Joy. Another one of my strange poem/drabble fics! Inspired by FMA, but its more on the real 7 deadly sins. Please read and review!

The 7 Deadly Sins

In the dark recesses of the human mind
There dwells 7 different personalities.
Greed, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, and Wrath.
Incarnate within the human soul.

Greed is a being who wants all in life.
He believes he is worthy of riches.
Money, Fame and Sex is what he hungers for.
But his desire may be his own downfall.

Pride is a man whose ego surpasses all else.
He boasts and brags to all who meet him.
But many grow tired of his so-called efforts
And shy away from him, leaving him alone in the dark.

The woman, called Lust, is pleasing to the eyes.
Men flock from countries to stand by her side.
Her hunger is for sexual pleasure,
But not all men are easy to please.

Gluttony truly is a pitiful man.
More monstrous in size, a mountain among men.
He cannot stop eating no matter what it may be
But some things are hard to swallow.

Sloth is a lazy and slow girl.
She constantly dodges all work thrown at her.
Her cohorts view her truly despicable.
They find she should stand and do something productive.

Envy believes that everyone has better things.
Similar to Greed, he wants what others have.
Whether it be good looks, a family, or material possessions,
He can't help but be envious.

The child named Wrath is a violent boy
With long, wild hair and eyes like steel.
His aggressive nature repels all who meet him.
Perhaps his fate is to be alone.

7 personalities, 7 deadly sins.
All lie within the human soul.
Incarnations within our world.
They walk among us to set examples.

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