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What is this jelousy?

I'm never jelous, unless you are talking about dueling.

I am indeed jelousy.


No, not Zane Truesdale.

No, not Aster.

Not at all the famous pros.

Who I am jelous of is Jaden Yuki, my all time rival and somewhat crush.

I don't know why but I am indeed jelous of Jaden for his dueling.

I am never jelous of anything besides this thing.

Nope, I'm never jelous.

Jaden Yuki, age 15, was walking to his dorm after the summer vacation.

Yes, he was feeling great but one thing is so not right.

Someone is stalking him.

Yes, someone is stalking him, Jaden Yuki, the school duffus and best duelist.

Something is very wrong...

Someone is following me! What do I do? What do I do?, I thought as I started to panic.

Should I walk to my dorm to pretend that that person is not stalking me or should I try to see who is stalking me?

The stalker is really scaring me.

I choose the first one, pretend he isn't here.

He isn't here, he isn't here, he is here!!!


As Chazz Princeston was "dreaming" about Jaden he saw the real Jaden.

Huh? What's he doing?

As Chazz saw closer he saw a guy.

Which looked like someone but that guy was wearing a hat that was covering his eyes.

Who dares stalk Jaden?!? Chazz thought as he got very angry.

Who was he?

Little did everyone know, it was someone very important that also likes Jaden and is not afraid to show it!

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