiting for someone, so where is Olivia?" He said looking around to try and find where his partner would be in the bar.

"Take a seat for a second…" She said pointing to the chair in front of her, Elliott looked at the oversized ruby ring on her thin index finger and took a seat not wanting to bother arguing with her.

"What can I do for you ma'am?" He said crossing his thick arms over his broad chest.

"First off sweetheart, don't call me ma'am it makes me feel old which I am obviously very far from being and two it's not what you can do for me…it's what you can do for Olivia," She said sitting back and taking a sip of her cocktail.

"What can I do for Liv then?" he asked looking at the thin yet obviously very attractive woman that had to have been older than 30 yet impossible for her to be any older than 40. She was wearing a green slinky dress that was held together at the neck by a silver clasp, the neckline went down to her tan mid stomach revealing as much cleavage as her size 0 figure would allow her to do. She was attractive, it would be impossible not to think a woman like Cynthia wasn't attractive but she defiantly wasn't Olivia, he thought to himself.

"It's not really even what you can do for Liv, it's what you aren't doing for her that is my problem, Detective," She said keeping her eye pealed for Olivia as she talked.

"What do you mean your highness?" He said squinting his eyes at her, he never got where all of her attitude was coming from.

"El?" it was Olivia coming back. Oh shit, they both said to themselves before plastering fake smiles across their faces.

"See what you are missing out on, Unstabler?" Cynthia said inbetween a closed mouth smile.