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I, Gabriella Montez, am not one to be perfect. I don't expect things to run flawlessly for me, but I also don't believe in fairy tales or happy endings. The plot of a young, innocent girl and a handsome young prince falling in love is too overused; as well as impossible in this day and age.

I can't believe I almost thought it could happen to me.

People say that when one falls in love, they are blind to their surroundings. They're blind to everyone and everything around them, because their thoughts are too consumed by that one special person. I guess this happened to me, because I apparently couldn't see the signs that he was sending off. I was too engulfed in the thought of being married and happy; much like a fairy tale ending.

You see, I don't believe in these things anymore. They're quite impossible to conquer. Being a little girl, I used to think that one day a handsome guy would come and sweep me off my feet.

Boy was I wrong.

I dreamt he would be there for me when I was upset; to wipe away my tears and tell me comforting things. Tell me that everything would be fine, life would go on, and he would be by my side always. But how does that one person be there when they're the one that made you cry?

In my mind, the perfect man would do the little things; buy flowers just because. Or call during work just to say I love you. Even go out of his way to write a note before he leaves for work in the morning, just to let me know he's catching a later train to come home.

It's not about how expensive the gift was for my birthday, how shiny the ring was, or even where he took me to dinner to propose. A handmade card would've been fine for my birthday, just to show that he took out the time to make it, or that he thought about me. And he could've proposed to me with a simple twenty five cent ring and a walk in the park.

Well, okay, maybe that was an exaggeration. But he didn't have to take me out to a really nice restaurant to do so, or buy a really expensive ring. I mean, what was the point of purchasing something so expensive, when he wasn't even on planning to cherish it?

My perfect guy would hold my hand when we go out; for the reason that he wants to be close to me. He would tell me I'm beautiful, even when I just woke up with bed head, mascara all under my eyes; the whole nine yards. Not criticize me and tell me to go take a shower, but love me even more for it because I'm comfortable being like that around him.

Sadly, I've come to the conclusion that these 'perfect' men don't exist. They're simply only written about; giving hope to little girls all over the world, that one day, a prince will come for them.

How wrong they are.

Which is why I don't believe in love anymore; it simply only exists in books and short stories, who are written apparently by writers and authors who wish life was like their stories. That's why it's under the fiction section.

I mean, after what happened to me…I lost all sense of security in men. Honestly, he seemed like the sweetest person when I first met him. Now I know that things aren't always what they seem. In fact, the only person who has shown true concern for me was back in high school; almost seven years ago. But how many people exactly end up marrying their high school sweetheart? Apparently, not many.

Which brings me to today. I really don't know why Taylor's dragging me to visit her friends; I don't want to see any of her friends. I want to lock up in my room, have a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, a book and be done with it. She said her friends would help me. What exactly is she planning for them to do to me? I mean really, talking about lip gloss and which guy they think is the hottest on the current show they're watching will really brighten up my day.

Again, a book and ice cream seems a much more likely resort.

But no, here I am; head resting against the car window, watching the long, never ending highways wind into the horizon. Next to me, Taylor is driving happily; humming along to the current song playing softly from the radio. Tearing my gaze away from her, I rolled my eyes. It's funny how your friend can be so happy, when yet you feel like crap.

But I guess you would like to know what exactly happened to me, in order for me to get this bitter and unhappy.

Well, I'll tell you. But it might not be your 'happy two people hopelessly in love story'. It's not the whole, prince and princess fairy tale, nothing can go wrong story; because, trust me; many things went wrong.

No. Mine is much different.


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