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This story is set before the first visit to Soul Society. Manga naming conventions have been used.

Daydreams come true

The noise of the knocking on her door roused Orihime from her daydream. She was dreaming about her possible future, but the insistent tapping made it impossible to continue the daydream. She sighed and got out of bed. She did not bother to put on a dressing gown. It was probably the neighbours looking for their pet cat again.

It was not the neighbours. It was Ichigo.

Ichigo stepped through the door and closed it.

"Um.. Hi, Ichigo. What are you doing.."

But her question remained unasked. Ichigo moved close and placed his lips on hers. Ichigo was kissing her! After a few seconds he moved away from Orihime and her mouth fell open. She felt surprise mixed with pleasure and she blushed. She was just about to say something when Ichigo cupped her chin in his hand and leant close to her again. She closed her eyes expecting another kiss. Instead Ichigo ran his tongue lightly around the outside and then the inside of her lips. The feeling made her tingle.

Orihime backed away a little. She did not know what to do. Here was Ichigo acting like the Ichigo of a daydream, but while she had the daydreams, she did not believe that they would come true. She looked at his face. He was looking into her eyes with a small smile playing around the edges of his lips. It was Ichigo. He looked like Ichigo, he smelt like Ichigo, mostly, but he had not said anything.

"Ichigo. Why are you…….?"

Again her question was not completed as Ichigo took her in his arms and kissed her again. This time his tongue gently probed between her open lips. She felt shy, but gradually opened her mouth to him as his tongue continued with its gentle probing. He gently explored her mouth pausing every so often just to deepen the kiss.

Orihime was pretty inexperienced. She had talked about kissing with her girlfriends, but she had never really experimented, that much. Now it appeared she was going to experience it fully with the man of her daydreams. For a moment she tensed, thinking it might be Kon using Ichigo's body again, but Kon would be grabbing her by now, probably moving toward the bed. Not just holding her and kissing her as she had always hoped Ichigo would. It couldn't be Kon. It had to be Ichigo.

Ichigo broke from the kiss and ran his finger gently down the side of her face. He looked deep into her eyes and smiled. Orihime smiled back tentatively. She felt her face flush again. The feelings she was experiencing were nothing like those she felt during her daydreams. Her heart beat had quickened. She was trembling slightly. She thought she should say something.

"Do you want some tea?"

Instead of answering, Ichigo kissed her again. All thought was swept away by the emotion of the kiss. Her eyes were tightly closed as Ichigo kissed her, but then his lips left hers and she felt soft gentle touches of his lips on her eyelids, nose, chin, forehead and cheek. His lips then moved down to her neck and he gently kissed her neck and then lightly sucked at the base of her neck. Orihimes' head fell back as the pressure on her neck increased slightly. She could feel her body respond as she relaxed into Ichigo's arms.

Her eyes opened quickly. Was she dreaming? No she was in Ichigo's arms and he was sucking gently on her neck. His eyes were open as he gazed at her skin. Her skin tingled with the realisation of the reality.

Ichigo's lips moved up to her mouth again. He kissed her parted lips and gently encouraged her to explore his mouth with her tongue. When her tongue tentatively entered his mouth he sucked it, so gently, so sweetly, she thought the feeling would overwhelm her completely. The kiss continued and he seemed to teach her through example how he liked to be kissed. She enjoyed it so much. It was affecting her breathing, and made her feel those 'adult' desires she had been warned about in school. The language they used at school made it seem so irrelevant, so boring, so detached. Not like the mix of pleasure and panic she was currently experiencing.

Ichigo broke the kiss and Orihime opened her eyes not sure what to expect. Well, she had some expectations, but was not sure what she wanted. She was responding to her emotions and the whole sudden experience. She looked at Ichigo was gazing at her face. He released his embrace and moved behind her.

Immediately her body tensed. He moved behind her. Why would he move behind her? Her questions were answered as she felt her hair moved off the back of her neck and she felt Ichigo's lips there on the back of his neck as his arms encircled her waist. His lips lingered kissing here, nibbling there, grazing on the back of her neck while she again relaxed into his embrace. She was becoming increasingly aware of a harness pressing into her back. She was uncertain whether to draw away, to tense, or what action to take. If she remained there would he take that as consent to move further? She briefly tensed but Ichigo continued his gentle caressing of her neck which was adding to her arousal. What should she do?

The she felt his hands move up to the bow of ribbon that held the top of her shirt together. The bow was untied even before she could take any action, or voice any protest. She quickly calmed herself. Her shirt was still on. Her breasts were not exposed. But Ichigo must have taken her lack of protest as agreement and quickly all the fastenings of her shirt were undone.

Orihime felt herself blush. What was happening? This was moving too fast. He hadn't attempted to touch her yet but it was only a matter of moments. She wanted him to touch her, but at the same time she wanted the seduction to continue for days, weeks, even longer if possible. If she let him touch her breasts, how would she be able to stop him if he wanted to remove all her clothing and then, and then, have sex? She had to make a decision, quickly.

But Ichigo had released her again and moved from behind her. In the brief time she had allowed her confusion to overcome her, he had removed his shirt. Orihime could not blush any more than she already was. She just stared at Ichigo's naked chest. Sure, she may have seen it previously at a pool, but here in her own room, at night, the sight was intriguing. She could see his muscles, and the way they moved under his skin as he breathed. Oh, yes she wanted to look and to touch. If he was going to be half naked in her room, then so was she. (Orihime was not always perfectly logical when it did not meet with her emotions). She took her shirt off and threw it to the floor.

She heard Ichigo gasp as he finally saw her breasts. She was embarrassed, but also proud as his eyes widened in admiration. She held herself so they were displayed to their best advantage. Quickly she looked at him and noticed his eyes had become heavy lidded and hot. She liked the way he looked when he was intent on her. It made her feel that he wanted her to make the next move. She moved closer to Ichigo so she could run her hand over his smooth chest. The feel of the skin and the muscles under her fingers and palm was so good, so smooth and his skin was warm.

She felt Ichigo's tentative touch. Unlike the kiss, he seemed unsure. She took his hands and made him cradle her breasts. He lost his shyness and was soon touching them, running his hands over them while she continued to run her hands over his chest. Her desire was increasing and before she could help herself she moved her head close to his chest and closed her mouth over one of his nipples. He groaned with pleasure as she drew the nipple between her lips and gently sucked it. After she released his nipple, fully intending to repeat her gentle attack on the other one, Ichigo moved quickly and she felt her left nipple being drawn into Ichigo's mouth. The sensation was amazing, even better than the kiss and much more arousing. He lapped it with his tongue, gently sucked, then increased the pressure. It was Orihimes' turn to groan with pleasure. Ichigo moved to give her other nipple the same treatment.

Amidst the pleasure Orihime tried to think. Oh, God she wanted to have sex, now, right now, here with Ichigo. But she was not prepared. She had nothing to prevent babies and while she would love to have Ichigo's babies, not while she was still in high school. Oh, the feelings were overwhelming, almost. It would be easy, so easy, just to allow the feelings to take over.

As if noticing a change in the Orihime, Ichigo moved his mouth, now warmed further by the contact with her breasts up to her mouth. His lips closed over hers making her thoughts further disturbed and her decisions even more erring to the side of take pleasure now. He pressed himself against her and she felt his cock hard against her. It would only take a moment to say 'yes'.

She broke from his embrace.

"Ichigo. I can't. Not tonight. Not now. Can you give me time? I need to buy something and time to think this through."

Ichigos' eyes were still heavy lidded but now a startled expression appeared on his face. He swallowed, blushed, nodded and picked up his shirt quickly putting it on. He turned to leave, turned again, caught Orihime in a gentle embrace and kissed her very gently on the lips before leaving closing the door firmly behind him.

Orihime watched him go. Had she done the right thing? Was this all a dream? Would he return?

She went back to her bed and lay there thinking over everything that happened, analysing every moment. Occasionally she wondered why Ichigo had not spoken, but quickly dismissed it from her thoughts. These thoughts kept her awake until morning and then it was time to go to school.


Kon walked back to Ichigo's house. That had gone much better than he had hoped. He felt great but frustrated. He had finally gotten his hands on those great bazoongas he had wanted to touch.

He had been unsure how to manage to get that far, but after reading a number of manga's in the house he realised that kissing would be a great way of stopping questions. He was rather surprised at Karin's reading matter, but Isshin had even more of the romantic stuff than any of his children. Unknown to his children Isshin liked to watch certain soaps on daytime television and Kon had learnt a lot about kissing from watching them.

So he had planned his strategy. Wait for a night when he was forced into Ichigo's body, make his way to Orihimes' place and keep kissing her, hoping to get as far as he could. He had got much further than expected and kissing her had been pretty exciting. If only she didn't have so many scruples. Now, he could only hope she didn't act too strange tomorrow to make Ichigo suspicious. First priority, he had to get home before Ichigo.

Due to his Mod Konpaku skills he managed to reach home very fast and jumped through Ichigo's window. He picked up a convenient book and sat at the desk as though engrossed in reading. Within a few minutes Ichigo and Rukia were back. Out with the Kon, in with the Ichigo. Ichigo stood still for a couple of seconds, grabbed Kon, grabbed the book he had been reading and ran for the bathroom ignoring Rukia's questions. When he got to the bathroom he threw down Kon, looked at the book he was reading and asked

"Kon, what in hell excited you so much about elementary physics that gave me a hard on that a cold shower just won't cure? And what have you been eating? My mouth feels like I have been chewing toffee, or something. My jaw hurts a little too. I have no privacy in my bedroom and now no privacy in my body. Hell, how get rid of this hard on quickly, with so little privacy? What have you been doing, Kon?"

Kon said nothing. Let him work for the answers. On second thoughts, Kon got up and ran.

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