'Sasuke, you are like one big ice lolly. I just wanna lick you and suck you and-'

'Sasuke, I have real respect for your hair, please consider dating me because-'

'Sasuke, I love you and want to bear your man-babies, so-'

'Sasuke, you…I…oh, screw this!'

Naruto grabbed his latest attempt, and tore it up into tiny little pieces, before tossing it into the air with a cry.

He had sworn to himself that he would confess to his cold-hearted but oh-so-sexy team mate today, and Naruto never went back on his word! But he was finding it hard to put his feelings into words…

Grabbing his pen forcefully, Naruto resolved to write the perfect love confession!

'Sasuke, roses are red, violets are blue, I like cocks up my ass and yours will do!'


'Sasuke, S is for sucking, A is for ass…'

"No, no, no, no, no!"

'Sasuke, I luuuuuuuurve you….'


'Sasuke, I am writing to inform you that when I see you my heart beats faster and my trousers tighten just a little bit.'


'Sasuke, your hair is as dark as the night, your skin is as pale as snow and looks really smooth, can I touch? Do you wax?'


'Sasuke, I have gay feelings for you, do you have gay feelings for me?'

"Nooo…I suck…" Naruto whined. Screw this all, Naruto was just gonna give Sasuke the next one he wrote!

Sasuke read the note Naruto had just handed him a few times before looking at the blond boy.

'Sasuke, will you be my gay-fuck-buddy? 'cos I really like you and stuff. Naruto.'



"…you're weird."

"Wanna be weird with me?"


And so, Naruto and Sasuke hurried back to Sasuke's apartment so they could see how many times they could consummate their relationship in one night.

They managed 8.