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Chapter 21

Three weeks after Lilo had completely recovered, things have finally gone back to the way they were. Lilo and her friends had returned to school, Nani and David went back to work, Jumba and Pleakley continued doing whatever they wanted to do in the house, and the Grand Councilwoman had returned back to the galactic alliance headquarters.

Due to being away from school so much, not only did the six girls have to make up a lot of school work, but they had to deal with the wrath of their teachers for missing so many days. Their parents, as well as Lilo's sister, were able to convince the teachers and the principal of the school not to leave them back for missing so much school. Still, the work the girls had to make up made them almost wish they were still fighting Hamsterviel and his experiments; almost.

Nani and David were officially living together as a couple. David sold his house and moved his things in their home. Much to the families surprise, the two love birds refashioned the room that Nani use to call her own. The old single bed was replaced with a king size bed, big enough for David and Nani to sleep together comfortably. Lilo made a few bed jokes to David and Nani, but was a bit disappointed to see her sister and soon to be brother in law not get riled at her comments.

David and Nani, along with Lilo, her friends, Jumba and Pleakley, were figuring out what they were going to do for their wedding. Pleakley and Lilo helped Nani find the wedding dress she wanted to wear for her special day, while Jumba helped design a tuxedo for David to wear using one of new inventions. Fortunately, David was not maimed in the process and was amazed at how well he looked. Pleakley agreed to play the part of the priest, not wanting to get a professional out of fear of what might happen when he saw all the experiments.

The day of the wedding had finally arrived. It was a warm sunny Saturday, no clouds floated above and their was a gentle breeze blowing. To avoid seeing each other before the wedding, David agreed to stay in Jumba's ship while Nani stayed in the house. Nani was looking at herself in the mirror; as happy as she was, she felt like exploding due to the anxiety she was having. As she tried to get a grip on herself, Lilo and Angel came in to see how the soon to be bride was doing. "Hi Nani" said Lilo

Nani jumped slightly off the ground and landed on her butt. To Nani's' horror, she heard a loud rip as she came into contact with the hard wooden floor. She stood up and tried to find when the rip was, when Lilo and Angel began to point at her butt, which had a large rip. To Lilo and Angel's surprise, Nani sat on her bed and started crying. They went to her and tried to comfort her. "Why did this have to happen today? Why can't things just go right?" cried Nani

Seeing that she was crying because of her dress and not because she and Angel laughed at her, Lilo decided to fix this simple problem. She willed herself into her experiment form, then lifted Nani off the bed. She struggled for a moment, still a bit hysterical from what happened to her dress, but calmed down rather quickly. Using her telekinesis, Lilo was able to fix the dress by altering the molecules, making it appear as if there was no rip to begin with. Once putting Nani down, Lilo was given a big hug and thanked. "It's no big deal" said Lilo.

"I know; it's just, I want this day to be as perfect as possible. After all that has happened, I would like today to be normal" said Nani

"Nani, you really need to open your eyes. I'm an experiment, Stitch and me are a couple, Pleakley is going to be doing the role of priest, all of Stitch's' cousins will be at the wedding, and your soon to be fiance is having no doubts about this marriage despite all the weirdness he is getting himself into" said Lilo.

Nani let out a weak laugh. "I guess you're right. We never were normal, and I don't see why that would chance once I become Mrs. Kawena" said Nani

Lilo gave her big sister a hug. "I'm happy that you and David are finally getting married. It's mostly my fault that you and David were not able to date as much over the last few years, which is why I was worried that you would never get married" said Lilo.

Nani pulled Lilo off of her and looked into her black eyes. "Lilo, it is not your fault me and David could not be together. It's no ones fault. After mom and dad died, I had to take care of you. My not being able to date David was not in any way your fault; in fact, it's because of you that we are finally able to get married" said Nani

"Really? How is that possible?" asked Lilo

"If not for you, I would never have had the courage to actually call up David and ask him to go on dates. As I recall, you had to, as you say, 'spell it out for me'" said Nani

"Yeah, you can be rather thick sometimes" said Lilo

"I know, but that still doesn't mean that I'm dumb enough to let David get away" said Nani

"That's true. Listen, you relax while Angel and me go see how things are going. See you soon" said Lilo as she and Angel left the room.

Nani simply smiled as her sister left; reflecting on what she had said. "I really am lucky to have Lilo as my sister. I'm so happy that she and Stitch are able to be together" thought Nani as she proceeded to fix her makeup.


"Maybe we shouldn't go through the wedding. I'm sure Nani can find a better guy than me" said David. He was waiting inside Jumba's ship, doing his best to stay calm but failing miserably. To say he was a nervous wreck was an understatement. The only two things that kept him in the ship was that Jumba, Reuben and Jumba were blocking the door, and even if he did escape Nani would hunt him down. Either way, he was stuck.

"David, you need to calm down. Nani loves you and you love her, so suck it up and prepared to get married" said Stitch

"You should be listening to Stitch. Considering he is in similar situation as you" said Jumba

"What are you talking about?" asked David.

"Lilo expects Stitch to marry her when the time is right, so he knows what it is like to be in the situation of being chained down" said Jumba

"I wasn't thinking of it like that; I just don't know if I'm good enough for Nani" said David

"David, get a hold of yourself. You went with Nani to save her sister, even though there was a high probability that you could have been killed. You are not only good enough for her, you are the only person she would ever want to marry, so get over yourself and get ready to get married" said Stitch

David smiled weakly. "You're right. I love Nani and she loves me. We will be married and live happily ever after" said David confidently.

"That's the spirit" said Reuben as he ate a grilled cheese sandwich.

"Reuben, where did you get that sandwich?" asked Stitch

"I don't know; it's part of my powers to make sandwiches out of nothing" said Reuben

"No it's not. You took some of the food for the reception, didn't you?" asked Stitch

"Yes, I did. Is that so wrong?" asked Reuben

"Yes, it is" said Stitch.

As the two experiments argued, David and Jumba exchanged some last words before he had to experience marriage, the most frightening of events.


Once all the experiments, aliens and humans were seated, the wedding began. Angel and Lilo, being flower girls, threw flowers on the aisle as Nani came down. Jumba walked Nani down the aisle; being that her parents were dead, Nani decided her "uncle" would be the next in line to walk beside her. Once Nani was in front of Pleakley, David came done the aisle alone. Like Nani, his parents died many years ago and did not have any family left besides his wife to be and the family he was marrying into.

Once the two lovers were side by side, Pleakley started the wedding. Unfortunately for all in attendance, Pleakley went in great detail. For about two hours Pleakley went on talking about all that has happened between all of the humans, experiments and aliens and how happy he was that David and Nani were getting married. Lilo finally lost it and screamed at Pleakley to get to the point "I'm getting to the point. There's no need…" said Pleakley before he was interrupted by Nani.

"For gods sake Pleakley, will you just have us be married so David and I can go have some fun in our bedroom?" asked Nani. The looks that everyone has on their faces ranged from complete surprise to looks of horror, yet Nani face was still radiating with anger from being denied her soon to be husband.

Once he gathered his wits, Pleakly told Stitch to give the two their wedding rings. Once the two had their rings on, Pleakley spoke up. "Do you take Nani as your wife, David?" asked Pleakley

"I do" said David

"And you Nani…" said Pleakley before being interrupted again.

"I do" said Nani.

Pleakley put a glass up in a plastic bag on the floor and continued. "I present to all of you Mr. And Mrs. Kawena. You two can now kiss" said Pleakley. The two kissed all right; they locked their mouths together and wrestled for dominance in front of hundreds of guest. Deciding that the couple should be given some space, everyone began to leave the backyard.

As Lilo and Stitch walked back into the house for the party, they gave each other a kiss. "I guess things have returned back to the way they should be" said Stitch

"Yeah. Now, I hope you were paying to attention to what David and Nani were just doing. I expect similar results myself for us in a few years" said Lilo as she ran up to her friends.

Stitch simply stood still and smiled happily. "Well, I guess this goes to show that change can be a good thing. David and Nani and married and Lilo and me are a couple. I'm glad the nightmare is finally over" thought Stitch as he walked over to his girlfriend and enjoyed the party.

The End

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