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No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow. - Euripides

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible's side- partner, was seldom knocked out and then tied to something. He could remember the last time it happened. Then he had tried to lash out (the Mystical Monkey Power kicking in) at a synthodrone and was then tied to a cactus. A plastic cactus at that. When they were in that storage room with all the extra Bueno Nacho stuff, he thought he was in heaven: Bueno Nacho and Kim (who was looking so bon-diggity in that battlesuit to him), a prefect combination for heaven. He was nervous then too, also because of Kim. He didn't have as many bruises then though. He had told Kim then that he had feelings for her that were beyond platonic. That night had turned out to be the best night of his life unlike this…

Of course being depressing was not something Ron did. And why start now? Sure the events about to unfold may not be pretty, much less delightful, but we'll survive. Well, except for one hero of course.

But is death all that bad? What about heaven or afterlife or whatever? What truly existed? Would you want to know? What if you didn't go to a place of eternal glory? What if you went to hell? You know, the place of death and despair. The place where souls rot for all eternity. But good people didn't go to hell. Did they?

What did happen?

"I love you, Ron," Kim said as she cuddled up into Ron. The movie might be a little boring but she was with her Ron. They were comfortably curled up on the couch in Kim's house. Kim's parents were at a formal social at the Middleton Medical Center and wouldn't be back until late; Jim and Tim were at a friend's house making anti-matter. So, of course the couple went to Kim's house. Privacy, big couch, what's not to love? Ron went and picked up the movie; Kim made the food.

Now this would generally cause great alarm to any individual. Ron picking the movie? Kim making food. The kitchen may not survive! The TV may explode from the sheer stupidity of more Sci-fi! Where's the SWAT team when you need them?!

Shouldn't they be on speed dial?!

But it was still a perfect situation for a nice night at Kim's home. This would be one of their last few Fridays here. Kim sighed. They would be going to college at Middleton University. It would be a normal average lifestyle. Sure… Like anything Team Possible did was really normal. But they could try right?

Ron looked over at his saddened girlfriend. "Hey, what's wrong," he inquired as he adjusted his position so that he and Kim were sitting across from each other. Kim was looking down at her hands. Ron cupped her chin and lifted her face looking deep into her eyes; but Kim remained silent.

Ron realized this would take drastic measures. He took a deep breath, prepared himself and initiated the Ron Puppy Dog Pout. While this was rather ineffectual, it caused Kim to laugh and Ron joined her removing his hand from her chin.

"So are you going to tell me?" Ron asked her again looking her straight in the eye. Kim sighed again and looked down but began to speak.

"I'm just a little worried." Kim saw the shocked look on Ron's face. Kim Possible was never worried. Okay, well maybe a few times. Kim began to explain this worry however. "I mean, we're starting college. It was already backbreaking just to get into it, so what is it going to be like now? We aren't in the same classes and well-"

But she was cut off by Ron kissing her. While this may have been a shock it wasn't as if she didn't mind. After Kim's worry had dissipated of course, they broke off.

Ron leaned pressed his forehead to hers and said, "Yeah, I'm worried too."

Since there was still worry in their minds, they began remedying that very quickly.

Beep Beep Beep…

Ron groaned as they stopped. "Don't tell me-"

"No, the macaroni is ready," she replied as she got up from the couch and ran to the kitchen with a speed that would have made a cheetah jealous.

Ron quickly sniffed the air; no burning, good sign. And no smoke he might add. Let's hope it stays good, he thought.

Ron quickly got up from the couch, and carefully looked into the kitchen. Kim was at the stove carefully checking the contents.

He looked at her from the back. Her hair, no mane of silken red threads that shined in the glorious sun swayed with each step. He saw her wonderful curves, benefits of cheerleading, athletic lifestyle, and worldsaving. Her smooth hands, so tough yet so warm, gently lifted the strainer and walked to the stove and dumped the contents into the pot. She added butter, milk, and the cheese from the packet provided. She turned a little so that he saw her eyes. Ron looked into her sparkling emerald eyes, drinking in her beauty. Kim blushed whenever he said it, but-at least to him-she was perfect. Her emerald orbs that spoke by themselves. They smiled, they laughed, they frowned, and they loved. She was smart, she was pretty, she was athletic, she was popular, and yet, she was his.

Wait, since when had he been so descriptive and poetic, he thought as a confused look overcame his face.

She carefully stirred the macaroni yet she seemed to have some difficulty. He quickly crossed the kitchen floor so that he was standing behind Kim and took her hand and they stirred the macaroni. He smiled as she smiled at his help.

"How long have you been staring?" Kim said suspiciously.

"More like looking really," Ron replied still helping her stir. Kim looked at him with a face of sarcastic disbelief.

Ron carefully changed the subject. "Hmmm… this really smells good."

Well, if he's going to change the subject… Kim thought and smiled again.

"Well, I did follow the instructions on the box," she replied returning to a neutral state..

"Well, we should definitely try it!" an enthusiastic Ron went got the needed dishes from the cabinet. He knew those dishes so well, having eaten off each and every one of them. They had been friends for so long, nearly 14 years. Kim stopped stirring for a minute and watched Ron. His big ears they were oh so round and soft. He also had nice big hands… He looked up at her; his warm brown eyes you could drown in, so comforting and soft. He was goofy, he was weird, he was the best cook on the Western hemisphere, and she loved him.

"Earth to Kim!"

"Huh, what?" Kim practically fell after letting go of the counter she was leaning against. "I was…just zoning out."

"And staring at me," Ron retorted with a smug grin.

"Looking!" Kim walked over to the stove and retrieved the pot filled with macaroni and cheese. She filled Ron, Rufus and her plates then sat down next to Ron. Ron took his fork and carefully tasted the macaroni. He chewed a little then cocked his head and chewed a little more. Ron swallowed and thought for a few seconds before splitting into the ear-to-ear grin that she loved so much.

Rufus, who could care less what it tasted like (he did eat Bueno Nacho after all) had promptly dug into his food as soon as it was served to him. His human's mate was not known to have the world's greatest gift of cooking, she was known to have called in the bomb squad after cooking eggs, but her macaroni and cheese was in fact not burned, scorched, extremely dry or wet, soggy, or any thing else. Though it could use more cheese, the happy rodent thought as he passed over to the dreamworld.

After watching the wondrous and gorchy display of fast eating Kim wasn't sure whether to gag or laugh. She had definitely lost her appetite though. Ron had a look of pure contentment on his face. Kim knew just what Ron needed to go with the macaroni and cheese.

Kim adjusted her position so that she was facing Ron. "So Ronnie, what do you think?"

"Wow." That was all that escaped his lips.

"I know just what you need to go with that pleasant repast," She whispered in his ear.

"What?" Ron asked turning to face her.

"Some KP Five-Alarm Kisses and a bit of Ron Factor may rekindle my appetite too," Kim said. Her eyes became huge saucers and she stuck her bottom lip out while scrunching up her shoulders; but the PDP (a.k.a. the Puppy Dog Pout, which was way more effective than Ron's) was unneeded as Ron definitely felt some KP Five-Alarm Kisses were in order. She leaned in a little daringly. It was clear what she wanted. And Ron was definitely bright enough to know it was best to surrender. Ron came closer, her lips were a hairbreadth away (Ron could practically smell her strawberry scented hair) and…

Beep Beep Be-Beep

This wasn't supposed to happen.

"I see you're awake,"

Ron opened his eyes though his eyes took a second or two to adjust to the lighting, or lack thereof. There was a man standing about a foot or so in front of him. He was wearing a nice business suit and was carrying a cane. He might get charged with plagiarism do to his look but it really did suit him. His face had the look as if this was simply business and that Ron was not there against his will.

Then Ron looked down and saw that he was bound with chains to something remotely resembling a pole and as his tongue felt nothing he deduced that he was not gagged. That and he could easily move his mouth. He looked to the side and saw Rufus was in the same predicament as he. Except he was, well, in a cage. Ron looked at the tall dark imposing figure in front of him, blocking everything else from view. He tried to peer past him, but couldn't. You could say it was impossible…

Wait. He shook his head. Where was Kim?

"If you are interested in where Miss Possible is, she is on her way in," the man said.

Ron blinked. How did he know what I was thinking? He mentally shook his head and told himself that this was a conversation for another day. Preferably when this guy was in prison. Kim came first.

"If you've done anything to her-" Ron started.

"Oh yes, you're going to hurt me. Bring on some smack monkey, please. A two-year-old could think up something wittier." He took a half-step back and a look of pain crossed his face as he stood on one of his legs.

Ron glared as he sought the Mystical Monkey Power from within him. His eyes started to glow…then it went out for no reason.

Ron confused as ever and anger at all the extra time it was taking tried again, harder this time. He concentrated harder and harder, until he could feel it in him. A yellow aura surrounded him and once again the power left him. It was as if there was some invisible barrier preventing him.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

"It would be fruitless to try again, Mr. Stoppable."

"Where is Kim?" Ron said somewhat exasperated. He just wanted to kick this guy's butt, find Kim and go home; Wade could figure out how this happened. Kim was the priority right now. But still how could that happen?

"Ah, here she is." The man turned a little to the side, so Ron could see Kim.

Ron turned his head quickly. He had a little trouble trying to see her through the darkness at first though. But he knew that a look of determination to beat this guy would be evident on her face.

But it wasn't there. Something else was, something horrible, something that made him sick. They had been on countless missions, yet he never saw these look on her face. He hated it.


Fear wasn't her style. She could do anything. Defeat wasn't an option. That was her style. But something was wrong with her. She wasn't being Kim-like. She was scared

Beep Beep Be-Beep

Of course. Kim and Ron groaned. Couldn't GJ take it? There had to be at least one free agent. What did GJ do anyway? Did their whole base of operations depend on them?

Maybe it did considering Will Du was the 'top agent.'

Ron tried to maintain self-control by telling himself that it wasn't Wade's fault. He didn't monitor them to see if they weren't on a date or having kissyface time so that he could beep in. Or did he? Hmmm…

Kim answered the Kimmunicator very reluctantly. Why did duty call on dates? It was as if they were cursed to never go on a date. Hmm… did her dad play a part in this?

"Hey Kim, I- Kim don't look at me like that you're scaring me."

"What's the sitch?" Kim said a little violently. Her Ron night was ruined (right before Kissy Face too!) and now she was being dragged on a mission.

"Ah, something big downtown in Go City, GJ thinks it's Monkey Fist but," Wade shifted his position slightly as if uncomfortable.

Ron adjusted his position on the couch. Something told him that this wasn't right somehow. It was an ominous feeling, one that made his skin crawl. Ron didn't know what caused it, but it wasn't good. Ron stood up and walked over to where Kim was.

"But what?" Ron said very suspicious; he didn't want Kim to get hurt.

"Well," Wade began. "It looks like anything but Monkey Fist, I'm just not liking this one though. It just seems so random."

Ron nodded decided that it was just a silly coincidence or something. The mission would be routine: go in, bust the bad guys, and go home.

"When's our ride?" Kim interjected.

"Ten minutes."

"Thanks Wade,"

She mournfully looked up at Ron and sighed.

"This wasn't supposed to happen."

"No!" Ron turned to the man with cane. "What have you done to her?!"

The man turned and walked over to Kim as if inspecting her. Her hands were bound by rope unlike Ron, and held by two men, presumably henchmen. Kim was breathing slightly irregularly with cuts running across her body. Her hair was a matted mess, tangled and rough. Her clothes were fine save for a few cuts running across her arms and calves. "Whatever do you mean? My men have acted like gentlemen to her,"

Ron gave him a look a pure loathing. He had hurt Kim. And hurt her bad. He had hurt the person he loved, the person that meant everything to him. He was going to pay, big time.

Ron looked at her. His voice was almost a whisper. "Kim. Kim, please," His voice begged.

This person looked up. And Ron saw her eyes. Her eyes had their sparkle back. Kim was not forever gone. She was not defeated. She was Kim Possible, she could do anything.

We can do anything. Ron thought a bit of joy filling him for the first time since they had left the plane.

The man turned to face Ron, his face still hidden in the shadows. "Now Mr. Stoppable, how much do you love Miss Possible? Hmmm? Would you be willing to die for her, jump in front of her if a bullet came her way?"

Ron looked at him with a deep seriousness. "I would; I love her more than life itself. I would rather die anyway then live without her."

The man looked at him. It was clear from the look on Ron's face he was being totally serious. Once his eyes went blue but it quickly died down as usual.

Kim looked at Ron with tears in her eyes. But this time they were tears of happiness at what he said. A sudden burst of courage filled her and she could feel Ron backing her up, body, mind, and spirit. "Who are you and what do you want with us?"

The man turned and gave Kim a look that scared her like she had never been before. He sent chills down her spine. It made her want to run and hide under the covers with her Pandaroo. It made her want to quit hero work. It made her wish she had stuck with babysitting. Kim shrunk back a little as if she could hide from the gaze.

The man took a shotgun out of his pocket and pointed it at Kim, "My name is McClone and I intend to kill you,"

"Miss Possible, are you sure you wish to get out here?" the taxi diver asked her. The taxi driver knew these parts weren't the friendliest; he had no idea why she would want to go here.

Downtown Go City wasn't the world's friendliest place. Not by a mile. Crime filled the streets, and numerous bad things happened. It was a horrid place, one that would not be broadcasted on the happy-go-lucky Mouse Channel. The 'Go Team' wasn't even enough to rid of the crime. It was best to steer clear of the place altogether; it was the city's way of solving the problem.

"We'll be fine, thanks." Kim said as they stepped out. As much as Kim wanted to, they couldn't ignore their duty. So off to the mission they go. "Thanks Mr. Wallagoka,"

"No problem! I'm just glad you stopped that guy from stealing my taxi," Mr. Wallagoka quickly drove off; he didn't want to be here right around now.

"Come on Ron," Kim looked around then taking out her Kimmunicator. "Wade, coordinates?"

Wade typed furiously for a few seconds. "Okay, go to your left, there should be a building. A window on the 4th floor is open. You and Ron should be able to 'grapple hook' you're way up there. Once you're there I may not be able to help."

"It's okay, we'll manage." Kim said pocketing the Kimmunicator.

Kim and Ron walked ever so carefully, trying their best to ignore the gore, blood marks, and chalked outlines of people. They walked to the building and then Kim and Ron shot the grapple hook from the hairdryers. The hooks caught on the window's ledge. Team Possible each pressed the retracting button on the hairdryer. Ron bumped on the wall a few times on the way up.

The stones seem to stare at them as if daring them to continue to climb up. Kim entered first quickly followed by Ron.

Then everything went dark.

Kim and Ron were speechless, including Rufus who had just woken up. How do you respond to a death threat anyway? Kim had been threatened with death on many separate occasions. She had experienced numerous ray guns, death rays, life threatening sitchs, and the like. But no one had ever taken out a gun and pointed it at her saying he intended to kill her though.

Ron regained his composure-and ability of speech-quicker than the other two members of Team Possible. "You can't kill her. I'll – I'll," Ron seemed to struggle with figuring out a threat. "Break through these chains so fast you won't even see it coming. You just can't kill her," Ron looked up at him. "She's Kim Possible. She can do anything!"

This wasn't supposed to happen.

McClone didn't even look at him. "Sorry, Mr. Stoppable but you will not receive the chance to save her. It is her destiny to die."

The man turned to the men holding Kim captive and mumbled something incomprehensible. If they hadn't been in a life or death sitch, Kim, Ron, and Rufus would stare at each other wondering what the heck they said, but this was a life or death situation. They found out soon enough what McClone's order's were.

One of the men they presumed to be henchmen guided Kim to a pole that faced Ron the other stuffed a gag in Ron's mouth. Ron took a quick look around and saw that they were on a street outside in an alley. Or at least he thought they were. Kim glared at the presumed henchmen then looked at Ron. Her eyes pierced through him. They weren't smiling, they were crying; they frowned, and but the still loved him.

The men walked away after tying her to the pole. As they walked back, McClone walked to Kim, until he was diagonal from her. He wanted Mr. Stoppable to see her end after all. He raised the gun at her. It was pointed at her heart.

The very same heart held in the person Ron loved more than life itself. More than Rufus. More than video games. More than pushing big red buttons. More than cheese. This was the person he had grown up with. They had shared stories and secrets, yelled at each other (mostly Kim at a certain time of the month). But this happiness was going down with a gunshot.

This is just a horrible nightmare. She can't die. He wouldn't believe it. He couldn't believe it.

And as the seconds become hours, and Ron felt like he was just reliving the horrible moment slowly in his mind. McClone pulled the trigger.

The blood spilled out of her. It stained his clothes. He was splattered with her blood. Not her blood! his mind screamed. Could she have so much blood? Wasn't the body 2/3 water? Then things other than blood came spilling out. Things he didn't want to think about.

He had no verbal reaction though his mind was crying out in anguish. There was a gag in his mouth after all. But his eyes seemed eternally focused on her. Tears began to stream out.

Of all the things to kill her it wasn't a death ray, it was a gun. A gun, a damned shotgun. Kim couldn't die cause of that; she had swum the English channel, survived the Amazon, climbed up a volcano, and scaled Mt. Everest. She went into to space just to save him. She could do anything.

Including die. See the logic? A small voice in his head said voicing a thought he didn't want to think.

Kim looked up; the effort spilling more blood. "R-ron. I-i l-love-" she choked on her words and her breathing became more irregular. "Just- pl-lease- don't-t wor-rry," Her emerald eyes were filled with so much sadness. A few more tears slipped out of Ron's eyes too as he nodded.

She breathed her last and with a tired worn out look of someone much older she died. And the lioness's mane went dull and the emerald eyes would sparkle no more…

This wasn't supposed to happen.

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