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Chapter 1

Lilo was sitting on the top stair outside to her house. At ten years old she has accomplished much more than most beings do in their entire lives. With the help of her best friend Stitch she was able to turn all the experiments from bad to good and found them their one true place. She wasn't a popular girl but still had several friends, such as Victoria, Mertle, Yuki, Elena and Teresa. Mertle and her friends became friends with Lilo after she and Stitch's cousins saved her and Gigi from the Leroy's. Mertle told Yuki, Elena and Teresa about how Stitch and Gigi were really aliens and decided that they owe Lilo an apology for the way they made fun of her and called her a liar about aliens. They apologized and Lilo accepted, starting a friendship that Lilo had tried to gain for years.

Lilo's ohana was doing very well. Nani had been promoted to vice president at the hotel she worked at, David had openly admitted how much he loved Nani and they have been dating for a few weeks, Jumba and Pleakley were doing good as well, enjoying the wonders Earth was able to provide them.

Despite all these great things happening Lilo Pelekai was very sad. Ever since Stitch gave up being Captain of the Galactic Armada and returned back to Earth he had been spending much of his time with Angel. She was happy for them and had no intention of breaking them up but deep down Lilo was depressed seeing them together considering how much Lilo loved Stitch. She realized after he had left that her love for him was not that of only friendship, but of true love, something she would never be able to get from Stitch for several reasons; first they were two different species, Lilo being a human and Stitch being an illegal experiment designed to destroy, secondly, even if she did tell Stitch it might ruin their friendship, and third even if Stitch loved her back the same way that she loved him Nani and the others wouldn't approve and would try and separate them.

Lilo's life seemed to resolve around her love for Stitch and how she would never be able to be with him in the way she wanted. "Why can't he see that I love him so much? Even though my life seems good to everyone else without Stitch I can just die. I hardly see him anymore and when I do he's with Angel. I wish that I was an experiment, then maybe Stitch would love me back as I want him to" thought Lilo as she cried into her arms. After a few minutes she got up and went into her room so that she could sulk in private to make sure no one would she Lilo crying and break the persona that she had of a happy girl who had everything she needed. She held a picked of her and Stitch close to her chest as she laid down on her bed and cried to herself, wishing that she would be able to be with Stitch.


School was rather boring to Lilo, who did her best to stay awake during her classes despite the boring tone in which most of her teachers spoke. Luckily for her she had most of her classes with either Victoria, Mertle, Yuki, Elena and/or Teresa, so she was able to talk to them about girl stuff and cute guys, which always made Lilo feel weak due to her thoughts of Stitch. Lilo did exceedingly well in school and was praised by her teachers for her intellect, which many said was greater than any other ten year they have taught in the past. When school ended Lilo kept herself busy doing things outside her home, such as hanging out with her friends and checking up with all the experiments she helped and made sure that they were happy doing what they did with their powers. On Friday afternoon after school ended Victoria had asked Lilo and the other girls if they wanted to go see the new Mummy Wasp movie that came out. They all said they would love to but had to ask their parents first, except Lilo, who had to ask her sister. They agreed to call Victoria back as soon as they can to tell her if they can go or not so that Victoria's mom can pick them up and bring them, being that they can not go see the movie by themselves. Lilo ran home as fast as she could, opened the door and screamed for Nani.

"What is it Lilo?" asked Nani

"Can I go to the movies with Victoria, Mertle, Yuki, Elena and/or Teresa?" asked Lilo

Nani gave it a though for a few seconds. She could see how excited her little sister was, considering that now she had several friends that were actually human rather than only having experiments as friends. "What movie?"

"Killer Mummy Wasp IV" said Lilo

"Is their an adult going?" asked Nani

"Yes, Victoria's mom is going to pick us up and stay with us stay the movie theater" said Lilo

"All right then. What time is the movie?" asked Nani

"At 6:00 PM. Victoria's mom is going to pick me up at 5:30 PM if I was allowed to go" said Lilo

"You better give her a call then" said Nani as she walked into the kitchen

"Yay" said Lilo as she ran to the phone to give Victoria a call. She dialed her number and waited a few seconds before someone picked up. "hello?" asked Victoria

"Hi Victoria, it's Lilo. My sister said it was ok for me to go to the movies" said Lilo excitingly.

"That's great. My mom will be at your house around 5:30 so be ready" said Victoria

"I will be. Bye" said Lilo

"Bye" said Victoria as she hug up.

Lilo looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was only 2:30 PM so she decided to kill some time. "I'm going out Nani, I'll be back soon" said Lilo as she walked to the door.

"Be back by 4:30, I want you to eat something other than popcorn tonight" said Nani

"All right then" said Lilo as she ran out the door.

Lilo decided to go to Jumba's lab and see what he was up to. She went to the door and pressed the access code to get in that only Jumba was to suppose to know that she found out by spying on him. She walked in and saw Jumba mixing some chemicals together that she was not able to identity. "Hello Jumba" said Lilo

Jumba almost jumped out of his seat and nearly spilled the contents in his test tubes. After catching his breath and putting down the test tubes somewhere safe he spoke up. "Little girl, what are you doing in here? How did you get here?" asked Jumba

"I wanted to see what you were up to. And as for how I in here, magic" said Lilo with a bright smile

Jumba looked down at Lilo; he was much bigger than her even when sitting down. He knew Lilo was a clever little girl but the fact that she was able to get the access code into his lab was very smart. "Magic, huh" said Jumba, clearly unconvinced.

"Yup" is all Lilo said

"If you say so" said Jumba as he turned back to his work.

"What are you working Jumba?" asked Lilo

"Top secret little girl, can not be telling you" said Jumba

"Why not?" asked Lilo

"First, it is secret, second I would rather not say what I am doing, at least until Jumba completes it" aid Jumba

"Will you tell me what it is when you finish" asked Lilo

"Maybe, but if you keep questioning I will never finish" said Jumba nicely.

"Ok then. I'll see you later" said Lilo as she waved goodbye as she left.

"See you later little girl" said Jumba as he waved to Lilo, thinking about what his new access code should be.

Lilo walked through the forest slowly, enjoying nature. She always enjoyed how nice and quiet the woods were except for the occasional animal or experiment. She and Stitch use to do this all the time before he started spending all his time with Angel. Lilo sat down on a flat rock and cried a little. She was glad that no one knew how sad she really was but she felt it was unfair that Stitch rarely spent any time with her, the one who saved him several times, helping him live a happy life rather than one of death and destruction as he was built to do. Lilo wiped her eyes and forced herself to stop crying. "No, I can't think like that. Stitch is a living being, not a doll. I can't control who he loves or not and I shouldn't think negatively of him just because he's spending more time with Angel than me" thought Lilo as she stood up and continued to walk.

She walked aimlessly through the forest and then through parts of town for a while. She asked someone what time it was and when the person told her that it was 4:15 Pm she ran home as fast as she could. She made it to her house and trough the door right on time. After catching her breath she looked up to she her sister looking down at her. "You're on time. Good. Let's go eat something so you don't spoil your appetite eating junk food at the movies" said Nani.

Lilo walked into the kitchen to see Jumba, Pleakley, Stitch and Angel sitting down to eat as Nani brought the meatloaf she made to the table. Lilo's blood boiled a little at the sight of Angel and Stitch holding hands but her anger was soon replaced with sadness, remembering what she told herself while she was in the forest. She sat down and put some meatloaf and potatoes on her plate and began eating. Lilo, along with the others, seemed to enjoy Nani's cooking for once. "Good meatloaf Nani. I guess hanging with David paid off" said Lilo, watching Nani blush slightly at the sound of David's name. David and Nani have been going out for several months since all the experiments were turned good and Hamsterveil and the Leroy's were thrown in jail, giving them more time to be with one another. They both have been a good influence of each other; Nani helped David become more economically mature while David helped Nani become a better cook.

About twenty minutes later everyone except for Nani and Lilo left the table after finishing the meal. Nani and Lilo stayed behind and helped clean up. Nani had noticed that Lilo was upset about something and decided to ask. "Lilo, are you ok?" asked Nani

"yeah, why?" asked Lilo

"You seem upset about something" said Nani

"I'm fine" said Lilo as she walked back to the table to grab a dish

"Is it about Stitch and Angel?" asked Nani

Lilo stopped as she was reaching for the plate. Her hands drooped to the side as she clenched her fist and forced her eyes closed, trying to force the tears back. "Yeah" said Lilo, trying hard not to cry.

"Oh my baby" said Nani as she bent down and hugged Lilo. "I know it must be hard to feel like your losing your best friend but I know if you just talk to Stitch he'll realize what he's doing and will spend more time with you"

" I wished that he loved me as much as I love him" whispered Lilo

Nani broke away from Lilo and looked at her. "Lilo, I know life hasn't always been great for us, especially for you, but you have done so much and made so many friends, human and experiment, and you should be happy. Stitch is just not thinking straight and needs you to help him realize that he's ignoring you. I know he cares for you deep down and would gladly help you over Angel if the time came. Trust me. Now I want you to get ready to go to the movies and have fun with the girls, ok" said Nani

"Ok" said Lilo as she wiped her tears away. "Thank you Nani"

"You're welcome" said Nani as she started to clean the dishes.

Lilo got ready to go the movies and sat outside until Victoria's mom drove in front of the house. Lilo yelled goodbye to Nani and jumped in the car, put on her seatbelt and off they went. They arrived at the theater five minutes later, got some popcorn and watched the movie. They was gore, guts, blood, mummies, wasp; everything a sci-fi lover like Lilo would love, but that did mean she wouldn't scream at the scary parts like her friends did as well. Two hours later Lilo was driven back to her house where she waved goodbye to her friends as Victoria's mother drove off.

Lilo was about to walk up the stair but she heard something in the forest that caught her attention and went to find out what it was to quench her curiosity. Lilo continued to walk until she saw two figures together. Unable to see their faces clearly she walked slowly among the trees to see the two figures without them seeing her. When she got close enough she saw to her horror that Stitch and Angel were kissing each other passionately, the way Lilo always dreamed that Stitch would kiss her. Upset, Lilo ran away from the sight of Stitch and Angel kissing before they found her; however, Stitch's ears picked up the sound of Lilo sobbing and realized that she had saw them. He broke away Angel and ran after Lilo.

Unable to see where she was going Lilo ran as fast as she could, anywhere except near Stitch and Angel. "Why does he have to love her? Why can't he love me?" thought Lilo. She continuing to run, unable to see where she until it was too late, unable to escape the bright lights coming at her fast. She barely was able to let out a scream as it approached her.

Stitch was sniffing around when he heard a loud scream coming from about 200 feet away. He ran as fast as he could to where he heard the scream, praying that Lilo was ok. He arrived where he heard the scream and noticed several people in the street formed in a circle. He walked towards the group to see what was going on. He got through the group and saw what they were locking at. Stitch just stared for a few seconds, a cold chill running up his spine as he tried to absorb what he was looking at; Lilo was lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood, her bones broken and bent in ways that seems completely unnatural. Several people took out their cell phones and called for an ambulance and told them to get to the road they were on. While the others were busy either calling for help or comforting each other Stitch feel on his knees and cried, realizing that his prayer was not answered, wondering why he couldn't be their sooner for his best friend.

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