Lampooning the Time Gates

Written by Shaun Garin

How Troublesome… - Shikamaru

"Oi, oi, you sure this will work old man?"

"Pay attention brat, this machine will work, I'm sure of it! It will send you back in time nearly a hundred and fifty years to the point that will change our time almost irreparably!"

"Hey, I'm not a brat; I'm nearly a hundred thirty five!"

"Then you're still a brat because I got one year over you. Now pay attention! When you arrive, the council wants you to take out the most dangerous nin of the entire timeline. Someone with your skills has to be able to do so, right?"

"Pffh, piece of cake, I lived through the calamity. So, what do they want me to do, straight assassination?"

"Hardly: the council believes the nin can be 'saved' so we're going to have to do this quietly."

"Aw fuck, that's the reason why they asked me to do it. Aw well, fire up the time machine old man, I'm going back in time to a place where technology sucks and there's no daytime television to distract me."

"Cocky old brat, I hope Hyuuga Hinata rips your fucking heart out!"

"She didn't manage it last time; I doubt she'll do it again!" With that, Uzumaki Naruto, age 134 and counting, went back in time to save the most dangerous ninja of all times, the powerful nin that toppled the five great nations and crushed the dangerous Akatsuki under her heel: Hyuuga Hinata, age 12.